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The Ministry of Education has concentrated billions of resources on distance learning and little to get the public schools in condition for reopening of in-person learning. As private schools pressure for the government to authorize their reopening, the media has been looking into the condtions of the public schools and finding they were left as they were in March 2020.

Journalist Altagracia Salazar criticizes on her Sin Maquillaje talk show on 11 May 2021, that the Ministry did not put aside the pesos for the customary annual maintenance of the schools and instead invested billions in air time in TV stations. Salazar says that the bureaucracy of the public education is eating up all the budget. With most public schools closed, hundreds of thousands of employees are receiving pay for little if any work. Education receives 4% of the GDP of the National Budget.


To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.