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  1. How to give someone else authority to purchase land under my name in DR?
  2. Dual Citizenship for a baby....
  3. Anyone know this Lawyer
  4. Residence Visa Requirements
  5. Property valuation according to area.
  6. Here's One for Legal
  7. Deslinda Question for Fabio
  8. marriage license needed for birth certificate
  9. Awaiting renewal of gun license
  10. Where can I get a contract notarized by a United States notary here in the DR?
  11. Are divorces/custody agreements valid in the DR?
  12. Retiree Residency
  13. Regularize or leave
  14. Shipping a container
  15. Mailing Mamajuana out of the DR?
  16. checking credit history
  17. Visitors Visa to Dominican Republic
  18. When to renew permanent residence
  19. Using Dominican Lawyers and Spanish Speaking American Lawyers
  20. What jobs are qualified as domestic workers? Questions for Dr. Guzman
  21. A Different Driving Question
  22. documents needed for DR marriage
  23. title for land with a child
  24. Identity theft protection
  25. Ladrones
  26. Another Deslinde Question
  27. No water from Corraplata
  28. English Man re temporary residency permit
  29. One year visa for religious volunteers
  30. Visas for Cruise out of La Romana
  31. Land crime- goverment program to help those affected by land crime
  32. Rent Increase
  33. Looking for the law on destruction of property.
  34. DR tourist law change
  35. Interitance law
  36. Why my real estate attorney tells me I can buy the land which has no Deslinde
  37. Residency visa from DR WITH papers from home! + few extra questions ;)
  38. Getting married in the DR
  39. DR Business Visa - Charged Penalty for Over 30-Day Stay
  40. Do-it-Yourself Permanent Residency Renewal Procedure
  41. Taking child to the UK.
  42. Migration trick
  43. Australian looking to move to the dr ??
  44. Citizenship application processing time
  45. Stolen Cedula, need to leave pronto
  46. Legal length of stay without visa
  47. Certificate of Good Conduct -- How do I get one?
  48. New Pistol Permit Laws
  49. Guzmán Ariza and Cantor & Webb to hold conference on U.S. and D.R. taxes
  50. Pension accounts
  51. New Puerto Plata Office to process residency requests
  52. Recovering a money loan
  53. Divorce Inheritance law in the Dominican Republic
  54. Template for the Parental responsibility document?
  55. Child custody
  56. Permission to leave the country with a child.
  57. DR "Pension" Residence Visa
  58. renewal temporary with dominican child
  59. Dominican residency via marriage
  60. What else, Cedula expired while out of the country. Fine or no issue?
  61. Labor Attorney (to defend the employer)
  62. New to me! Legally leaving with child.
  63. help !! road accident. what to do.
  64. Car Registration Question
  65. URGENT advice needed please!
  66. Orange Internet troubles?
  67. Inheritance Law - Real Estate Title
  68. Drug testing at immigration
  69. Lending money
  70. Maritime law in DR, detention of yacht for debts due.
  71. FBI fingerprints
  72. Return to the UK
  73. Is it public information to retaining a divorce certificate?
  74. possible issues of renting a shop to sell things...
  75. Liquidation
  76. Separation divorce
  77. British Cizitens married in Dominican want divorce but no marriage cert.
  78. Aduanas is charging me 110% tax on a gift i received via UPS
  79. Two-year residency requirement for Spanish passport
  80. minors traveling?
  81. English speaking lawyers?
  82. Como recuperar solar invadido?
  83. Inheritance Law - children do not want assets
  84. Importing tropical fruits seeds to DR.
  85. American embassy
  86. anyone want to go to immigration together? I'll drive.
  87. Have fun (and give me an advice)
  88. dominican born child visiting USA. question.
  89. Dominican Residency Visa Questions
  90. Passport run out!
  91. new overstay fees
  92. Rent Contract Information
  93. Temporary residency and cedula renewal
  94. Tourist card and extended stay ...
  95. Labor Law and Commissioned Sales Reps
  96. changes in visa applications for USA
  97. us citizen born from dominican parents cedula?
  98. Had residency in DR any way to get it back
  99. Holographic testament and Gifting
  100. Starting a foundation
  101. Changes in Penal code
  102. bringing tv,s to my vacation home
  103. Lost Passport.....
  104. Counterfeit $500 RD notes
  105. Great money transfer
  106. New car plates needed?
  107. Operating a business
  108. Temporary Residency/Operating a Business
  109. Living with tourist visa, is it possible?
  110. Car exportation from DR to USA
  111. Residency etc.
  112. New Permanent Residencia renewal Fees.
  113. Dominican Republic Won't Recognize Gay Marriage Performed At UK Embassy
  114. Drugs Planted in Someones bag at airport
  115. Official says houses for illegal aliens in Dominican territory ‘illegal’
  116. marriage
  117. Selling of a gun
  118. Tax on importing a boat
  119. Translation of Apostilled U.S. Birth Certificate, Citizenship - Child of Dominican
  120. Beautician license regulations
  121. List of the Model Prisons in the Dominican Republic?
  122. Banco León account numbers changed due to BHD merger?
  123. Has anyone started the residency process on a tourist visa ?
  124. Inheritance taxes
  125. Custody/Guardianship?
  126. wedding documents
  127. The New fees for overstaying the tourist card
  128. Length os annual stay to keep residency
  129. Are PT Gardeners Considered Domestic Help???
  130. question on nationality and residence
  131. Question about sdq
  132. HELP! NM1 Labor Visa and Tax Exoneration
  133. Tourism tax incentive
  134. Loss Of U.S. Citizenship From Applying For Dominican Citizenship
  135. US Citizenship Part Deuce..I didn't have a chance to reply LOL!
  136. You have until 16th June to get legal status
  137. Attorney to Translate and Apostille a Dominican Birth Certificate
  138. Confused about residency card
  139. change in law on residence and marriage.
