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  1. Marriage Certificates - POP
  2. Getting title has become a problem
  3. Is a visitor visa needed or not...
  4. why was my thread deleted?
  5. Getting birth certificate when birth never registered
  6. Lost Passport
  7. Visa Requirements to enter DR
  8. ?'s Regarding marrying a Dominican lady
  9. Need Help in deciding how to file for residency
  10. Closed access road
  11. Sell and mail Medications / drugs to the USA?
  12. Does it exist? Complaint to the constitutional/supreme court
  13. When Lawyers Break the Law
  14. Wedding in DR
  15. Residency renewal
  16. Property Inheritance
  17. Visas for father to be here for babys delivery in US
  18. Residency: lawyer or ourselves?
  19. Getting Altered Birth Certificate
  20. Citizenship HELP!!
  21. deslinde
  22. "Adult" vacation biz warning.
  23. gun permission news
  24. Security Companies Required To Have Insurance?
  25. Traveling with Temporary Residency
  26. legal or not legal, that is the question
  27. Buying land w/o deslinde
  28. Forensic signatures expert?
  29. Is a return ticket needed when moving to the DR?
  30. Starting a Business in the DR - Questions
  31. Is an amendment to a land sale contact possible to include spouse's signature
  32. bringing back
  33. What happens when the wife dies?
  34. Why was I told to wait 2 yrs before divorcing my Dominican husband?
  35. Pregnancy and a job?
  36. Dominican inheritance laws?
  37. DGII IPI or IVSS clarification plz.
  38. Cost/Tariff lists for imported goods
  39. new father
  40. Advice on rental deposit?
  41. Child support laws in DR
  42. Stay more than 30 days on Tourist card
  43. Moving to DR and shipping car
  44. dominican citizenship
  45. New Company Law Seminar
  46. Deslinde Panic
  47. Immigration marriage fraud
  48. Who's employee is it under DR law
  49. Attorneys & Businessmen in the DR
  50. Retiree (retirement) - legal definition?
  51. DIY residency/citizenship-?
  52. Adoption from DR Please help!!!!
  53. Permit to receive prescription medication via FedEx?
  54. Adopting from DR HELP! SAnto Domingo
  55. looking for a lawyer
  56. legal contract ,English or spanish???
  57. renting a house for sale..
  58. Utility services cut off by an adminstator
  59. Bad Tenant owner relationship,,HELP!!
  60. employee has to make good ??
  61. If I want to Marry in DR
  62. Nasty Title Issue-Be aware of buying in the DR
  63. Setup Unsecured/Secured Lending Company
  64. renewing a British passport
  65. Residencia & Cedula - The Guzman Way
  66. Temporary to Permenant residency????
  67. Please do suggest Dr.Guzman
  68. Renewing US Passport
  69. Condominiums
  70. Duty Free - Household goods with new residencia provisional
  71. Question for dr. Guzman
  72. prescription Drugs
  73. Price for deslinde?
  74. Can owner make renter pay multiple contracts
  75. Advices needed
  76. cedular / temporary residence
  77. Moving back to the DR ...
  78. Fabio Guzman - Extremely Urgent
  79. Dominican Visa to Visit the United States
  80. Translator for Condo Assembly
  81. Getting ripped off in mid air!!
  82. Self-defense with an ILLEGAL firearm?
  83. Domestic Definition
  84. Mr Guzman: Proper Legal Structure for a Community Business Association
  85. Corporate Alert: New Company Law Enacted
  86. abundance of lawyers
  87. Dominican legal document - marital status compulsory?
  88. Asociaciones Sin Fines de Lucro
  89. to adopt
  90. Junta de Vecinos Authority, so to take them on or not?
  91. Legal driving and insurance.
  92. Residency & Marriage
  93. Dominican Passport for eventual USA visa
  94. Neighbours constructing a wall partition
  95. Joint bank accounts and inheritance
  96. ITBIS: Who can bill, how HAS a bill/receipt (Factura) to look, how NOT?
  97. Is homosexuality legal in the Dominican Republic?
  98. Citizenship still on hold? Advantages?
  99. Girl in D.R.
  100. parental responsibility...where do i stand?
  101. removing director
  102. Tourism Law 541
  103. Consent of Parent to leave Dominican Republic
  104. Licensing Requirements
  105. Hearing Aid Non Profit Coming. Need Advice.
  106. Perjury? A crime? Civil Wrong? Permitted? [long, complicated challenging post]
  107. Determining the taxes on a new building and what can you deduct to offset taxes
  108. title search
  109. Factual Opinion please
  110. Has anyone applied for the 45 day residensy program under law 171-07
  111. When is a Home Purchase considered a Home Purchase?
  112. Very late Birth Certificate??
  113. Cedulas
  114. How do you have to spend sponsorship money?
  115. Canadian Girl married Dominican Man
  116. Fast track for retirees
  117. I'm looking for contact info........
  118. Dogs don't eat dogs?
  119. Deduction of Interest Expenses
  120. Question I need to ask
  121. Marriage Requirement
  122. Legal Resident Alien Status - Legal to Work in the DR?
  123. Notarized copy of Dominican passport
  124. father's right in dominican republic
  125. knife Legal or not to import?
