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  1. Are you dating a DDD? (Definitely Different Dominican)
  2. Articles and threads about Sankies
  3. "Sankies For Dummies"- Parts 1,2,3
  4. My sankie and I
  5. All you sankie loving trailor-trash, Lets talk seriously.
  6. Aren't sankies for older people?
  7. Sankie mania!!
  8. What is so "charming" about these routines?
  9. Is it love or a visa she/he is interested in?
  10. I got Sankiefied last weekend....
  11. Haitian men are the best!!
  12. Survey/Poll : Do/did you send money?
  13. Sankie 101
  14. re payment for services rendered
  15. Are there any educated Sankies, what is the average age of a Sankie??
  16. Bi sexual sankies
  17. dominican lover has me so confused.
  18. comparing Dominican and Mexican guys
  19. sankie practice?
  20. Sankie or Resort Worker Talk
  21. Are sankies exclusive to the DR?
  22. The Ultimate Sankie!!!
  23. Sexual frustration?!
  24. My life as a Sanky.
  25. the adopt-a-sankie-boyfriend program
  26. Am I Considered a Sankie ?
  27. age of a sankie????
  28. The etymology of “sankie”
  29. Rate your Sankie
  30. Can. girl fell for a DR guy and it cost me ...
  31. Is it always just business as usual?
  32. Defies Logic How a Female Tourist could Fall for A Sankie !!
  33. sankie got caught rapido
  34. Whats the diffrence between a Jankie Panky and Bugaron?
  35. What do they teach at sankie school?
  36. Need Some Advice about a Dominicana
  37. Can a professional be a Sankie?
  38. Dominican sankies on your homeground
  39. A simple question
  40. Lets me define sankie (general definition)
  41. Lets call it a truce ladies.
  42. North American Men v.s. Sankies
  43. I need some advice about Sankies?
  44. My scary DR experience
  45. Sankies on TELEVISION!!!
  46. Has anyone else fallen in "lust" on vacation?
  47. When I Grow Up...
  48. Questions to Ask Yourself
  49. Song about a Sankiette?
  50. Sankie Pankie Bahia Principe 2005
  51. Is their an exception to the sankie rule?
  52. Experience..
  53. Sankie/Sankiettes wish to move abroad
  54. Terry McMillan divorcing 'Groove' sankie
  55. Insider's View
  56. Do women love abusive men? Does this exist in the DR?
  57. Porfirio Rubirosa - Forgotten?
  58. Bisexual sankies
  59. Why do women fall for sankies?
  60. Girlfriends can help each other out
  61. The sankie stories are boring!
  62. He wants to pay for everything
  63. Sankified...
  64. What sets apart a good Dominican man from a Sankie?
  65. Sankies never miss a good opportunity
  66. Sankie Question
  67. Consequences
  68. WoW!!! If I knew then what I know now
  69. Hopelss romantic
  70. Email from a resort worker to a 16 yr. old girl
  71. Sankie- a name you can trust.
  72. What lines made you fall for a sankie?
  73. (long) story - need insight please!
  74. Memoires of a Sankie
  75. Most Outrageous Sankie Outfit?
  76. 2nd Prize for Most Outrageous Sankie Email
  77. Special Sanky Spelling 101
  78. Need help with writing a best-selling Sanky Novel
  79. Female Sankies?
  80. My sankie is married
  81. And the winner is ....
  82. Sankies, Women Scorned, A Difficult Situation
  83. Hurry! Contest closing in 24 hours!
  84. My man, an honest animation man
  85. Sanki Panki Video in Spanish
  86. One for Anna
  87. Sankies only in the DR??
  88. I"ve Been Taken
  89. I dont get it
  90. confused--Who is the sankie?
  91. Wiser
  92. So, you fell for a Dominican man while on vacation..
  93. Something Different....(long)
  94. Sanky Panky: The Musical
  95. Sankey Sidipleyer
  96. My thoughts...
  97. Sankies - Happy endings & STD's.
  98. Sankie strikes again
  99. Newbie
  100. Foreign men love SANKIETTES because
  101. Got the wrong email from my Dominican Friend
  102. My Story
  103. Enjoy yourself by themself
  104. My Neighbor Got Sankied ..... Not Too Smart
  105. Let sankies breath deeply
  106. If you don't want be cheated by Dominican Men
  107. I'd like to try some primal bliss
  108. I like this sankie
  109. My honest opinion on the local men.
  110. sankies working for Direct TV!
  111. True Story
  112. Pelicula Sanky Panky
  113. Bride And Gloom
  114. fooling around Sankies-research by Momita
  115. We need a new and improved contest - A.S.A.P.
  116. Some inside information
  117. a different vacation
  118. Suggestions for a contest
  119. A Story about a "good Dominican Man"
  120. Homosexuality in the DR
  121. advise to those, who loved a sankie.. true love or not...
