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Victor Pacheco / Tu República

The Dominican Airlines Association (ADLA) named Victor M. Pacheco its new executive director. In a press release, ADLA highlights the naming of Pacheco is a clear message of the reaffirmed commitment to the development of the national aviation sector. “We are confident that with his experience in the areas of financial services and aviation, Victor will play a stellar role in achieving the definitive takeoff of the national airline industry,” said Omar Chahin Lama, president of ADLA. He succeeds Alex Santana.

Pacheco said: “I assume the executive direction of our association with great enthusiasm and with all the desire to be a suitable vehicle to harmonize the interests of all stakeholders that converge in the aviation sector in the country. We are ready to work closely with the authorities that regulate the industry to promote a common...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.