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  1. Practicing US Lawyer Moving to D.R. ???
  2. Is there a legal recourse?
  3. residency
  4. Cedulas only valid in the DR???
  5. Cedula and driving licence
  6. Birth certificate - Naturalizada - Where is it?
  7. ITBIS Exempt information?!?!
  8. correcting erroneous ideas about gaining citizenship - for Mr. Guzman
  9. Bringing bullion coin into the DR
  10. short term internship requirements ?
  11. marriage
  12. Do Canadians Need To Register Marriages That Took Place In The Dominican Republic
  13. Title...POA...& Inheritance Questions....
  14. pregnant employee
  15. Translator Santo Domingo + Requirements
  16. Temp Cedula, Lawyers in Santo Domingo
  17. Working in the DR for non Dominicans
  18. worried
  19. home distillation laws
  20. Physical Presence Required for Naturalization Process?
  21. Question About Transfer Tax
  22. New Proposal before the government - question for Mr. Guzman
  23. Abogado Brito from Sosua
  24. Ascot-Advisory experience?
  25. Child Support
  26. Midwives?
  27. Construction home?
  28. Repair company next to my house
  29. Divorce question
  30. Scattering of deceased ashes in the DR
  31. Papers needed for Cedula
  32. How do I know my residence is 'ready'
  33. Traffic ticket in Boca Chica
  34. None payment for work carried out, options?
  35. Unusual Legal Question
  36. Start and End dates on Provisional Residency
  37. the fee you pay when appli permenet resident card
  38. Tax Question for Mr Guzman
  39. Bookeeper needed-english speaker
  40. Title change
  41. CDE is calling me a thief...
  42. Average ages of married couples in DR
  43. Eviction notice, how legal?
  44. Sosua/Dominican Laws and statutes question
  45. Condo law implementation
  46. Looking for some imput here, sure could use it.
  47. Non-Profit Foundation Corporations
  48. tobacco
  49. Residency question for the DR
  50. Condo law enforcement
  51. title transfer and desclende
  52. custody laws in dr
  53. Gaceta Oficial
  54. Deadline for old S.A.'s extended again
  55. Cost of a will/last will and testament.
  56. Can a landlord turn off your water?
  57. Individual Or Business Visa for the DR
  58. title transfer to trust
  59. Failure to deposit settlement agreement as agreed to
  60. USA incorporated Company
  61. Deslinde in protected area?
  62. Determination of Heirs....
  63. Where is the official info on visa fines?
  64. what is a guarantor?
  65. Title insurance question for Mr. guzman
  66. Not Authorized Credit Card Charges
  67. Newborn declaration: after constitutional changes.
  68. Cameras / surveillance legal and other questions
  69. Appointment for Prov. Residence....
  70. Rights re: searches, detention, etc
  71. How to check for Impedimento de Salida?
  72. Obtaining Residency in the DR
  73. open carry while on my property?
  74. Documentation required for children
  75. By Ferry from Puerto Rico! Ride motorcycle?
  76. Renewing permanent residency
  77. Consumer Protection
  78. citizenship
  79. Recommendation of Haitian Law Firm / Lawyer ?
  80. Dedicated fax number in immigration?
  81. Get back originals from Immigration office
  82. can i get sole custardy?
