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  1. Instilling good methods, customs and cultures
  2. Just curios about the Se Busca (WANTED) criminal posters in the Police stations
  3. Sosua vs John Philip Sousa
  4. Dominican baseball on American soil
  5. US Hypocrisy - Deportation and Extradition
  6. To call them 'loose cannons' is an understatement
  7. I'm offended by the term Gringo
  8. Denying Haitian contributions to Dominican society
  9. Again (education in the DR)
  11. why not
  12. IMF & Dominican Republic
  13. IMF is Positive about DR - and so am I!
  14. Let's change the name of our nation to ......
  15. Santo Domingo Metro
  16. Santo Domingo is Barcelona 15 years ago
  17. The witch hunt in Sosua, can it be legal ?
  18. Azucar Amarga on Primer Impacto
  19. Is it just me or...
  20. Pessimistic Views are the Creators of Failure
  21. Spiritual vacuum in the DR
  22. Well, it is one way to pay for healthcare
  23. A bicycle route instead of Metro and against the construction of Atlantica?
  24. And nobody backs down....
  25. Dominicans "Voting" With Their Feet
  26. children having babies??
  27. The next 10 years
  28. Throw Your Name In The Hat
  30. Name 3 things
  31. APAGONES can put this country upside down
  32. Could the electricity outages cause problems to the government
  33. An obvious answer to a tough question!
  34. What's up with haitians pretending to be dominicans in the u.s.?
  35. Novo Mundo XXI
  36. Youth Prostitution
  37. If Developers...
  38. Chinese Van Company to Open Shop in Boca Chica's FTZ
  39. Start of something great! Split Thread for Debate
  40. Regional Differences Within D.R.
  41. "Civil" Disobedience
  42. Should the dollar go back up?
  43. Rep Dom Now Part of Axis of Evil?!?!
  44. going to the doctor with "adult" kids, in US and DR
  45. curious
  46. Farm subsidies
  47. No Es p'lante que Vamos!
  48. Did you know?
  49. The Deportations are...
  50. the Haitians pose a real threat to DR. dominicans are doing nothing while their...
  51. Has Major League baseball helped or hurt the Dominican Republic
  52. Identity of Latinos
  53. Negativity in Rap
  54. Legal or Illegal
  55. JCE objects to Protestant weddings???????
  56. Are the Deportations that bad on the deportees?
  57. the President and his promises...why do they don't understand!!
  58. Does racism exist in D.R???
  59. re: How to deal with Haitian street beggars
  60. Free Trade in the Dominican Republic
  61. Can you imagine...............
  62. What has happened to merengue music! and there artist..
  63. The Class System
  64. Failed Nation
  65. The Dominican Constitution, Respected or Rejected
  66. More taxes, ah?
  67. New airport Taxes
  68. Santo Domingo Olympics
  69. Poor word choices!!!
  70. New Construction Technique
  71. Talking about debates... this is a big one!
  72. Will There Ever Be Peace...
  73. What do you think? "Dominican Republic...Inexhaustible"
  74. Juan Bosch
  75. 16 Yeard old Dominican - 1.4 Million deal with Mets
  76. Is President Fernandez a little paranoid!
  77. MetroBus for Santo Domingo?
  78. Why do dominican fear AFrica
  79. re: Haitian vs. Dominican artists
  80. AIDS Problem in DR...
  81. For or Against Slot Machine Regulation?
  82. Are moderators allowed to use the N-word?
  83. Latest victims
  84. DR-CAFTA: What does everybody think?
  85. Eating platano and listening to bachata...
  86. DR-CAFTA... Vehicles Exempt?
  87. Baseball
  88. Honoring criminals from history
  89. 91 ex convicts coming home
  90. USA & Dominican Culture
  91. August 15 1865 Dominican Retoration Day!!!
  92. DR middle class and Dom York Chopo(a)s
  93. Haitian Occupation(1822-1844) and rapes
  94. Dominicanos... E' Pa 'lante Que Vamos Sure... De Cabeza
  95. Artificial Island or Government Enslaver?
  96. No Jus Soli in DR for non-Jus soli granting states
  97. San Zenon
  98. Why so many Dominicans with ridiculous names?
  99. Dominican Beliefs
  100. Fuel saving program
  101. The viability of Dominican tourism in a post-Fidel Caribbean...
  102. Open letter to the OPs-hillbilly and Pib
  103. certainly making a difference
  104. Malaria Advice
  105. What is happening with corruption?
  106. HELP! Please advise!
  107. Los vende patria nos acozan!
  108. Corruption and economic growth
  109. Non Governmental Organizations
  110. The American dream and how it applies in the Dominican Republic
  111. History Lesson
  112. Is the DR more or less classist than the United States?
  113. pelo wars
  114. Luis Alvarez Renta found guilty
  115. What will happen in 2008 ?
  116. Ambassador Hertell speech at AmCham
  117. Dominican parent's and there daughters..in the U.S.
  118. Gaga Music, Haitian influence, Dominican acceptance, and Chiri's blog!
  119. Arod, USA or DR in wbc?
  120. Are things really getting better??
  121. Were u educated in the US or in the DR?
  122. When did u realize u were black?
  123. When does a dominican American (morenos) become an African American or Puerto Rican?
  124. Reason's of why education in D.R. is not progressing!
  125. Voodoo
  126. Married Men .... and Dating .....
  127. Exchange Rate
  128. future of the D.R.
