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  1. Air rifle
  2. unfair leverage of deposit funds
  3. getting marriage
  4. Be aware!!! Hispaniola casino is a scam!!! it is not a legit Casino!!! Do not Honor!!
  5. condominium bilaws, think of purchasing
  6. Can The Company Lend it's Employees Money (DR Labor Laws)
  7. Dominican banks required to report on US citizens' holding
  8. Divorce Division of assets
  9. Dominican Passport
  10. Who has custody?
  11. Difference in cost between Dominincan and Foreigner Bringing in a Car
  12. Need Legal/Real Estate information
  13. Finding a Lawyer
  14. Change in gun permit renewals.
  15. Police report in Ontario for provisional residency
  16. Timeline for DR residency
  17. I need a urgent answer on law about documents.
  18. Labor law/Lawyer Bavaro
  19. Interpretation of Condominium By-law Article 42
  20. dr. pedro messon mena
  21. Recovering Stolen Property
  22. Credit Cards
  23. Residency for Middle eastern Citezens
  24. what to do
  25. ITBIS on Condominium/Community Fees
  26. American getting married with dominican in Santo Domingo
  27. Marriage and Last names
  28. Opening a bank account in DR
  29. Loking for a Notary Public
  30. Inheritance from Great Grandmother
  31. merchant account with personal account
  32. Notary and Certified copies in san fransico de macoris
  33. Buying just a house
  34. Divorce - Legalizing in DR?
  35. Larimar in sosua
  36. Naturalization questions
  37. determination of heirs
  38. Question about obtaining a Dominican passport
  39. New migration law
  40. registering a vehicle
  41. Leaving DR with a debt
  42. Banking in dr please read and answer me first
  43. Opening a Bus or taxi or hi end gua gua business
  44. children citizenship
  45. DR Residents, don't leave the country for more than 6 months without permission
  46. Bank accounts in the Dominican Republic-Important Question!
  47. A contract in English enforceable
  48. Migration and buying a house
  49. I need help, please guide me to the right place!!!
  50. Residents not allowed to leave for more than 6 months at at time: New Migration Law
  51. Baby with Haitian woman
  52. Renewal of Tourist Card
  53. Important question in regards to banking in the Dominican Republic!
  54. Getting dominican residency.....
  55. I-130 form application approval Question
  56. Automobile bill of sale and notary.
  57. Need an Opinion
  58. Renewing A U.S. Passport As A Permanent Resident of the D.R.
  59. Might try to tackle this - Cedula for wifes sister.
  60. About pharmaceuticals
  61. DR citizenship
  62. New Migration Law - Need Attorneys Input?
  63. How to cancel contract with coraasan
  64. How can you tell fake money
  65. A Marketing Consultant in Dominican Republic
  66. Divorce
  67. Just got my Cedula...Passport on the way!!!
  68. Living under unbelievable conditions in Lifestyles in Cofresi
  69. Donating scientific equipment to ONAMET
  70. I need a labor lawyer.
  71. Rectificación (3era Circunscripción) for JCE (Cedulación)
  72. Legal translators in higuey
  73. Cedula Renewal
  74. Getting Married as a Dominican or American
  75. so, la duena doesn't want to return my deposit for my apartment.
  76. Is US divorce valid in the D.R.?
  77. Friend inheriting land from abuela in el seibo. $900 to lawyer for paperwork?!?!?!?!
  78. banking in the dominican republic-important question!
  79. Is there property taxes for houses?
  80. Any new Dominican Naturalization/citizenship rules for 2012 ?
  81. Getting married process???
  82. American and Dominican Divorce question
  83. Translation of documents before wedding
  84. Land in the family for generations
  85. Possession of marijuana
  86. Question about parental rights
  87. Domincan Divorce or UK Divorce
  88. Dual nationality rights for children of UK citizens?
  89. How banking works in the Dominican Republic
  90. Naturalization of NA Woman "por matrimonio"
  91. A new company in the Dominican Republic
  92. divorce
  93. dominican to turks and caicos
  94. New Personal income tax Rates for 2012
  95. Copy of a lost marriage certificate.
  96. Ley 168
  97. Dual nationality for child?
  98. Residency
  99. List of recognized Judicial Interpreters from the Santo Domingo Embassy
  100. Residency question please
  101. Can P-R's get back their Birth certificates ?
  102. Tourist card/overstay fees/visa renewal?
  103. Residents' records wiped out
  104. Visa requirements to enter DR for US PR
  105. Adoption problems
  106. contact details Ms Jenny Familia ABOGADO/LAWYER in Cabarete
  107. How much do I have to pay her
  108. Sending my 2 year old to D.R. from USA with her Dominican Grandfather
  109. Birth Certificate, where can I get one?
  110. U.S. Military Retiree
  111. DR Credit Bureaus
  112. Process to declare american son
  113. I need to lay off my maid because she is medically unable to do the job.
  114. Tax on transfer of shares of EIRL & Estate Planning
  115. my friend Raffy
  116. lawyer that is DR bank savy
  117. Interest payments.
  118. Dominican Passport
  119. Employee Liquidation
  120. Dominican 45 Day Fast Track Residency
  121. DR residency process from outside the country ??
  122. Child Support Laws in DR
  123. notice of no marriage or copies of court papers
  124. Apostiled now what?
  125. Criminal Background Check
  126. really ticks me off - for about 5 minutes anyway.
