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Minister of Public Administration Darío Castillo Lugo signed a pact for working towards less political patronage in government decisions.

Joseph Abreu, general coordinator for the civic watchdog group, Citizen Participation; Katja Afheldt, ambassador of the European Union in the Dominican Republic; Juan Castillo, executive director of Fundación Solidaridad Ricardo González and executive director of Ciudad Alternativa signed the agreement with Minister Castillo Lugo.

At the signing, Minister Castillo Lugo gave a speech, “Advances and Challenges in Public Administration.” He favored a pact between the leaderships of the political parties represented in the National Congress for strengthening Dominican institutions to eradicate the prevalence of clientelism in government decisions, and the culture of political spoils and corruption. He spoke of ending the practice of...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.