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The president of the Dominican Federation of Municipalities (Fedomu), Kelvin Cruz and Tourism Minister David Collado signed on 14 July 2021 a collaboration agreement to promote local tourism. The agreement calls for promoting the attractions of the municipalities through Ministry of Tourism channels. Collado is a former mayor of the National District.

The signing ceremony, held at Fedomu headquarters in the National District, was attended by the secretary general of the Dominican Municipal League (LMD), Victor D’ Aza, the secretary general of Fedomu and mayor of Nagua, Junior Peralta and the executive director of Fedomu, Angel Valentin Mercedes, according to a press release.

Mitur will cooperate with Fedomu to identify, survey, and analyze the opportunities that may exist in the municipaliteis for tourism development and will accompany the municipalities in the...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.