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  1. About that 911 system...
  2. Here come the Chinese!
  3. "Wally" on a Mission
  4. No more unregistered SIMs for cell phones!
  5. The Senators Barrilitos
  6. Ambassador Anibal de Castro says US can learn from DR on immigration
  7. Ex-cops behind most Dominican Republic murders, Justice minister
  8. Haitians take over border towns
  9. Residency and or Citizenship for Foreigners? Is is achievable in the DR?
  10. Dominican Republic should take Haiti over
  11. La Cancilleria
  12. Dominicans are petioning Danilo
  13. Migracion.........FRUSTRATING talking to them
  14. Free Health Care or a Case for 911?
  15. No permits for activities that produce sound contamination
  16. In the Spirit of ignoring climate change BS, the DR starts coal power
  17. Politics Dominican Style
  18. Documentation of illegal Haitians turning into a long process
  19. He's Baaaaaaaaaaaack. Here's Leonelllllllllllllllllllll
  20. JCE without resources for normalization and ID cards
  21. Wages for LIFE
  22. Do you have an opinion on the Naturalization Law?
  23. Haitians being given preferential treatment?
  24. Dominicans call for Brewster to be sent back to the US
  25. Este Pais Se Jodio
  26. Juan Hubieres Wants To Be President
  27. First doctoral program to be offered in the Dominican Republic
  28. Just so you know...
  29. DR starts a National Plan to disarm the population
  30. speech of leonel in paraguay
  31. convencion de PRD
  32. Audit Of CDEEE Uncovers Complete Mess
  33. trip to SD for a new cedula
  34. Cedula Renovacion
  35. Taxes on shipments under $200 US
  36. Leonel Praises Hugo Chavez
  37. Hispaniola's Trojan Horse
  38. Danilo, from 'lo que nunca se ha hecho' to inaugurating schools
  39. 42 Apartments Confiscated
  40. The Economist: A Popular President
  41. 700 Employees Removed From Foreign Service Payroll
  42. Ship Registry Search - Onaygorah
  43. More Money for...?
  44. foreign investment
  45. Where can Dominicans travel for a few months without an immigration hassle?
  46. Gallup poll: Medina government is less corrupt
  47. Requirements For Renewing Residency
  48. Who will be the next President?
  49. Can Puerto Rico help DR reduce drug-related crime?
  50. Copy of Divorce - How & Where??
  51. One Village, One Product movement in El Seibo
  52. Export more, then we can afford to pay the debt
  53. A Senator And High Ranking Military Officials Received Kickbacks On Super Tucanos
  54. Dominican Republic students graduate from elite US law enforcement program
  55. Leonel Heckled In New York City
  56. Visiting Migracion office around Christmas
  57. helping farming....
  58. Bautista's company's assets seized
  59. La nueva flor nacional
  60. borrow 44 Billionp.d.????????
  61. Video Of Vehicle Stopped At Border With 20 Haitians Inside
  62. Passport Requirements to Enter DR
  63. visa renewal
  64. Abel Martinez Announces Plans To Eliminate Diputados Barrilitos
  65. exports.....
  66. The beginning of the end?
  67. slush funds
  68. Dominican Republic accepted into ICANN
  69. Felix Bautista for Head of the Central Bank!
  70. Carlos Morales Troncoso Passes
  71. govt spending? w/locals?
  72. They want to investigate the investigator.
  73. DR and underwater archeology
  74. Holidays in the Dominican Republic
  75. The Honourable (?) Consul in Milan, Italy
  76. Dominican Constitution
  77. Supporters Of Leonel Attack And Rob Journalists
  78. 9th, December: Turn on your lights!
  79. Riot Police to Protect FUNGLODE
  80. organized motorbike racing???
