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  1. Dominican Republic: US$120 billion GDP by 2022
  2. News Reel From 1966 Presidential Election
  3. No more PPeses for DR...
  4. Revistas - where are they? ONLY in the DR!
  5. representation for diaspora
  7. Sosua News On Ban On Used Clothing
  8. New Hospitals
  9. New Schools and upgraded classrooms!
  10. Public Infrastructure!
  11. Plan to reduce public perception of insecurity by 20%
  12. News flash! DR1 Exclusive Only!
  13. In his last public act LF shows some sense and vetoes Salary Law!!
  14. presidential change.
  15. More On Used Clothing
  16. Buche y pluma, na' má, buche y pluma, na' má so says the song
  17. The President Danilo Medina cabinet 2012-2016
  18. Marbete 2013
  19. Get to know First Lady Candida Montilla de Medina
  20. Danilo to announce extraordinary measures
  21. Danilo To Be Financially Austere President??
  22. India and DR Sign Agreement
  23. Any news reg. DM reviewing the "borradores"?
  24. There's A New Sheriff In Town
  25. Eso es justo?
  26. DN Prosecutor Attempts to Arrest Diputado
  27. Huge Narcotics Seizures Continue
  28. Medina repeals and replaces Purchasing and Procurement Regulation by decree
  29. Anonymus vows to unmask Dominican government officials
  30. Domican Republic at 105 on list and among least competitive Latin American countries
  31. What Will Be The Changes At US Embassy And Consulate
  32. No Government Funds for the Miss Universe Pageant!
  33. New $200 Peso Bill
  34. Recommendations that won't be listened to for helping fix the electricity problems
  35. Cash crunch takes Santo Domingo’s subway to the abyss
  36. Leonel Fernandez interview
  37. President Danilo Medina at the United Nations
  38. Diputado On Twitter
  39. Congradulations Mr. President !!
  40. Tax Reform Package Coming Today
  41. 600 Products being pulled out of the Tax Reform Proposal
  42. RD-104 | Carretera Bávaro | Uvero Alto | Miches-Sabana de la Mar
  43. DR's Counterterrorism Unit
  44. Over 500 Dominican Police, Soldiers Dismissed for Drug Ties in 5 Years
  45. DR Gov: Abortion illegal - go to jail for 10 years
  46. Remember the guy with the big pension??
  47. Luxury high-rise condos; yet another Dominican Government scandal
  48. Trujillo's Grandson Seeks To Set Record Straight About El Jefe
  49. Danilo Doing What hasn't been done before.
  50. Up, up and away to the USA: Ex DNCD Ops Chief Extradited
  51. Why Haiti mires in poverty while the Dominican Republic forges ahead
  52. New tax hike will "shatter the "dreams" of a tourism-based development."
  53. Can Someone Abbreviate Th?e New Tax Reform Everyone is Protesting About
  54. Reforma fiscal approved... we're all f***ed...
  55. Protests have turned deadly
  56. An idea for the government
  57. Where is the Dominican Gov going in regards to foreign residents
  58. Leonel To Address Nation About Defecit
  59. Path To Citizenship Established For Undocumented
  60. The IMF looks down Dominican Republic’s fiscal hole before pact
  61. A Sunday of Mourning in the Dominican Republic
  62. New laws on Gender Violence
  63. The Senator from Dajabon
  64. Economist Piece on DR
  65. Wall street journal chimes in!
  66. Power companies’ blackouts aim to hush lush contracts
  67. Dominican government faces a record 602 protests
  68. Danilo Medina’s first 100 days are disappointing
  69. Here’s How Bad the Deficit Problem Is in the Dominican Republic
  70. Danilo Medina's Monday's Presidential Message?
  71. Tackling poverty in the DR and Haiti.
  72. D.R. Constitution
  73. 4% For Education In 2013 Budget.
