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  1. The Latin American Condition
  2. Mejia Misleads
  3. Why is it
  4. The rules are simple!
  5. re: Freedom of Speech in the D.R.
  6. D.R. the next Argentina?
  7. The PRSC are a bunch of......
  8. Chretien/Mejia Comparison
  9. Boycotting this forum
  10. Can someone enlighten me a little bit.....
  11. Age discrimination in the DR?
  12. Are we doing enough?
  13. Dominican: From Dominica or DR?
  14. Presidents with double nationality? No way Jose!
  15. Ski Slope for the DR
  16. Hate, and the Role of a Superpower
  17. Electricity police?! What will they think of next?
  18. US Marines Occupy Haina and Embajador Hotel. 82nd Airborne Lands at San Isidro.
  19. RD$600 million to strengthen justice
  20. Mejia vs. Fernandez?
  21. Are we doing enough - part2
  22. What would it take to curtail corruption......
  23. woman for president!!
  24. coldest beer in each city
  25. Why curtail corruption??
  26. Johnny Abbas
  27. Greatest Dominican President
  28. Dominicans Too Tolerant of Abuse?
  29. Re-Nationalize Power Distribution
  30. Church & DR Politics / Policies
  31. Iberoamerican Summit
  32. GOP is bad, very bad for DR economy
  33. Free Trade Zones....?
  34. Europe/Egypt threat to Dominican Tourism!
  35. Any truth to the growing rumors about the Vice President's drinking?
  36. re: Should Hippo cut down on foreign visits?
  37. Will Hippo be re-elected?
  38. Mislead Dominican Chavistas
  39. Aeropuerto internacional "Jose Francisco Pena Gomez" why?
  40. Who's dominican?
  41. How can "they" get away with it?
  42. Hugo Chavez? Hipolito? Brothers in crime? Public scorn?
  43. DR is an attractive target for terrorism, or no?
  44. Hate speech = freedom of speech?
  45. How will the DR be affected
  46. Education in the Dominican Republic
  47. Still Waters Run Deep
  48. Haiti Invasion Coming?
  49. Is there a middle class in DR??
  50. DR Merengue vs PR Merengue
  51. Where does money come and go ? You do the math
  52. To whom does the land belong?
  53. Change
  54. What's the secret?
  55. Haiti-dr Unification?
  56. Difference between the US and DR
  57. Bachata wars - merged threads
  58. Poverty and crime.
  59. re: Investment in the D.R. a blackhole?
  60. Elect Me President and I Will ...
  61. GOOD vs BAD spanish
  62. re: Dollar or Peso for DR Currency
  63. Every 10 days a policeman dies
  64. Hipolito Ganara!!!
  65. Solido
  66. Every 10 days a policeman dies; a detail
  67. dollar !
  68. Government Sleaze
  69. I live on the hills, in California!
  70. R.D. Military/Police (?)
  71. New Al-Qaeda Target???
  72. Racism
  73. *** Local elections and the Internet ***
  74. The Venezuelan Lesson
  75. A Trujillo For President
  76. New Business in RD
  77. New Candidate For President In 2004
  78. Governent Corruption !
  79. The overall effect of remittance monies to the DR from family members abroad
  81. Female President?
  82. Dollarization
  83. High Electricity Bills!!!
  84. Status of Haiti
  85. Is Leonel Good, Or Just Better Than Hippos and Other Animals?
  86. DR Economy
  87. DR Capitalism
  88. Father Rogelio, what do you think of him?
  89. Aight My Dominicans Holla At Me
  90. IMF and power privatization
  91. arawak/taino descendants: dead or alive?
  92. Conquistadors, average soldiers, Moors
  93. Liberia - UN Trusteeship ? ? ?
  94. Sending Dominican Troops to Iraq . . . . . . . .
  95. Amado's "Ultimatum"???
  96. Hispanics are moving up in the world
  97. diabetes and an erickxson post.
  98. Maybe the IADB is wising up???
  99. PPH
  100. 1963 – 1966 American Subversion and Tyranny in the Dominican Republic
  101. dominican troops in iraq
  102. What if the unthinkable does happen.....
  103. Trujillito---usa Invasion--che Guevara...
  104. The Judean People's Liberation Front; NOT the People's Liberation Front of Judea
  105. Attention Mr. Moderator !
  106. The 1%
  107. Drug Use in the Dr
  108. Fuel Cell Energy To Power Homes
  109. What Happens if the IMF & World Bank Abrogate their agreement?
  110. What's happening with the FAD?
  111. Dominican Military Forces Web Site
  112. Balance of power.
  113. The Wrong Side of the River
  114. Is Hippo Finally throwing in the towel???
  115. The Haiti Syndrome
  116. Dominicans and $2100
  117. I Have One Thing To Say
  118. Debating Democracy
  119. Quien es peor el Diablo Trujillo o Hipolito?
  120. Dominicans and blacks
  121. If you Dont like Poor Why live in DR
  122. Balance of Power?
  123. Hanging out a Rocky's
  124. What Happens if the PLD Loses ...
  125. Why do older men from other countries visit the DR and take advantage of young girls?
  126. DR-highly Sexed Culture???
  127. latino as a race?
