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  1. Decent price on flights from Asia.
  2. SDQ to Argentina or Chile
  3. sti to pty, has anyone heard??
  4. Flying to POP from Eastern Canada
  5. POP vs. STI
  6. Any cheap flights to Puerto Plata from Toronto
  7. Flight possibilities Tampa-Santiago?
  8. National Flights
  9. STI to atlanta????
  10. Copa's ERJ-190 At las Americas (SDQ)?
  11. Charter flights Eastern Europe
  12. Continental POP - LGW
  13. Aviacion
  14. Continental B777 Pics in STI Coming Soon!!
  15. Atlanta to Santo DOmingo
  16. New American Airlines Terminal
  17. sti dealt major blow to pop
  18. a few issues with STI this time around
  19. Legit charges for overweight luggage at airport?
  20. Cheap Flight from MCO (Orlando) to STI (Santiago) - Help !
  21. (A rumor): Jetblue might add EWR-STI routes very soon
  22. Continental beats analysts' expectations with $43M loss
  23. Avior to fly soon to Santo domingo from Caracas
  24. Changing Airports JFK to La Guardia
  25. Delta - ATL-POP plus info on ATL-STI
  26. ¿saben si habra vuelos STI a Madrid?
  27. Flights to Colombia...
  28. El Catey Airport (Samana) - Photos
  29. another tourist card question
  30. Where "Direct" can you fly out of POP?
  31. Jetblue Deals to STI - Santiago DR!
  32. website pop airport
  33. new intl dominican airline
  34. food for thought
  35. How is the load of Air canada in Santo domingo?
  36. Departing the D.R.
  37. United Airlines: Non-Stop from Wash. D.C. Area
  38. More Non-Stop Flights And Tourism
  39. PUJ ATL : expirience with Delta
  40. cheapcaribbean.ca
  41. American jfk/pop discontinued?
  42. zoom airlines
  43. flights to POP from NYC advice please..
  44. American to cancelled JFK-POP on april 29,2006
  45. American to increase Miami-Santiago from 7 to 11 weekly
  46. American to increase MIA-POP from 7 to 10 weekly
  47. Aeropostal to served CCS-POP-CCS on may 25
  48. air travel between puerto plata and punto cana
  49. Dr To Orlando Or Miami
  50. How about Delta Update?
  51. Lan airlines increase to 3 weekly flights MIA-PUJ-SCL
  52. SJU-SDQ competition?
  53. DR to Honduras
  54. Today's Purchase
  55. Herrera closing : true or false ?
  56. Iberias lousy service
  57. new sign in STI airport about tourist cards
  58. FLL-PUJ $9+tax one way
  59. What is SAP EXPRESS?
  60. Book now or pay more - DELTA related topic
  61. Herrera airport closed!!!!!!!!, AILI opens
  62. Copa to start Santiago in June
  63. Best Way from DR to Puerto Rico?
  64. continental- Logan to ERW to Puerto Plata
  65. Cheap airfare jfk-sdq
  66. non stop vs multi city flights
  67. Condor
  68. buddy pass
  69. Fare War Anytime Soon?
  70. Delta to boost their JFK hub
  71. Flights to Dr from DFW
  72. Taxi Fare from AILI (La Isabela) to Downtown
  73. Who flies to YYZ (Toronto-Pearson) now from POP
  74. AILI or AILA?
  75. why are the taxes different ??
  76. Trip almost a year away - but want some advice
  77. Cost of flight from PAP to La Isabela
  78. Flying from Jamaica to DR
  79. flight from toronto to santo domingo
  80. Holiday fares on Delta
  81. Copa Airlines Schedule to Santiago De Los Caballeros
  82. Construction in STI
  83. Flights From UK to DR
  84. Soon regular flights UK-DR
  85. NYC to POP
  86. Flights from DR to Puerto Rico
  87. AILA New Terminal
  88. Phoenix SkyHarbor to Santo Domingo AIA
  89. Caribbean Sun airlines to inaugurate a new services from San Juan to Santo domingo
  90. Delta not doing as great in STI
  91. Free internet conn in DR airports
  92. STI inaugurate boarding bridge
  93. PUJ-Montreal July... suggestions?
  94. Jet bridges at sti - different perspective
  95. internal flights
  96. Cheap flights from Europe?
  97. D.R. to Cuba under $500?
  98. Cuba air fares fluctuating...
  99. El Catey
  100. Any Canadian travel agents on board?
  101. Suriname Airways to provide flights from SDQ-CUR-PBM
  102. delta Big update for may
  103. Grand Cayman
  104. Herrera vs. Las Americas Airports
  105. Delta Pilots Vote to Kill Airline
  106. Curiosity Question
  107. Spirit $9 fare
  108. Need Cheap flight from GUA to SDQ
  109. Flight from guatemala to DR
  110. Flights from DR to Canada
  111. Flight from DR to Canada?
  112. Flight from DR to Canada for my husband
  113. Best way to get to Zagreb Croatia
  114. Photos of active jetbridges and second floor at STI
  115. Caribair Schedule to Haiti
  116. Spirit Airlines Adjusts Fares to Reflect Higher Fuel Expense
  117. Delta hiking up prices too...
  118. AA Fares
  119. JetBlue adds second flight to STI
  120. Spirit's Schedule for the summer to Dominican Republic
  121. From Miami
  122. US Air Reducing Service?
  123. Atlanta-Puerto Plata Delta
  124. great prices
  125. flights from Halifax Canada to Puerto Plata
  126. flights/packages from Halifax Canada to Puerto Plata
  127. Cardiff (CWL) to Puerto Plata (POP)
  128. As of today, American airlines discontinued JFK-POP Route
  129. They have got to be kidding right?
  130. TPA - POP Delta vs AA
  131. Air Europe will use A340 and 330 on its flights to DR
  132. COPA Airlines add 3rd flight PTY SDQ PTY
  133. Caribbean Star Airlines: 4 daily flights SDQ SJU SDQ
  134. Delta Offers Customers More of the Caribbean with First-Ever Service to Puerto Plata,
  135. does AA charges extra tax if you book a flight with a DR credit card?
