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  1. What would you ask Leonel Fernandez?
  2. Hatuey Out
  3. Ley de Lemas
  4. Mejía is winning PRD primaries. Pope s***s in the woods. News at 11.
  5. PRD presidential candidates?
  6. Welcome!
  7. Leonel invited to talk to IMF and IDB
  8. hipo up to no good
  9. Democracy at risk in Dominican Rep?
  10. Tonight at the stadium
  11. Is this intentional to declare that Martial law must be imposed . . . .
  12. Hippo's plan...
  13. Here is something we can all do
  14. We need to do tthis ASAP!
  15. Now it gets interesting...
  16. Statement by Hippo
  17. Decamps out?
  18. Political humor
  19. Ley de Lemas
  20. candidacy dealt with......church is next.
  21. Hipolito: "it wasn't me!". IDB: "it wasn't him!"
  22. Hatuey: Hipolito is a terrorist.
  23. Sixty plus % support for the PPH????
  24. Finally, a poll
  25. Church & Politics. Touchy Subject!
  26. There may be Hope!!!!!
  27. Ley de Lemas is dead! Praise the Lord!
  28. Corruption in the Dominican Republic.
  29. Voting For or Voting Against
  30. The truth is finally coming out!
  31. Cabarete German news reports head of military jsut bought $800KUS yatch?!
  32. 3 cedulas -- one person!
  33. I said---they said
  34. State of the Republic Address
  35. poor guido gomez mazara
  36. The biggest A$$ Kisser!!
  37. Ortiz Bosch - Politics is not a business...
  38. Who should leonel pick?
  39. Why is campaign money divided like this:
  40. mirabel family
  41. diggin' up some dirt
  42. Voting by absentee ballots in May...
  43. Election System
  44. more points for hipolito
  45. Hippo's ironic quote upon his inauguration...
  46. Dominican Students at Harvard hoist Reformista Flag and Invoke powers of Balaguer
  47. Dominican Students at Harvard Support PRSC
  48. famous children
  49. What's happening at PRD headquarters???
  50. PPH update
  51. "Hipolito" Graants Dominican Citizenship to Foreign Nationals!
  52. Exploitation, Remittances and the Dominicans Diaspora in the Exterior
  53. Elgar is backing Leonel.
  54. Word from today's news...
  55. Absentee Voting How and Where?
  56. Fiscal irresponsibility at work. The selling of the Dominican Republic
  57. I hope Mejia wins for 2 reasons
  58. Am Cham presidential candidate talks
  59. Volunteer Observers of DR May 04 Elections?
  60. Let's take our own Poll
  61. Looking for Dominican Voters in Rockland Cty
  62. presidential vs. general elections
  63. Violence Potential?
  64. Merengue "E' Pa Fuera Que Van" - Campaña PLD
  65. Hippo spamming me
  66. How does everyone feel about Leonel being the next President?
  67. Did you know that??????
  68. This guy is right. Read.
  69. PRD should be banned
  70. it's in the bag for hipolito.
  71. Money from US
  72. Balaguer is alive and voting !! :)
  73. Diario Libre-Gallup May poll
  74. Check for the original cedula
  75. Elections Article in Wall Street Journal
  76. Congressman's Letter to Colin Powell Concerning DR
  77. Who is the "PLP"?
  78. Hippo's website...
  79. Nice view of the elections
  80. It's Happening
  81. It's all over bar the shouting
  82. Finally some international coverage
  83. Junta Central Electoral
  84. Clean up DR
  85. Lastest News
  86. It was quick and painless...
  87. Los dominicanos en España le dan una pela al TTH
  88. JCE Bulletins
  89. I want to know about Miami, Tampa, & Orlando...
  90. BIG Turnout, 70%!
  91. whos winning
  92. The Grapevine Says - Unofficial results
  93. CNN International just aired an election summary
  94. PPH Thugs?
  95. We are busy!
  96. By which percentage will Leonel win ??
  97. El Pais e' MORAO!!!
  98. Hipolito has announced his defeat.
  99. «Sembraré yuca en Gurabo con la pela que me han dado»
  100. Penn Schoen May poll
  101. Eat Crow: Tony C., Suarez N, ...
  102. Leonel thanks the nation and Hipolito
  103. A good sound thrashing.
  104. Felicidades Compatriotas
  105. Fraud and Violence Emphasized in International News
  106. It is time to to move on!
  107. Big Party
  108. E' Afuera Que 'Tan- Smiles Coming Back!!
  109. Democracy lives
  110. What is next?
  111. How About..... ?
  112. What clinched it?
  113. PLD sweeps expatriate vote
  114. Who won the RD$10 Millions
  115. Hippo a hero? A major fraud took place
  116. What voting was like
  117. Winners and losers of today
  118. now you can expect trouble.
  119. Hatuey Expelled From PRD
  120. Congratulations to the Dominican People
  121. This forum will be locked on August 17th
  122. Things that I reported..CONFIRMED!!
  123. An open proposal to Leonel Fernandez-Can anybody tell him?
  124. Collector's item
  125. A question for Golo
  126. Can Hippo Change Constitution Again?
  127. 2004 Election in Pictures!
  128. A Professional Dominicana as First Lady
  129. Andy Dauhajre and Jaime Aristy Escuder
  130. Hippo And Friends Looking For Cover!
  131. politics
  132. Mr. Almost Clean President Vs. Mr. Not Clean at All President
  133. Guido unmasked at EL GOBIERNO DE LA MAÑANA *WOW**
  134. Miami Herald on new government
  135. Leonel Radio Interview
  136. Where do the political comments go after 17th. August?
  137. Radio Habana on the New Government
  138. Blessed the VIP visitors
  139. New President