DR Environmental Film Festival 2019




The DREFF film festival is scheduled for Tuesday, 12 November through Saturday, 15 November 2019. The Muestra de Cine Medioambiental de la Reública Dominicana (DREFF) will present 12 international and national productions. The event also includes debates and panels on environmental topics. These are scheduled to take place in Santo Domingo, Santiago and Punta Cana.

The director of the event, Natasha Despotovic explained that the platform is to offer Dominicans a platform of knowledge and debate on the environmental and sustainable development, as well as challenges and the best practices to resolve these.

The 12 productions are from six countries. These are Colombia, Argentina, Belgium, United States, Mexico and the Dominican Republic.

The films will be shown in association with universities, school libraries, cultural and research centers.

The films are:
Albatross (Chris Jordan)
Cacú (Marvin del Cid)
Chasing Coral (Jeff Orlowski)
Ghost Fleet (Shannon Service)
Pandas (Drew Fellman and David Douglas)
The Earth on My Hands (Nicolas Conte)
El Buzo (Esteban Arrangoiz)
El Libro de Lila (Marcela Rincón González)
Sea of Shadows (Richard Ladkani)
Invisible Frontier (Nicolas Richat and Nico Muzi)
Chasing the Snot of the Whales of Samana (Marvin del Cid)
Worse Than Poop (Vanessa Warheit)

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Wed, 13 November, 2019
 Start Time TBA

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Santo Domingo and Santiago
Santo Domingo
 Dominican Republic