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The Procurement Agency (DGCP) announced it is suspending the state suppliers registry (RPE) of current Youth Minister Kinsberly (Kimberly) Taveras Duarte. The Procurement announced that they have begun “an ex-officio investigation” into the 32-year old’s relations to companies that are state suppliers. The agency took the decision to suspend the supplier license after Nuria Piera aired an investigative report on the young politician.

The DGCP says that Taveras is listed as a state supplier with two companies, one in her own name and the other, Colegio Domínico Chino CDC, SRL, where she serves as administrative manager and owns 75% of the shares.

The Procurement Agency reminded government officials that Article 14 of Procurement Law 34-06 bans them from bidding or contracting with the state. The agency had out Circular DGCP-07-2020, on 26 August 2020 giving government...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.