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Services / Ares Security and Training

Ares Security and Training
C/Principal, Juan Dolio
Dominican Republic

Tel: (829) 585 6875
Email: click here to email us

Ares Security and Training, S.A. is a new security services provider in beautiful Dominican Republic. Ares Security and Training provides a well trained, professional, and ethical security service. Ares Security and Training strives for a kind of service where the old standards of Dedication, Loyalty, and Honor in the profession are met with new standards of modern delivery. We know quality does matter because it makes the difference you notice.

In today’s world, where threats to safety and peace of mind can come from any corner, the security of businesses, assets, personnel and their families is a major concern. That’s why the Security Programs provided by Ares Security and Training is more than just a protection service. It’s an all encompassing program designed to anticipate, prevent or react to any possible threat to the safety of our clients.

Ares Security and Training is a new standard in Private Security Services in Dominican Republic. When your security is important, when you seek a quality service provider then Ares Security and Training is the best decision. Ares Security and Training provides custom security services for a wide variety of needs and in every case we aim to deliver the peace of mind and the type of protection you expect and meet the threat appropriately.

American Family Owned and Operated – Over 35 years of combined management experience worldwide.


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