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Inés Aizpun / Diario Libre

Diario Libre editorials highlight how despite the nationwide indignation over police handling in three homicide cases that occurred recently, the Police human rights violations have continued.The editorialist, executive editor of Diario Libre Ines Aizpun criticizes that the police has leaked to a journalist the videos that show the beatings David de los Santos received when in custody at the Naco station. The videos would dispute the allegations of the police in command at the station that the cameras at the station were not working at the time. Aizpun says the sharing of the video is a violation of the rights of a dead man.

State prosecutors are unraveling who and when the blows that killed the 24-year old call center worker and physical education teacher were received.

In an editorial, Ines Aizpun of Diario Libre says that the media needs to continue the...

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