  83. US Passport 6 months left - DR entry/exit
  84. Marriage + birth certificates question
  85. long delay condo delivery La Estancia Golfresort
  86. Collateral
  87. Import questions....HELP!!
  88. Marriage and automatic citizenshjip
  89. Dual Dominican Citizenship/Nationality?
  90. Law firms advertising ?
  91. Divorce Attorney Referral Needed
  92. Dominican immigration info
  93. Name of background/criminal check forms required for cedula
  94. Longer than 30 days?
  95. Labor law question
  96. Is any license needed for immigration work?
  97. Age of majority and consent
  98. Guzman Investing Consulting, S.A -?
  99. Pros and Cons of buying a car under a company
  100. New & Renewal Cedula, Residency Cards & Drivers License
  101. Name Change
  102. Dealing w/ US Consul in Puerta Plata
  103. Do Customers have a right to perferences?
  104. I need to replace a stolen cedula
  105. Pros-Cons Purchasing vehicle through a company
  106. rape
  107. Cashing a Canadian goverment cheque in the DR
  108. Marriage Law DR
  109. Help with Bringing Sister to Live in DR
  110. Is it crime to act as lawyer without license?
  111. RNC Company error
  112. Are pregnant women legally banned from specific venues in D.R. ?
  113. new tax for security
  114. Law regarding returning Dominicans
  115. I can use some support on this
  116. RD500,000 in country investments is import
  117. Raising the rent, under any circumstances?
  118. Laws Regarding Larimar 7 Amber
  119. English Speaking Lawyers
  120. US Visitor deceased with money in DR account
  121. Leaving with Cash
  122. extradition
  123. Paying off gardener/ handyman - URGENT answer required please
  124. validity driver licince
  125. Do Brazilians need visas to come to DR?
  126. Entry Requirements for Cat into Dom. Rep.
  127. Customs & Duty Taxes
  128. Legal Question About Dominican Employee In U.S.
  129. Another Customs Duty Question
  130. Why Are DR Banks Having To Report....
  131. Lend money in Dominican Republic?
  132. Smoking in the Office allowed?
  133. the best lawyer for trafic-cases on the northcoast
  134. Corporate payments abroad
  135. Slot machines
  136. What do the dominican republic’s toursits police do?
  137. Surely this is illegal
  138. Getting a Cedula
  139. Looking for Legal opinion for Insurance
  140. Rental Income Question....
  141. Extend tourist Visa& Driving Licence
  142. deportation
  143. Anyone has an experience of dealing with Banker Trust for residency?
  144. Recording a marriage
  145. List All Freedom Advantages Of A D.R. Virtual Residency
  146. Consequences of a U.S. Felony in DR
  147. Obtaining original copy of divorce decree
  148. Registering a Child
  149. Kaoba Kiling
  150. First steps to residency
  151. Get custody of my child:
  152. What is this Tribunal in the D.R. that oversees possible child abuse
  153. Zero to Cedula in X Days?
  154. Advantage taxwise of having a corporation.
  155. Usufruct of landed property
  156. PI Service in the DR
  157. USA-DR-USA Nationality.
  158. Are Colmados Registered With the Government...
  159. a good attorney
  160. car accident
  161. residency card
  162. Disadvantages to dual U.S./D.R. citizenship??
  163. Negocio en Dajon RD
  164. dominican passport
  165. about to buy a land to construct
  166. Notaries & The Public Registry
  167. DR Tax Question
  168. Naturalization timeline? How long does it take from application?
  169. Gaining copy of wedding certificate
  170. Anti Discrimination Law
  171. dominican citizenship and cedula
  172. How to get a divorce from dominicano spouse
  173. Paying money: reporting person who got greencard then citizenship with false documen
  174. Union Libre before marriage????
  175. Duty and Customs Charges
  176. Help with materials needed to be married in DR
  177. Condo Regulations vrs Dominican Law
  178. Proving solvency for residency.
  179. How to put Pressure On A Dominican Lawyer?
  180. Orange Internet 36,000 pesos... Help!
  181. How do I legally force Edenorte to do their job
  182. Conference on Condominium Law on Sat. Nov. 20.
  183. Family adoption
  184. PI - Local standards
  185. A few questions
  186. Distribution of condo fees under law 5038
  187. Marriage Records
  188. Renewing Temporary Residency
  189. Sub Contractor Rights
  190. Loud music from a private house
  191. Dominican Tax Law
  192. Marriage anywhere?
  193. Law on Citizenship - "ius sanguinis" or "jus soli"
  194. Long or Short birth certificate to get married
  195. Importing Renewable Energy Items
  196. whats the process of adopting my dominican wife´s children?
  197. Urgent advice needed
  198. Employment Law
  199. Renewing Tourist Visa
  200. Providing consent for divorce from the US
  201. what are the pro's and con's of having dual citizenship?
  202. Bingo for non-profits
  203. How to obtain copy of divorce decree
  204. National Association of Lawyers in DR? Please Help!
  205. Expired Dominican passport
  206. What country can I take a dominican girl to
  207. Buying property in DR
  208. Getting Married in the DR - Legal obligations in case of divorce
  209. optometrist or optician license
  210. optometrist or optician license
  211. US Immigration Services through Guzmán Ariza
  212. Need advice plz...
  213. liens
  214. Small wedding in DR, NO package
  215. Need advice locating debtors real estate in Punta Cana.
  216. Governement to Begin Disarmament plan in 2011
  217. Is Leonel Removing the Right to Bear Arms from the public?
  218. 600k problem Judgements, Liens against property
  219. Cryminal record
  220. DR1 Article today about Cedulas (or should it be Residency?)
  221. American getting DR citizenship
  222. garante for the provisional residency
  223. How can US 501c(3) non-profit operate legally in DR?
  224. Question About POA & Selling Property
  225. Question foreign drivers license
  226. American Child in DR wants to get home.
  227. Chid taken to USA against fathers will
  228. Visas for haitians to DR
  229. need marriage certificate
  230. Corporation Selling Apartment Question.
  231. Dominican labor laws w/r/t nannies?
  232. legal advice for starting a business
  233. Residency card...for US citizen
  234. Can Perment Resident Person be Gurantor for Temporary Residency
  235. New Property Taxes In Santo Domingo?
  236. Child Support from an overseas (Canadian) estate
  237. Cost for DR resident adopting DR child
  238. verifying your permanent residency without going through your lawyer?
  239. How to get a longer length of time on your permanent residency card?
  240. Reporting change of address to the U.K. tax authorities?
  241. fast track drivers license?
  242. Gaining Dominican Citizenship?
  243. Question About C. Por A. Corporation Selling Apartment...
  244. Temporary residency renewal
  245. Child Custody
  246. First trip - New Cedula
  247. Marriage in DR and Adoption in DR
  248. Can Dominican Mother claim child support in US?
  249. Moving back to the DR
  250. legal terms for translation