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Real Estate / Piece of Paradise Fractional Ownership

Piece of Paradise Fractional Ownership
Plaza La Artistica
El Cortecito, Bavaro
Dominican Republicc

Phone: (809) 387 1182
US Phone: (717) 654 2491
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Traditionally, luxury assets such as vacation homes, private jets and yachts have been owned at huge expense by the privileged few. Along with the high cost of purchase comes a significant ongoing expense associated with their upkeep, including maintenance, insurance, taxes, and management. Fractional ownership allows buyers of any income level the opportunity to own property at a dream location.

With Pieza Del Paraiso, you will own a long term, appreciating asset, fully transferable, without the full burden of ownership, maintenance headaches, or concerns of renting your unused time to offset the expense. Today, you can own a monthly interest in a luxury and exclusive vacation property for a fraction of the price of conventional ownership.

Fractional ownership is the fastest growing segment of the real estate industry today. It is extremely practical, while splitting the purchase price and sharing all of the ongoing expenses.

With Pieza Del Paraiso, our professional team will assist you in locating your Dream Property at the Perfect Location. Our team will do all the work. Legal, Management, and locating other parties to complete the ownership.

Fractional real estate ownership is a well established concept that is commonly confused with time shares. With time share the investor never actually ‘owns’ a part of the property. They simply ‘rent’ time from others, which is no different than staying in a resort or hotel. With fractional real estate you actually own the asset, take part in its appreciation and should the time come you are able to sell your portion of the property.

With fractional ownership individuals own a part of the property in their desired location. It also gives them a specific usage time that is convenient for them, and fits into their lifestyle. Being a fractional owner means you share the costs related to owning vacation property with the other owners. For instance, if the cost of maintaining a property including grounds maintenance, cleaning and repairs is $30,000 US per year and you own 1/6 of the property your yearly cost would be $5,000 US. If you used the property 8 weeks per year your cost per week would be $625 US per week. You couldn’t find a room at any resort anywhere for that price.

The amount of use weeks per year is determined by the number of fractional months purchased. This guarantees that every year the property is available for your private and exclusive use. Adding value to your fractional real estate purchase is the availability of renting your unused time.

Feel free to contact us to learn more about this exciting opportunity. We will be happy to hear from you.




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