  74. Corruption Perception
  75. Este pueblo nuevo no se rinde no se calla
  76. Deputies Urge Police To "Rub Out" Criminals
  77. Continued lack of transparency in customs on TVs under $200 US
  78. Would scheduled and predictable "4 hour daily blackouts" from 12 pm to 4 pm be nicer?
  79. Should the Dominican government adapt constitutional "Freedom of Religion"?
  80. Should the 35 nations of the Americas merge together to form a new and vast country?
  81. XMAS Baskets=Higher Taxes
  82. Danilo Announces 10 Public Works For Santiago
  83. Dominican Republic Country Specific Information
  84. New Metro Line Opens Today
  85. Open letter to the agency of law and order.
  86. Complot Develado
  87. Foreign Teachers
  88. Interesting Presidential Poll
  89. Medina's Literacy Campaign Has Started
  90. Lack of foreign currency at banks- no dollars to purchase
  91. PRD Disciplinary Trial vs. Hipolito, et al.
  92. Ayuntamiento In Santo Domingo Proposes Street Name Changes
  93. violence at PRD headquarters
  94. it's electricity, stupid!
  95. Case against Fernandez and Funglode processed
  96. Cupid Photographed At PRD HQ
  97. How the move to e-pesos is developing in the DR:
  98. Pay Raise Coming For Teachers
  99. DR Politicos Doing The Harlem Shake
  100. Leonel Says Modern Era Of DR Began in 1996
  101. No lobsters for 4 months
  102. How Soon will the peso reach 50 to 1 for the USD?
  103. Barrick' Golden Contract
  104. Les Miserables - DR Style
  105. General Pain in the DR
  106. Economics of the country activity has decelerated
  107. Huge Tracts of land - The country’s biggest beach land fraud case starts with challen
  108. Police And Public Safety Reforms Announced By Danilo Medina
  109. Dominican Republic Makes Bid to Join British Commenwealth
  110. DR wants to join British Commonwealth
  111. Barrick Gold in San Cristobal
  112. Visits to Saona suspended on Thursday after drug bust
  113. AMET, Militares, Policias
  114. Breaking News
  115. Government Considering setting Minimum Wage for Housekeepers and others
  116. what's the deal with danilo and his ongoing support for agriculture business?