  126. Bank account for condominium
  127. i need to find carmen rosa nunez hernandez of santiago
  128. social secuirity
  129. social security
  130. Tax deductions for Dummies!
  131. paying injured employee
  132. Car Rentals
  133. Is it legal to own a macaw in the Dominic Republic
  134. i am an american citizen
  135. Legal rights for physically abused tourists by a dominican
  136. Inheritance
  137. Edenotre - easement rights and trespass
  138. Sending Money To The D/R
  139. English speaking lawyer in Santiago
  140. deported
  141. 30 metre rule for rivers??
  142. married to a DomYorker...
  143. Motorcycle license
  144. Question about residencial procedures...
  145. advice on accident in rental car
  146. legalizing documents, where, how ?
  147. Married a Domincano
  148. Law Firm in Moca
  149. Lawyers who assist in Residency??
  150. paying liquidation
  151. where and how
  152. merchant account for online services
  153. Getting married in DR (do I have the right info, please help)
  154. B-B guns? Legal in the DR? Importable?
  155. Car Accident Question
  156. marriage, divorce, pregnancy
  157. Loyalty Contract???
  158. Dominican Interest Rates
  159. Income Tax on foreign earnings?
  160. traveling with child to RD
  161. Income tax
  162. flights tickets from DR to Montreal for tourist visa
  163. Gun traspaso; how much?
  164. Divorce
  165. I want to keep my child here in the United States.
  166. Help with legal issue
  167. Help someone please
  168. born abroad
  169. A traffic ticket
  170. Cafta-rd
  171. looking for confidential agreements
  172. We want custody...
  173. question marital and property questions
  174. guzmans+ any cheap near by hotels
  175. dominican birth certificate
  176. entrance visa for the DR
  177. Private Investigation-Proof Assets
  178. Foreigners and politics
  179. Divorce in DR
  180. Question about selling bike
  181. obtaining a copy of my marridge certificate !
  182. Please help...i bought land and dont know its location
  183. Change of name ....help needed please!!!
  184. Yadira Morel
  185. Action against crookes in DR
  186. Divorce for Americans living in DR
  187. relocateing info needed
  188. Abagado Complaint
  189. My parents are Dominicans but I was born in the US how do I get a cedula?
  190. Don't fancy Presidente too much
  191. Payment through summer for teachers
  192. How do I legally send a firearm from the USA to DR?
  193. Power of Attorney? Why?
  194. question about buying a condo in the plaza europa hotel/condos?
  195. lawyers
  196. Citizenship application status
  197. Palimony- need advice
  198. US citizen moving to DR for 1 yr. Where do I start?
  199. Vehicle Registration, Etc.
  200. Dominican residential permit
  201. Staying over 30 days
  202. passports
  203. registering a web site business for taxes?
  204. Canadian father...Dominican mother
  205. relationship rights?
  206. Dominican based internet store, with deliveries out of the US or Europe
  207. What rights for baby of Dominican Mother and Father is American citizen?
  208. Titulo, inheritance, and more
  209. U.S. Citizen and Applying for Residency in D.R.
  210. Adopting Dominican-born son
  211. divorce=cancelled visa?
  212. DR Passport Renewal in Canada
  213. Fiance Visas/Minor Children
  214. New Company Constitution Law Problem?
  215. Obtaining Plates for Motorcycle
  216. B1 or B2 Status Visa from US?
  217. Dominican Citizenship Anyone?
  218. Extracta De Acta
  219. Father of record
  220. marriage records
  221. Age of consent issues
  222. Naturalisation of our daughter
  223. obtaining a drivers license in the D.R.?
  224. Only in the DR!
  225. help finding marriage record in DR
  226. Starting a bus in the dr
  227. Visas
  228. What is the procedure and costs to create a Junta de Vecinos?
  229. American Father (Myself, Domincan Mother.. paperwork for son?
  230. Marriage in the DR for a k3 - a specific question
  231. Interview for k1 Visa
  232. Alternative Power Sources?
  233. Stealing electricity from neighbour
  234. passport costs for naturalized foreigner
  235. DR tourist visa for non USA citizens
  236. Dominican Divorce and Visa K-1 Application
  237. WILL writing needs/advice for UK citizens
  238. Procedure for paying for tourist extension 'as we go'
  239. In car documents
  240. Translation and legalisation of Birth Certificate
  241. Law 168-DGA
  242. Temporary Residency / Cedula less than in 3 months / VIP!!!!
  243. Need Help! Any Lawyers?
  244. Provisional Residency
  245. Dominican citizenship / 2nd passport
  246. Minimum Wage
  247. question about provisional residency
  248. building permits
  249. adding service charge to restaurant bill
  250. visa and children