  122. article about female sex tourists
  123. hard time for sankies
  124. Using the term Sankie
  125. Heading South
  126. Sankie/Sankettes
  127. Have you played a Sankie
  128. not all dominican men are sankies
  129. Picking on Canadians
  130. Etymology
  131. open her eyes
  132. Animation Staff-Apology
  133. Interview with a sankie
  134. The not so Obvious Sankie Usage
  135. "Sanky Panky" the musical!
  136. UPDATE on my sankie!!
  137. Latest trick from sankies to get money
  138. Not so happy story
  139. Do you love my citizenship or my money
  140. Money for a Sankie
  141. Is there hope
  142. am i a fool as well?
  143. Sankie House
  144. How do you expose a Sankie??
  145. Off resort sankies...I got out in time..list of red flags to watch for
  146. i met a boy....
  147. Sankie traits
  148. I wanna be a Sankie
  149. Sankies and Safe Sex
  150. animacion guys
  151. I thought I was past all this....
  152. Money Sent to sankies!
  153. Those that are played
  154. Does anyone know....
  155. Ok heres what we need to do.....
  156. Sankie the movie....
  157. The Other Side of the Sankie Coin - The Customers...
  158. So, are they just too busy...
  159. I can't believe I fell for it!
  160. Sankies and Race....
  161. What is a sankie?
  162. sankies are seen in a negative light
  163. Sex Or Love?
  164. Thank you
  165. HELP ASAP!!! my dominican BF playing me?
  166. help
  167. Webshots
  168. looking for information on a guy
  169. what am i doing??
  170. Beeper chicas
  171. I think my heart should be breaking!
  172. I fell for it too
  173. Sankie didn't succeed
  174. In todays Toronto Sun...
  175. what the hell do you think??!!
  176. Serious replies ONLY
  177. Question
  178. So I´ve decided to become a Sanky....
  179. Do I lay it on the line?
  180. How offensive is the word sankie ???
  181. Sanky Panky video & translation
  182. Sankie-ly Ever After...
  183. Please engage brain before posting!
  184. Intrigued with sankies
  185. Sankie free forum?
  186. sankie slang
  187. Dominican singer
  188. Let's Hear from a Sankie!
  189. I feel sad
  190. Have I been sankified?
  191. Is My Man For Real?
  192. I'm bored
  193. Cultural Differences!
  194. Sankie exposed???
  195. Gringa/sankie, even in santiago :(
  196. Do they know they are sankies?
  197. My story...Hope this can help!
  198. single, visiting in December
  199. Comparison Please
  200. Sankie Traits or NOT?
  201. Thank you to all the lovely DR1 members
  202. Sanky or not?
  203. Sankies and beyond ...
  204. Rules for posting in Mars/venus/sankie forums
  205. What's wrong with being a sanky?? Really.
  206. Being hassled by Sankies has put me off
  207. didn't know...
  208. Is it just me?
  209. Women who fall for Sankies
  210. Porfirio Rubirosa, Jet-setting playboy, or ultimate/original sanky panky? Discuss
  211. Sankie forum is now moving.........
  212. Better safe than sorry...
  213. my one and only Sankie!
  214. 3rd Times' a "CHARM"...?
  215. I've got enough... me esta hirviendo la sangre!
  216. Time for a review
  217. Am I _that_ silly?
  218. Help my friend has been Sankified!
  219. No Groans... but I have to ask..."Sankie or not"
  220. Sankie The Movie
  221. Losing my husband to a DR Woman
  222. I need someone to help me who is going to bavaro princess
  223. How Can A Sankie Feel Betrayed
  224. Fun in the Sun
  225. Internet Sanky
  226. Sanky?
  227. Sankies not only go for foreigners
  228. TV programe featuring sankies
  229. Female Sanky?
  230. Are The Jobs of Females Sankies
  231. The Beautiful Sankie in Sosua
  232. not all that glitters is gold
  233. another canadian about to marry a dominican
  234. Yes Or No?
  235. Is he a Sanky????
  236. need sum help
  237. Beware of this sankie
  238. Haitian-Sankie Bavaro Dominican Republic
  239. What do I say?
  240. Would anyone with experience with... sanky-identifying..
  241. First time in DR (San Juan de la Maguana )
  242. Announcement to make
  243. I want to know if I am being sankified...
  244. Video: "Rent A Dread" (about female sex tourism in the Caribbean)
  245. update
  246. Dr1 members, have at it.
  247. Pursue Chica or ....Not?
  248. You Can Take The Girl Out The Bar BUT Can You Take The Bar Out Of The Girl???
  249. New Sanky game out
  250. Female Sex Tourists