Dominican Film Festival





The second edition of the Festival de Cine Dominicana RD will take place 30 October to 6 November 2019. Some 70 films will be shown. The event will celebrate Dominican cinematographer Peyi Guzmán.

The Dominican film festival will take place at the Caribbean Cinemas of Santo Domingo and Santiago, and from 7-13 November in San Juan de la Maguana.

The festival opens with the world premiere of "La otra Penelope," by Bladimir Abud starring Frank Perozo, Francisco Gattorno, Massiel Taveras, Shalim Ortiz, Richard Douglas, Amaurys Pérez, Mariela Encarnación, Francis Cruz, Miguel Ángel Martínez y Pachy Méndez, among others. The festival marks the world premiere of "Resguardo," by Juan Ramón Martínez.

Retrospectives of the works of Peyi Guzmán ("Pue'to pa' mi" by Iván Herrera), and "La isla rota", by Félix Germán and "Lo que siento por ti", by Raúl Camilo will be shown.

There will be masterclasses, workshops and talks.

Wed, 30 October, 2019
 All Day Event


Caribbean Cinemas
Santo Domingo and Santiago
Santo Domingo
 Dominican Republic