  129. Playa Dorado or Sousa -Better Discos?
  130. Santo Domingo Metro
  131. Not Dominican Enough
  132. Does anybody call themselves Quisqueyano?
  133. Santo Domingo as opposed to Santiago
  134. Reasons why DR is richer in social life
  135. The Taxes and those annoying street vendors!!!
  136. Which one would he/she choose?
  137. Why that Marjory of Dominicans tame to like hip hop or reggae better than rock?
  138. What would help the RD ... most?
  139. looking for old LP of singer cuco valoy
  140. Corruption study: Applicable to DR ??
  141. NYTimes Article:"Mixed Diplomatice Signals From U.S. Helped Tilt Haiti Towards Chaos"
  142. Who do you consider Domincan?
  143. For better or worse
  144. US Troops
  145. Why make the children suffer more?
  146. Observation from the Frontier. US Troops
  147. Why the Dominican Republic is Poor
  148. Spanish ambassador catches hell, was it fair?
  149. Dominican = Hispanic
  150. My idea as to better the education here in the DR
  151. The "Cleanup Brigade" does its thing
  153. homophobic cardinal
  154. DR/US immigration issues
  155. Police brutality in the Dom. Rep.
  156. American Military Wargames in Mar Caribe
  157. Choosing a construction material
  158. Generalization of dominicans
  159. Water & Electricity
  160. Time Magazine on Leonel Fernandez, DR ..
  161. The Future Of Dominican Energy
  162. Observations from the Frontier III
  163. New Allies, New Trade Agreement, and we're kinda in the way
  164. 2006 Failed States Index released
  165. May 16 Election: The Ecomist's Prediction Mirros Mine - Leonel's Party Wins, But..
  166. Alcaguetería o Patriotismo?
  167. Article casts doubt on Columbus' origins.
  168. DR GOVERNMENT should be IRON FISTED!!!
  169. Deportee's, what should happen to them?
  170. Is DR a patriarchal or matriarchal society?
  171. To what movie would you compare DR
  172. DR-CAFTA, ..good or bad?
  173. GEOPOLITICS, as a Former Dominican Central Bank President Partially Sees it
  174. Generating much needed revenue
  175. Another dominican voice against the (catastrophic) DR-CAFTA...
  176. Another Trujillo
  177. Economic Guru?
  178. situation between the d.r. and haiti
  179. Corruption - Is it stealing?
  180. Crime - Las Terrenas vs. Santa Barbara de Samana
  181. Alcohol hours and other things...
  182. DR Priest
  183. Sunland Group - Corrupt or not corrupt?
  184. Is the DR on the slippery slope toward dictatorship?
  185. Is the new ordinance serving its supposed purpose?
  186. Should there a limit for the amount of immigrants going to DR?
  187. is DR1 a place to dicuss social issues?
  188. tension between Dominicans and Puerto Ricans
  189. Closure on Balaguer
  190. Dominican Migrant Women
  191. Let's try it again, Hugo
  192. New Goverment
  193. Press Freedom index, DR 52nd, USA 53rd
  194. If you think DR-CAFTA is a bad idea...
  195. what's your opinion?????
  196. US Military Base in the DR
  197. AI resorts - Do they offer anything good to the economy?
  198. Temistocles Montas aka lies and more lies
  199. Santiago's Tramway Project?
  200. Come On, Ride The Train ..
  201. DR-A dangerous 3rd-world country?
  202. Journalist wants to learn about race relations in the DR
  203. national anthem and bias
  204. How does real/subjective truth affects the way people interprit Dominican history?
  205. Haitians in DR
  206. Worldpress Article on Sonia Pierre and Human Rights for Dominico-Haitians
  207. Trust
  208. Independence of 1804
  209. Poverty, Culture, and Conspicuous Consumption
  210. From DR1 news on the front pge of DR1.com Thursday December 21 2006
  211. For the Hugo Chavez Admirers
  212. DR is getting raped
  213. Politics and facades.........
  214. When was the REAL (Dominican) Declaration of Independence made?
  215. The "Dominican" experience
  216. History Forum?
  217. Colonial city in Santiago
  218. DR as a gateway exporter
  219. DR Constitution and citizenship
  220. alleged campaign to discredit the DR: is it real
  221. The worst way to spend US$30 million!
  222. Fernandez: Left, Center, or Right?
  223. dengue fever
  224. the vast anti Dominican conspiracy
  225. Tainos in the DR?
  226. The NGO Game
  227. Are Dominicans better off?
  228. Protecting the local culture?
  229. Catholicism and the Supernatural
  230. Dominican Version of the Miranda Rights
  231. Race and the armed forces in the DR
  232. "Dominican"
  233. Ah, things are better. OR ARE THEY?
  234. Are you a Latino "Wannabe"??
  235. Metro will be "cheap" ja ja ja ja
  236. When will there be a good Dominican movie?
  237. A catastrophe in the making
  238. What makes the DR different from other Latina American countries?
  239. Is DR becoming Multicultural?
  240. The Inquisition in the DR?
  241. DR-Cafta from a Different Perspective
  242. How will Chavez's "new" Venezuela affect the DR?
  243. Something that DR tourism has known for a "decade"....
  244. Squatters vs Land Owners
  245. why is this country soo disorganized?
  246. What is the role of the Minister of Tourism?
  247. Castro wins in DR in 2012
  248. Warning !!! new Poison-action on Cabaretebeach_take care of your children and dogs!!!
  249. Embraer Deal. No, not that Lie. The other lie.
  250. New Santiago Senator Trying to take away Mickey's lolly