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At a time when conflicts are escalating and violence is increasingly being used as half solutions, the need for institutions such as Centro Casas Comunitarias de Justicia (CCCJ) becomes ever more real.

The CCCJ is a non-profit organization that carries out important work as a mediator in the marginalized neighborhoods of the country, helping its community members to resolve conflicts and improve coexistence. Nelson Espinal, key promoter, told Diario Libre that over the last eight months, they have been facing a lack of resources. They are now appealing to the government for funding.

The vice president of the CCCJ, José (Chichí) Ceballos, executive director, and Carmen Victoriano, project director were also interviewed by Diario Libre for the 20 June 2022 issue. They made the call to President Abinader motivated by the interest to continue working to bring their...

To read past articles, visit our DR1.com Daily News Forum.