  117. Danilo & His "Cronies" Are So Proud Of Their Latest Achievement!!!
  118. E-currency in the DR - Coming soon PICHARDO?
  119. Medina Congratulates Venesula's Maduro on His Election
  120. Sosua News On Danilo
  121. 13 New Companies Coming to Zona Francas
  122. Little things that make me admire Danilo
  123. Danillo Needs to Fix the Energy Problems
  124. Tribunal de Tierra
  125. Gazprom deal
  126. It cuts both ways Danilo
  127. 200,000 US citizens live in Dominican Republic
  128. Dictatorships in the DR
  129. Suggestions for better government
  130. Red alert for Cabarete: Builders seek permits for high rises
  131. Our favorite girl is at it again
  132. DGII going after small biz tax evaders!
  133. Citizenship Papers
  134. The challenges to our blind...
  135. Carretera Cibao - Sur / Cibao-South Road
  136. Trujillo's Grandson Considering Presidential Run In 2016
  137. 2016 - we are all ****ed
  138. INPOSDOM (mail): not bad at all!
  139. A Precedent Setting Court Battle Begins - long posts
  140. Court Battle - part two
  141. Court Battle - part three!
  142. National District Prosecutor’s challenge: Charge me if I'm corrupt
  143. Leonel to head Organization of American States????
  144. Article by Leonel Fernández in Listín Diario
  145. Car Park
  146. Miami judgment hits Dominican Republic for $50M
  147. No one tells Dom. Rep. who’s a Dominican, Immigration chief warns
  148. What??? Another 2% increase
  149. DR becomes full member of SICA
  150. Dominican gays slam Catholic “hypocrisy” over new US ambassador-nominee
  151. Bodyguard For Medina's Daughter Killed In Apparent Robbery
  152. Danilo micromanaging...
  153. Birth Certificates
  154. Opening hours of El Ministerio de Interior y Policía
  155. Meaning of the colors on the Dominican flag
  156. Neo-colonialism
  157. Interesting Commentary On the Post Trujillo Era
  158. government salaries
  159. General pain going from 150 to 45 -Dominican Republic to send more than 100 generals
  160. Dominican Republic eyes sweeping tax breaks for tourism projects
  161. Voz Eléctrica - All "Talk" an still no Action on the electrical problems??
  162. Revista
  163. Dealing with The Criminal Elements.
  164. Short History of DR
  165. No Commentary Necessary
  166. Cedulla and birth town
  167. Retired General Percival Pena Declares Interest In Running For President
  168. Protests against government corruption
  169. SN On Pres Median's First Year
  170. Government To Spend $100 Million To Rehab SD Barrio
  171. Pension system
  172. Dialogo Dominicano. New Program Airs Tonite About Current Events and Politics
  173. Government To Prosecute Men Who Impregnate Minors
  174. Diversion Of Public Funds Equals Enough To Fund Another DR
  175. Misleading headline on 14% wage increase
  176. The Banniter Scandal
  177. DR Prepares To Launch Online Patent Database
  178. Government Starts Hot Meals Program For Students
  179. New Tools For AMET
  180. He's Baaaaaaaaack
  181. Haitians Born in the DR of illegal parents stripped of DR Citizenship
  182. License plate renewal, new law needed
  183. National Budget Up 730% In 10 Years
  184. Public Transportation
  185. DR Gov Minister states, large increase in "informal" jobs vs formal ones
  186. Presented today as a candidate leonel fernandez
  187. Trujillo Vive In The Young
  188. DR vs Haiti
  189. Disputing misperceptions on the Constitutional Court Ruling 168-13
  190. no surprise here
  191. justice in the D.R
  192. Now, isn't this just peachy...
  193. Indiana based foundation to build a US$6.0M orphanage
  194. Coruption a Threat to Democracy
  195. Is it time to increase the fare on the Santo Domingo Metro?
  196. Wally Brewster approved by US Senate as Ambassador to the DR
  197. Dominican army at Haitian Border
  198. US Border Patrol Agents in the Dominican Republic?
  199. Why did Medina cut continuing the Metro?
  200. Newly Discovered Disparity
  201. New Decree for All Foreigners
  202. Ministerio Publico
  203. Dominican Birth Certificate
  204. What is a living wage?
  205. Ilana (Sosua Mayor) Nominated For Vice Presidency Of PRD
  206. Ambassadors to dr
  207. Zero tolerance for drug traffickers: Dominican Republic’stop prosecutor
  208. All Businesses Must Install Financial Software Program
  209. Indotel gives deadline to phone carriers to activate a user identification system
  210. Revista deadline extended to 7 January
  211. As Warned: Traffic Cops Stop, Ticket, Tow Autos For Expired Tags(Marbete)
  212. Leonel And His Special Shoes
  213. Temporary Worker Visa is active now!
  214. migel vargas and his prestamogate
  215. italian embassy to close?
  216. Trujillo's Grandson Getting Serious About 2016 Run For President
  217. Biz owners said they are looking to protect consumers!!!!
  218. love for danilo overwhelms dominican population
  219. hipólito gave DR one of the best examples of morality in public administration
  220. The DR doing some PR..
  221. Biden to visit Dominican Republic
  222. Danilo not running for re-election
  223. DR's enacts a U.S. liken G.A.O. section!!
  224. Number of the Poor have doubled.
  225. Even without the gov trying, the tourists keep coming to the DR...
  226. 106,000 peso gasoline use in 1 month
  227. With vow to end blackouts, Medina join all predecessors
  228. Leonel Still Just Cannot Go Away
  229. Put Down The Thugs
  230. 21 new generals and 4 rear admirals WTF!!!
  231. Commercial fishing license
  232. DR's homicide rate hits lowest level in 11 years
  233. Analogue to digital switch in DR
  234. IMF issues its review of its 4-14 March visit to the Dominican Republic
  235. What Mr Biden would have spoken about - but he never arrived
  236. DR Custom Office Opens in Miami
  237. Excess in Diplomatic Corps
  238. Leonel Part 3??
  239. Please Help Me Here
  240. New US Embassy in SD
  241. Hmmmm... What?!?
  242. Absentee voting in the DR
  243. an article about employment situation in DR
  244. Yeni Berenice Reynoso Speaks Out
  245. Lionel Fernandez to run again??? Is that a good thing??
  246. Police Botellas
  247. Medina reigns in ministers perks?!
  248. Minou Taverez Quits PLD
  249. People Getting Tired Of The PLD?
  250. emergency landing of danilo's helicopter