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  1. Constanza???? freezing in the nites?????
  2. Bats in the DR
  3. Zona Colonial renovations.
  4. Seaweed Algae????
  5. Birds and Bees
  6. Treating the Environment Like Animals
  7. check out the new "demands"
  8. Honey Bee Swarm Removal?
  9. Drought resistant forage crop for dairy and beef production
  10. Caribbean adds to global drought costs
  11. Pueblo Viejo Gold mine a model of production and highest efficiency!
  12. Strong El Nino - More rain or still less rain?
  13. Drought definitely broken in the east
  14. Gold in the DR
  15. Dominican Republic ranks eighth as the world´s most vulnerable countries to the effec
  16. Seeking feedback on San Francisco de Macoris and eco points
  17. Earthquakes
  18. Jarabacoa to be Caribbean’s first pollution-free town
  19. Look what scientist discovered in Dominican Amber
  20. Another wind farm for the DR underway
  21. Keep the lobster population sustainable
  22. Barrick Gold
  23. $400k Dollars for research of geothermal, biomass production and hydropower plants
  24. Monte Plata Solar Energy Park online.
  25. pucmm installs solar panels in santiago campus
  26. Carrefour Looks Up to the Sun
  27. The Silent Collapse of Hispaniola's Forests
  28. Sustainable Design
  29. Super El Niño is over
  30. Deforestation in Sierra de Bahoruco
  31. Ancient Dominican Amber reveals new flower species
  32. water contamination in DR continues to be health hazard
  33. Dominican Republic’s forests vanish with the government’s ‘consent’
  34. Barrick Pueblo Viejo "ponds"
  35. Sosua Bay Rejuvenation Project & Animal Planet
  36. Investing in Solar Energy Projects in the DR
  37. Environment Ministry announces beach cleanup
  38. Dark Liquid being dumped in Sea at Malecon, SD
  39. Valle Nuevo National Park
  40. ¿Tenemos ballenas?
  41. Earth Hour - La Hora del Planeta
  42. good documentary to watch, Haitians poaching wood in the DR for charcoal production
  43. Sahara dust on the way to DR
  44. Great solar light project
  45. 100W solar panels
  46. Oil found in the DR?
  47. Green Power Generator
  48. The No Straw Stupidity
  49. Plastic wave horror film
  50. Dominican Today Article about Oil Dependence in DR
  51. Dominican Passport Bud
  52. ABC tv's GMA in Silver Banks all week
  53. Why is Propane Gas so popular?