  140. Do I HAVE to use a lawyer to get my Haitian workers their work permit?
  141. apply for residency for the dominican republic here in canada
  142. Colombians will no longer need a visa to travel to the DR
  143. Citizenship through Dominican Parents
  144. What documents i send to the dominican consulate in Toronto
  145. Naturalization ceremony
  146. Fast track residency ??
  147. Messed up in timing for residency/naturalization
  148. garinteer for residency?
  149. How can I find out the exact dates of the upcoming naturalization ceremonies?
  150. Homeschooling regulations and requirements
  151. Divorce in dr without spouse present
  152. Came to the DR in january, not a citizen, leaving in june, am I in trouble?
  153. Fabio Guzman law team
  154. cedula - residencia renewal - solvency for wife
  155. Having cédula sent to embassy/consulate abroad
  156. Can Son Buy House from Father
  157. Do I break the 30 day overstay rule if...
  158. Lawyers, Lawfirms and ONAPI...and People here!
  159. Applied for residency in 2012!
  160. Us Tax Preparer in Santo Domingo
  161. Questions on retirement visa
  162. Check Fraud
  163. Thats it AMET, or? :)
  164. I May or May Not have a big problem
  165. Summary of Residency Requirements
  166. foreign currency maximum
  167. Passport
  168. Paperwork to Sell My Car
  169. Thief caught What next??
  170. visa residency from the DR
  171. Renew Dominican Visa - Santo Domingo
  172. best documents for 2-3 month annual visit
  173. lost need help
  174. Apostille
  175. Need a document taken care of
  176. Yikes! I really do have a huge Problem
  177. Article in this month's Maxim shows an underage women sting going on in POP
  178. Conflict of interest ?
  179. Can it be done?
  180. Concerning a domestic employee
  181. fast track for retirees w/proof of income???
  182. How to renew Dominican residency that expired in 2002
  183. Married to Dominicana. Obtaining DR Citizenship.
  184. Am I in limbo?
  185. 45 days???
  186. Lost car documents
  187. Residency Renewal While DR Citizenship Is Being Processed
  188. loan agreement recommendations for loan to Dominican by US citizen
  189. Are Dominican passports for naturalized Expats necessary?
  190. Expired permanent residency, now pay the tourist card ?
  191. Inheritence
  192. Banco bhd
  193. bringing a car to DR
  194. DNA test
  195. Divorce Help
  196. Dominican Visa Criminal Record
  197. Legalization of University documents
  198. Descendant of Dominicans
  199. Is it actually a bad thing to acquire dominican citizenship?
  200. selling car...
  201. Stopped by Police--Labor Visa and Driver's License Question
  202. Non Profit rules in the DR
  203. Dr-cafta
  204. How long for Visa for working purpose?
  205. US/Canadian Tax deductions for donating to Dominican charities?
  206. Anyone else going to a naturalization ceremony soon?
  207. Shipping my car out of Dominican rep to USA
  208. foreigner owned property
  209. Wills or testaments in the dr
  210. Certification for naturalisation by marriage
  211. Using a corporation for car ownership?
  212. Bank Transfer Fee???(Impuesto Art. 12, Ley 288-04/0.15%)
  213. Labor Law Suits - Time to file expirations
  214. Snow bird visa?
  215. US Embassy Apostille Question
  216. Who has rights of citizenship?
  217. Dress code for naturalization ceremony
  218. minimum wages for security guards
  219. Updated Minimum Wage List
  220. Buena Conducta validity?
  221. dominican driving licence abroad
  222. Obtaining a Dominican driver's license
  223. Documents but no Apostille
  224. Importing personal stuff
  225. Working remotely
  226. Litigation fraude
  227. Do I Need a Letter of Consent?
  228. Peace Corps volunteer attempting to adopt
  229. Travelling for 2 months
  230. Having cédula/passport sent to Dominican embassy/consulate
  231. Dependant Visa
  232. What are the consequences?
  233. Residency visa DR
  234. mariage in Dominican
  235. Bringing my Dominican nanny with to the US
  236. Direct Deposit Question
  237. Need help with expired visa!
  238. Dual citizenship for children born in USA
  239. Residency Visa questions
  240. child support
  241. Can a foreigner, regardless of status, register a business in the DR?
  242. marriage contract
  243. Bringing abortion pill to Dominican Republic
  244. Certified court recorder
  245. Residency renewal procedure help appreciated.
  246. Obtaining Medical Certificate for Residency in Miami/South Florida
  247. New book by Fabio J. Guzmán Ariza
  248. Can we hire US citizens without cedula?
  249. Italian Embassy
  250. temp residencia - cedula renewal delay