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  1. Some interesting articles for reading
  2. National Hero??
  3. Dominican Military - Structure?
  4. Llego mama
  5. President Fernandez and President Obama statements
  6. DR government not that bad after all!
  7. War on drugs and news from dncd
  8. Jose Figueroa Agosto arrested
  9. DR Police DO take child-sex crimes seriously
  10. President Fernandez in Cuba?
  11. Metropolitana Police actively issuing ''tickets to tourists!
  12. Who said this, Castro or Fernandez?
  13. A Human Being Inside
  14. DR Motoconchos should be replaced by electric/solar bicycles
  15. Clave Digital Closing?
  16. Uasd
  17. Digital TV +++
  18. Absurd......
  19. Senator's First order of business - Raise their own salary
  20. Presidential Pardons 16 August 2010
  21. 20 Less Generals in DR
  22. The Shadow That Scares Me!
  23. The Shadow That Scares Me!2
  24. The Shadow That Scares Me! #3
  25. Vincho, National Hero
  26. Insurance Regulation
  27. Metro back in the news - debts!
  28. Dominican Ambassador at the WTO
  29. Hipolito's fault !
  30. The Unfortunate Truth About Education in DR
  31. Things are not so bad in d.r. As compared to other places
  32. La conceptualización
  33. Hipolito Mejia
  34. Corruption in DR
  35. Corruption in DR, some details.
  36. Leonel Should not try to run again
  37. Figueroa Indictment
  38. Prostate Answer
  39. The "intellectuals" we have in gov.
  40. Smart Guns in the DR - Soon?
  41. UN Rep says the DR has no head nor tail
  42. The DR needs more people like...
  43. One More Case of Official Complicity
  44. The creation of the Dominican peso: The Hoax of the Century
  45. wikileaks and Leonel's government
  46. you lefties like this?
  47. Wikileaks con Mangu
  48. Leo's
  49. Leonel Running in '12: the Rumors Persist
  50. Former Presdident Blanco dies
  51. Goverment
  52. To which party did these belong to?
  53. Traffic light, in front of Playero, regulation
  54. Security Operations throughout the DR
  55. Pirates beat up ass.subsecretary of Tourism
  56. Barrio dwellers want Haitians out by Dominican Independence Day
  57. What happens to these people...
  58. Highways to become toll roads.
  59. Llego jaja
  60. Is the revolution being televised?
  61. Most unpopulars DR...
  62. presidential discourse
  63. and he's outta here...
  64. Leonel 2012???
  65. I can't beleive it DR will take H.Mejia back
  66. Llego Papa! Funny in a sad sort of way...
  67. US Social Security and R.D. taxes
  68. Annual tax returns
  69. Real reason for power blackouts all the time?
  70. PLD PRD/Democrats Republicans-Whos Who??
  71. commercial fishing
  72. Organic Laws
  73. Government Salaries
  74. The director of the Department of Taxes and his heart surgery
  75. solution for education problems
  76. Nuria on Electricity case
  77. Llego Mama!
  78. Does the Metro make money?
  79. Inposdom
  80. EdeNorte, EdeEste and EdeSur Power Distributor's new blackout schedule website
  81. President Fernandez vetoes mortgage bill
  82. Mejia On Corruption
  83. Leonel Says What Everyone Knows About Haitian Immigrants in DR
  84. Moto-chonco and motorcycle lawlessness
  85. 4% Campaign
  86. Corruption
  87. The intersection of the ruta+Martinez, at Pleyero = Hopeless Traffic Management
  88. The mess at IMF and a thought about this administration
  89. DR, Russia, Military weapons...
  90. Minimum Wage Increased by 17%
  91. Poli-scum !
  92. The agent is "never there".
  93. Legally, how could the Sosua Mayor be removed from office?
  94. Changes in the DR...
  95. Keeping pld in office?
  96. the alpha and the OMEGA...
  97. Dominican Postal System Worth A Try
  98. 357.9 million US dollars for a 2nd subway line in S.D. ?
  99. Furore at the UNDP resignations
  100. About renewing cedula in nyc
  101. who is?
  102. Improper implementation of the Hague Convention
  103. President Fernandez CNN interview in Israel
  104. Visa for Haitian?
  105. Santiago's prosecutor defies Judge's order for murderer release!!!
  106. Presidential candidate PLD
  107. AMRATS are hassing tourists again!
  108. Three and four years ago, I drove thewell surfaced Moca Highway often
  109. Danilo Says He Will Govern By The Principals of Juan Bosch
  110. Paying traffic fine
  111. A plea to the traffic management idiots
  112. CIA interview of Ramfis after Trujillo's death!!!
  113. Hippo in Philly
  114. Changing Birth Certificate?
  115. Hipolito in New York
  116. UASD branch for Barahona
  117. Recall this later...
  118. Hipolito Live on CNN Espanol Now
  119. Leonel the Worst President in Latin America?
  120. Hydropower tenders!
  121. civil service here - is it political?