  136. Delta - JFK to STI
  137. Airlines that fly to Dominican Republic
  138. from Madrid to Puerto Plata
  139. SDQ Duty Free Liquor Store
  140. Who's flying??
  141. GI needs help from Korea to Dr
  142. Best date and time to find lowest fare
  143. Free Airfare !!
  144. Items stolen from checked bag POP to MIA
  145. Catching an earlier flight on standby, have ticket for later flight.
  146. Barahona Airport.........
  147. The Nicest Introduction....
  148. AC Flight 976/977 - YYZ to SDQ?
  149. Continental Airlines has won two major awards!
  150. Puerto Plata-Barbados
  151. Punta Cana Montreal
  152. travel no visa needed
  153. Is it safe to fly in the DR?
  154. US Airways
  155. Detroit/PUJ charter ??
  156. American Airlines Sat.10/Tor/Pto.Pta $200.00
  157. PP to Toronto - need tips
  158. Aircraft crashes in Venezuela!
  159. Air Transat service in June...
  160. What are your thoughts?
  161. Air travel Santo Domingo-Puerto Plata
  162. Just Got Scared: Clairfy Visa/Panama for me Please
  163. Fly from Sta Domingo to POP
  164. Us airways to discontinue FLL/SDQ
  165. travel to Kinston, Jamaica
  166. Aviation industry in USA: new style or ?
  167. Samana Airport: first regular flights to be announced soon
  168. SDQ Car Rental Pickup at Airport
  169. Turks and Caicos Islands
  170. Copa delays PTY to STI
  171. goodbye 737 and hello song 757 to sti.
  172. Looking For Cheap Flight from JFK to SDQ
  173. Re Tourist Cards
  174. Brazil
  175. AILA North Terminal Satellite?
  176. Delta Air Lines: problems with online booking
  177. Presidente Fernández inaugurará terminal norte el 15 de julio(spanish)
  178. SDQ New Terminal PICS
  179. AA Vs Delta TPA - POP
  180. Condor announce flight schedule Samana & Santo Domingo route
  181. Lisbon to POP
  182. LTU will serve Samana from NOV7
  183. S Domingo to Madrid: 123 USD OW / 246 USD RT plus taxes promofare
  184. Big Problem With Tourist Card
  185. New Requirements for travelers that travel to or from USA
  186. Santo Domingo to Cuba?
  187. jet bridges at STI
  188. Lauda Air italy to Serve Santo Domingo
  189. Beware of Travelocity!!!!
  190. Jetblue now an option!
  191. Beware: Go Travel Direct!!
  192. Animals on Airlines
  193. XTRA Airways: new flights Orlando - P Cana
  194. USAirways: new flights S Domingo - San Juan
  195. farecompare.com
  196. Direct Flight To POP
  197. Best time in the year to buy cheap tickets to STI
  198. Delta air fare sale
  199. COPA Airlines SUPERSALE to Panama - 49 USD plus taxes one way
  200. I NEED A RIDE from Miami to Dominican Republic (North Coast, or PR)
  201. Any deals from Toronto to POP?
  202. Delta Airlines to Start JFK-PUJ and ATL-STI from December 2006
  203. List Of Routes That Delta serving and is going to served
  204. Flights from UK to DR
  205. northeast to sdq direct?
  206. flight price question
  207. good airline deals
  208. El catey airport
  209. Jet Blue $79.00
  210. Spirit Air Buy One Get one Free
  211. fly away to dusseldorf or brussels
  212. DILEMMA here with my air from CLEVELAND or CAK and resort cost for December....HELP!
  213. DR to Venezuela
  214. Continental's Presidents Club!!
  215. Dramataic New Terminal SDQ (PICS)
  216. Treasure Hunt Sale on Spirit Airlines
  217. Tourist Card help
  218. Samana Airport Runway - Photos
  219. Warsaw-S Domingo flights schedule
  220. Continental and baggage
  221. Airport Info for EWR - SJU - SDQ Flight
  222. Direct destinations from POP
  223. New Terrorist Situation - London
  224. New Rules when flying - CESA
  225. Buying Tickets: How to?
  226. DHS Guidelines
  227. the latest stuff
  228. new direct flights SDQ-San Jose
  229. Aeropostal to Santiago and LA ROMANA
  230. Air Transat to Samana
  231. air travel between puerto plata and cap-haitien, haiti
  232. are small private planes available for charter out of puerto plata?
  233. can i fly direct to cap-haitien from santo domingo?
  234. POP to US VI ??
  235. Delta.com
  236. getting to cabarete from europe
  237. AA ticket
  238. Europe To STI
  239. Direct Flights Into STI or POP from...
  240. Canadian Flights to DR Added
  241. Sdq To Nyc
  242. STI Airport
  243. switserland to puerto plata
  244. POP Airline schedules?
  245. Clear your 'Cookies' before each Internet flight Search
  246. flights from North Coast to UK
  247. crazy question please
  248. Spirit Airlines - do fares fluctuate?
  249. Question about the AA A300
  250. Can Condoms be in your carry on