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Tourism has been rebounding in leaps and bounds. The Ministry of Tourism says it is preparing to hire a new promotion company after 16 years with BVK of the United States handling the US, Canada, South America, and Made in Spain handling Europe. The Ministry says US$75 million is budgeted for promotion and improving the positioning of Dominican destinations abroad.

In an interview for El Caribe and CDN media group, Collado said the Ministry has had savings of RD$2 billion in the promotion area since the start of the new government in August 2020.

He explained: “We found no deficit, but we did focus on renegotiating contracts…. We sat down with the agencies that had been promoting the country for years. We negotiated the contracts; we made reductions of 50%.”

He said an observatory of good practices is in the works. Backing the effort is the rector of Instituto Tecnológico de...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.