  122. WikiLeaks - Let the real fun begin!
  123. Scathing Article - Open Letter to Leonel
  124. Rental Car Insuranace--Are USA persons covered for 20 days or 90 days?
  125. AMET solution to red light violations !
  126. Poli-Pussy harassment continues
  127. Danilo's new economic model
  128. Dominicans want transparency
  129. Constanza & Jarabacoa wants to be province...
  130. Titua!
  131. The fence, across from the Shark Bar,, ptotecting walkers from falling into the deep
  132. Darn those pesky elections
  133. Damn
  134. 2012 campaing TV commercial
  135. Fernandez New York Itinerary Translation
  136. Danilo approves Margarita- soooooooooo misleading
  137. Told you so...
  138. Money laundering in the DR marked 'CONFIDENTIAL"
  139. PLD and PRD and the upcoming Presidential election
  140. Dominican Republic learns Korean economic model
  141. Ottawa criticizes investigations of violence against Canadians down south
  142. Just so you see how it is done: Wind energy here and there
  143. Leonel's Wife To Be Danilo's VP
  144. Solar Energy Park.
  145. Amnesty Int'l Spain denounces police killings in the DR
  146. New Cops to patrol the cities and replace the rotten apples...
  147. The DR Military...
  148. No Money To Pay Lottery Winners
  149. Danilo vs Hippo Debate Today - Anyone Watch??
  150. Story Of and Immediate Aftermath of Trujillo's Assasination
  151. Streetwalkers to get their street, Red Light district...
  152. SOLUTION for DR's Economy & Traffic Problems!
  153. A new law needed
  154. US, Dominicans sign deal on Medicare fraud assets
  155. 34 % of young Dominicans...
  156. Dominican Republic's presidentcial Election 2012.
  157. Rare Fotos of the Trujillo Era
  158. Shut up if you don't want to get killed: Amnesty International Report on the DR
  159. Importing Car Using DR-CAFTA
  160. Cell Phones Not Allowed In US Consulate
  161. Fernandez pins hopes on Arab ties
  162. Sosua-News Commentary On 2012 Election
  163. Narco state
  164. Poli-Pussies patroling the street between Rocky's and Terre Linda
  165. DR Needs a 21st Century El Jefe
  166. The "Fernandez Government" Is Trying To Convince The "IMF" To wait Six Months,....
  167. Major drug bust, arrests, extraditions rock Dominican Republic
  168. Con Sharia e' palante que vamos
  169. Cosmotology License Requirements in DR
  170. What are the requirements to be president in the Dominican Republic
  171. Interesting read...
  172. Posh government-built condos brew scandal
  173. Dominican Republic presidential candidate targets reporters
  174. presidential election
  175. Income Tax relief
  176. Possible New Rules For Haitian Immigrants
  177. PRD Self Destructing??
  178. Canoa gets preventive custody order
  179. Me voy con Eduardo!
  180. Senator gets booed in solemn ceremony for fallen heroes
  181. Electrical sector’s more than 2.0M paying customers tops IMF goal
  182. Dominican Republic starts massive use of natural gas
  183. New DA announces internal affairs department
  184. 2011 Crime and Safety report for DR
  185. Freedom of expression FAIL in Santiago
  186. PRD vs PLD Public Works & Major Projects
  187. Current Minimum Wages in DR
  188. Balaguer FBI Informant?
  189. What we really want is to have a country that is handled according to the law
  190. New Danilo Commercial
  191. As row over aqueduct material rages, official are mum
  192. Prosecution on the "hackeogate" case
  193. Dozens of residents of the sector El Millon
  194. "Leonel",Sticks His Head In The Sand"! Or Up His A$$!
  195. First Lady's Account Details Exposed/Danilo Faked His Doctorate
  196. Drivers protest
  197. It is Back To The Swamp For The Hippo
  198. Voids = 4 American visas?
  199. US military base to be built in the DR
  200. 38 deputy ministers for agriculture
  201. New Uniforms For Policia Nacional
  202. Leonels fires the corrupts and the Hippo picks them up.
  203. Ministry of Culture keeps it in the family
  204. The Peso and the Election?
  205. Police Get Pay Raise
  206. When Felix Bautista says...
  207. Hipolito Just Had a Heart Attack!!!!!
  208. I predict that not one moto-concho cowboy will be arrested !
  209. Bad Trade Agreement Bad Behavior
  210. The Dominican Air Force
  211. Expat absentee voting in Asia
  212. What in the world did Hipolito say?
  213. Sending gifts to Dominican Republic
  214. Guido Gómez Mazara wants to kill MVM?
  215. Future Time Headline
  216. ELECTION - informal poll
  217. Giveaways
  218. Well Done Election Sign
  219. Heeeeere Comes 18% ITIBIS!
  220. DR elections are around the corner, how would you vote?
  221. 'encuestas' and 'sondeos'
  222. Llego PAPA!
  223. If the past is an indication of the future, have a look at the old Hippo
  224. Please explain the differences in the major political parties?
  225. BBC report: DR's child politicians challenge corruption
  226. When will Presidential election results of May 20, 2012 be known?
  227. Sabanetta to Moca
  228. Dominican Political Primer
  229. Dominican senator calls for reducing salaries.
  230. Peoples elected reprasentive for a particular area?
  231. Top Prosecutor Resigns
  232. Murio Papa: A good thing according to article in FT.
  233. Dominican Republic Dips Toes Into HD Radio
  234. Can a Dominican get a Visa to visit Guadalupe for 2 weeks?
  235. DR's history with the U.S. in 1870
  236. Payments by Mobile Phone
  237. 51 Years Ago Today
  238. What to expect from Danilo?
  239. The End Of The PRD As We Know It?
  240. Video of Balaguer's Time as President
  241. Hybrid-electric Vehicle Incentive Law
  242. Dominican authorities don’t function, Cardinal Says
  243. Special Education: A Challenge for DR
  244. causes of violence
  245. ongoing on The Senator was wrong thread
  246. Danilo in Office
  247. Your Tax Money At Work!
  248. More Of Your Tax Money At Work!
  249. Liquor Licenses Coming Soon??
  250. DR and Russia sign agreement...