  127. Declaración Jurada de Solvencia moral y economica del solicitante
  128. Need help with a legal question....
  129. Question on child custody
  130. Insolvent?
  131. Work issues
  132. reputed immigration law firm
  133. What do I do if someone fails to deliver on a contract
  134. Mine, her's or their's?
  135. Employee Health Insurance
  136. renew childs american passport
  137. apostilled birth certificate translate and authenticated in DR?
  138. living in DR, getting married with a marriage contract...
  139. Selling house
  140. Labor Lawyers
  141. How to issue a factura as a private individual
  142. I'm new here and I need legal help.
  143. marriage and inheritance
  144. POA issued in DR recognized in USA?
  145. Is DR Citizenship Revocable?
  146. How to set a Child support or Pension without entering the DR
  147. legal advice, please
  148. Shipping, customs, documents needed, etc
  149. Sending two boxes at the same time to two different addresses??
  150. Legalizing birth certificates for residency
  151. traveling with my daughter
  152. Dominican Passport for Minor Child U.S. Citizen
  153. divorce in USA valid in DR?
  154. Chinese Visa needed ?
  155. what I need to register my dominican baby?
  156. Legal Resident, advantages, and costs.
  157. Divorced - Inheritance Laws in D.R.
  158. Extending the tourist card
  159. Manana...no
  160. residency - financial situatio
  161. Which is better, fiancee visa or get married in DR?
  162. Permanent Disability of Worker
  163. Opening a bank account in DR
  164. Advice needed; Sabaneta (la boca), La Roka (near costambar POP), Projecto Abita
  165. Ship Car to DR
  166. real estate transfer tax exemption, inheritance taxes
  167. Building an extension
  168. How can we help this kid- Declaring a child
  169. My tenant won't move out, and won't pay the rent either!!
  170. Car Insurance
  171. Dominican Passport Notarized with Apostille
  172. Doing business in DR
  173. Dominican banks required to report on US citizens' holding
  174. Permission for childern to leave country
  175. Renewing Canadian Passport?
  176. Election Day a holiday?
  177. Pro's and Con's of forming a corporation to hold real estate
  178. Moving to the Dominican Republic questions
  179. USA husband abandoned dominican wife in dr with 2 children
  180. Penalty for Late Filing of Accounts
  181. Questions about starting tourist-related businesses...
  182. Dominican Passport / Pasaporte Dominicano . . .
  183. Verbal agreements/ transfer of title
  184. Obtaining legal paperwork for non resident
  185. Inheritance Question - What happens when child doesn't want property?
  186. citizenship and segilar
  187. Child Consent Form - Canada
  188. Travel Visa: Statement of Financial Responsibility
  189. What are normal lawyer fees for sucession process
  190. Looking for a lawyer!
  191. any experience w/Santo Domingo real estate attorney - Manuel Rodriguez/Bergas Rojas?
  192. deslinde
  193. lawyers who change sides and act against the clients interests
  194. question about steps
  195. divorce, what happens with property
  196. Places where no gun carry
  197. Dominican Identification Requirememnts And How To Obtain?
  198. Water Rights
  199. GUZMAN ARIZA LAW FIRM - alternative anyone? @ For buying real estate?
  200. Residency and regulation 631-11
  201. Child abuse while in dr
  202. Now Everyone Needs a Residency VISA
  203. apostille of my birth certificate
  204. Registering an Out of Country Corporation as opposed to Residency in order to work?
  205. Guzmán Ariza opens a new office in La Romana
  206. residency granted if having dominican wife and son?
  207. Notice to all expats in the dr!!!
  208. Work without residency
  209. An affidavit declaring single status
  210. Papers for civil marriage
  211. houseboat regulations
  212. Lease in English or Spanish
  213. Firing an employee inside the 3 month probationay period
  214. Apsotile
  215. Reasonably priced lawyers Santo Domingo
  216. Banco Santa Cruz (Sosua) blocks joint account of common-law widow
  217. new immigration regulations
  218. Outline of new immigration regulations
  219. Ripoff at the immigration department
  220. What happens now if someone wants to stay for between 5 and 6 months in the DR?
  221. Proposed law would block those with traffic injury or death indictments from leaving
  222. Lost faith in Condo Law
  223. Just go over it with me please, civil marriage.
  224. Visiting the DR for between 4 and 6 months
  225. Apostille birth certificate in DR
  226. Moving with a new car from the US.
  227. Release of Funds
  228. Now that the USSC has ruled that Obamacare is legal, what will it do to US expats ?
  229. Expatriating
  230. please dont holler at me
  231. Residency
  232. Lawyer MIA
  233. Canadian in need of visa advice!! (new law problems)
  234. Just received this regarding items under $200 US that are imported
  235. Requirements for Trabajadora Domestica
  236. Is There a law against body armor?
  237. Cedula / residencia renewal
  238. Automatic residency?
  239. Lawyers too busy???
  240. Apostillating a birthcirtificate CANADIAN YOU SAY,
  241. Translations and Single Status Affidavits
  242. Second opinion needed
  243. Current Situation For Overstaying A Tourist Visa
  244. Inheritance and House Sale
  245. Legal Age to drive a Motor Scooter
  246. Residency.... Citizenship what´s the difference?
  247. 10-day Amnesty/Grace Period - Update
  248. Paperwork needed to get married in DR
  249. Overstay Fines
  250. steps to residency, just to make sure.