  128. Difference between Black Americans and Black Dominicans
  129. Dominicans and Blacks
  130. Dominican football?
  131. Beware of NYC to DR shipping companies!
  132. If you're a dominican man
  133. Dominican Troops Must Stay on in Iraq, Says US
  134. Real Dominican Heroes
  135. *** Corruption ***
  136. The Real Haiti.
  137. Hispaniola´s Top Soil
  138. Are all Dominican Lousy Workers "Vagos" and Why?
  139. Jungle of lazy people?
  140. Human Capital Shuffling Plan
  141. 2 examples
  142. READ ABOUT your culture, please
  143. Great article from Boston Globe
  144. If Castro was overthrown how would that effect the DR?
  145. Subsistence Farming/Gardening
  146. Dominicans denying their Afro Roots!
  147. I come in peace....
  148. Haitians need not post!
  149. To Pib about Haitian websites
  150. Modern slavery in the DR- Haitians in the Bateys.
  151. DR-Debate or is there???
  152. Coping with a influx of refugees
  153. My first Debate
  154. AI Hotels
  155. Guilty as charge is the DR Government.
  156. What prevents Coups in DR
  157. Tourism - Your the boss!
  158. Dominican Army/Air Force what are they good for?
  159. 100 Most corrupted countries....
  160. Your favorite place in DR...
  161. AFP and BanCentral certificates
  162. native Spanish speaker calls DR "The Dominican"
  163. How to educate and bring about a change in the Dominican youth for the furture
  164. Global Warming = More Tourism for the DR?
  165. How can the Bureaucracy be Improved???
  166. New Americans
  167. US training of Haitian Rebels in Dominican Republic
  168. air traffic strike
  169. DR should send at least a batallion to Iraq!!!
  170. When are the Domincans coming Home from Iraq?
  171. expats or immigrants?
  172. America????
  173. Spanglish the most often Heard and seen!
  174. Leaving POP airport
  175. the cost of fuel? Where is cheaper?
  176. NYTimes Article, is the DR seeing more poor Haitians?
  177. Proposed solution for the National Debt in DR
  178. What will Leonel do to correct the mess left by Hipolito???
  179. Moises Alou
  180. Brace yourselves Change of Govt Accounting!
  181. Dolarlization of DR !?
  182. "Remesas" from Dominicans abroad: a blessing or a curse ?
  183. Pockets of Poverty?
  184. Reparations To Developing Nations?
  185. haitian integration, while the island be unified once again, once and for all?
  186. DR Radio/American FCC and other ironies...
  187. Prosecuting the PPH
  188. Worst president we've had in the DR
  189. Cleaning up mis-managed intrigue Otto Reich resigns from his US "advisory" position
  190. What Option is Best dual economic Or economic only US Dollar ??
  191. Dominican Hospital
  192. I guess it worked
  193. black Vs Dominican
  194. Dominican Republic: A Failed State?
  195. Why is the HIV rate in Jamaca reported as 1/2 of Dominican Republic?
  197. Article from Trinidad Express
  198. Reaction to the --Jemenes, Taylor and other
  199. Free trade agreement
  200. Where will the money come from for Hippo to pay
  201. Article examining dominican identity
  202. A fresh view on DR's corruption
  203. Discrimination Just for been Haitian
  204. Blackest prediction ever, default and conflict and strife
  205. revenue without raising taxes
  206. George Bush declares Cuba must be more like the DR, to eliminate it's sex trade . .
  207. Is there electricity when the government wants there to be?
  208. The fate of Immigrants
  209. Follow up to the dominican identity: The acknowledgment that there is a problem
  210. The Big Fat Lie In All Of Us!!!!!
  211. So if the Banking collapses started it all....
  212. Columbus Never Left Afterall!
  213. Merengue
  214. Gay Dominican granted assylum in the US due to sexual orientation.
  215. After All Of This, Can Haitians Be Trusted?
  216. the senate is looking to deport all haitian invaders out of quisqueya
  217. The End Of Poverty Is Never Coming!
  218. Stolen Vehicles
  219. Can the DR education system be improved
  220. el tal pib
  221. Haitian workers in the DR, and the condition of Haiti . . . is it getting better?
  222. Ex-pats define
  223. MY SOURCES FOR MY DATA and an Interesting link
  224. Merengue Y Bachata
  225. religion in DR politics
  226. Policia Nacional
  227. Two Sore Topics: Columbus' Corpse and use of "The Dominican"
  228. Dominicans in route to Iraq
  229. One more thing towards Leslie and others, not an attack btw
  230. Your Opinion On Dr1
  231. DR truck drivers to Iraq?
  232. Cuba And DR, More Alike Than Different!
  233. A very long post on educating the children
  234. How well is English taught in the DR?
  235. A persistent social problem -Are there any solutions?
  236. Will there ever be Justice in the Baniter collapse & where's the money?
  237. Chavez-Leonel???
  238. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Cheat Poor...>
  239. Sammy Sosa
  240. Is There Favoritism When Buying A House In The DR?
  241. After reading this post, my heart sinks
  242. The "have" and the "have not" --> Crime
  243. Dominican Peace Corps?
  244. Can you spare some change ?
  245. Consumer Revolt? Yes! Yes! Now ! !
  246. The corruption is just so overwelming
  247. DR vs USA
  248. Dominican Middle Class due to Drugs????
  249. After reading your post my heart sinks
  250. Sources, especially for CC and Quisqueya!