  81. this is how much the votes cost
  82. The People Want Danilo to Continue
  83. 911 new motorcycle response
  84. DR national Debt to 50% of GDP By Year End
  85. . No stateless people in the country
  86. DR's debt to Venezuela sold ?
  87. Government to Pay Power Debt
  88. Abortion - How long before it is legal in the DR?
  89. Leonel Says That The PLD Has Created 3 Republics
  90. Hipolito says he will run for President in 2016
  91. The Inside Drug Cartel
  92. The Drug Lord's Letter to the Ex-President
  93. El Narco Presidente
  94. Venezuela Gets $1.9 Billion as Dominican Republic Pays Debt
  95. Labor Ministry bans credit checks of workers, job-seekers
  96. The DR drug bridge to the USA in numbers
  97. Nationalists fight back: Journalists seek to silence Dominicans
  98. We Don't Need No Stinking Carbon Credits --- Coal for the DR
  99. ITF safety warning over Dominican ATC
  100. Bahamas & Turks and Caicos deporting Haitians
  101. Interest rates probably will go up because
  102. US lawmakers to visit Dominican Republic Congress Friday
  103. Divine Leaders
  104. DR Gov Between a Rock and a .............
  105. Travelers to the DR will be required to have medical coverage
  106. Notes from the President Danilo Medina 27 February speech
  107. Merging Haiti and the DR
  108. Quirino is back.
  109. DR, A Collapsed State
  110. Vice Minister Murdered
  111. Policia Nacional Publish Manual For Officers To Help Change Culture
  112. DR is sixth in extreme poverty in Latin America
  113. AMET stopped from towing cars
  114. Haitian Workers and the Construction Business
  115. The Executive Executes
  116. Dominicans Pay Highest ITBIS In Region
  117. toddlers fighting in a sandbox
  118. Leonel wants to return to “steal, increase corruption and destroy the country”
  119. Recent Poll Shows Leonel Most Corrupt Politician
  120. The Blame Game
  121. Protests / Supreme Court
  122. ELECTION 2016: Who has your vote? Why?
  123. US Ambassador Denies Links to Drug Kingpin
  124. Getting involved
  125. Are Times Changing?
  126. Will Danilo be able to run again?
  127. SEEDS of a society trying but failing...
  128. Well I tried... Residency woes.
  129. Ultra nationalists resign
  130. Foreign Scholarships Available
  131. Atención políticos
  132. General Paulino Sem new head of "Migracion"
  133. JCE Fires 300
  134. More on the failed drug war - East Region Judges in fear
  135. Salaries of the Top 'Funcionarios'
  136. Was Danilo to be poisoned?
  137. Leonel still wants to be President
  138. DR President Mailing Address
  139. same old same old style
  140. Regularization Plans Scamming the Haitians
  141. Investor seeks permit for 100-MW wind plants
  142. Dominican Republic’s high debt and low revenue demands fiscal mettle
  143. Dominican Tax Exempt Status
  144. Miguel Vargas Sells Out
  145. Deportations of Haitians. Can I get the facts, please?
  146. Now what??
  147. 90 Day Tourist Visa
  148. Upgrades to power plant
  149. Police fingerprint system
  150. Automated voting backed by new biometric national databank
  151. Re-Entry
  152. The Dominican Time Bomb - New York Times
  153. Entry ban and other penalties for targeted individuals spreading lies
  154. Another article in today's NY Times
  155. The cost of Haitians to the Dominican Republic services
  156. deportations Of NonCitizens Dominican Republic Protested. Boston Globe
  157. JCE List
  158. Anyone Ever Fail Residency Medical???
  159. Police Reform
  160. Most Dominicans understand money flowed to amend the Constitution The Gallup-Hoy pol
  161. Does the DR have Employee Unions?
  162. Sugar cane workers ask for refund Hundreds of sugar cane workers went on a march yes
  163. Senator with Flag Painted Face
  164. When will the international community comply by its own jurisprudence.
  165. . Fiscal crisis looming The Economic Committee of the Modern Revolutionary Party (PRM
  166. Nuclear Power or coal, solar and wind?
  167. Did the OAS report add anything new?
  168. Noncompliance on International Parental Child Abduction
  169. SDQ Immigration have installed fingerprint scan equipment and cameras
  170. Government must build more dams
  171. Danilo Cleans House
  172. Strategy for the implementation of measures in road safety
  173. Is everything in DR corrupt?
  174. Deportations Will Begin Today
  175. Have you ever heard of ANTRADE?
  176. Once you are "Regularized" and from Canada, then what?
  177. Electricity Pact talks start today (DR1 News)
  178. Dominican math at its finest!
  179. Residency Visa -will you qualify?
  180. 30-MW solar power installation in Dominican Republic
  181. Matilda's Primer on the DR Political Parties
  182. 2016 DR Elections - President, Senadors, Diputados, Sindicos, etc
  183. Deaf Protest Event - Santo Domingo
  184. Foreign Minstry cull
  185. IMEI check in DR.
  186. Directorate of Immigration has moved
  187. US envoy lauds Dominican Republic´s deportation process
  188. Buying bad debt at a premium?
  189. Calling PICHARDO To The Microphone, Please
  190. Naturalization ceremony today
  191. RFID headlamp transponders in the Dominican Republic for motos
  192. A Good Reason Why the DR Does Not Funtion Rationally
  193. 2016 Budget Infogram
  194. Children of Dominicans Born Abroad & Citizenship
  195. education budget explained
  196. eco crisis? or rabble babble
  197. DR on the way to repeat Puerto Rico economic crisis
  198. FATCA will hit the fan
  199. How to make things better
  200. Sending used clothing to someone in DR - Is this allowed?
  201. Custom for temporary import of clothings for photo shoot
  202. Contradictions in renewable energy
  203. 70,000 Foreigners Have Left DR
  204. Defendant Accuses Prosecutor
  205. JCE: Without new cedula, you can't vote
  206. Recipe for Disaster
  207. It's okay, I have Diplomatic immunity
  208. Worldbank approves $120M Loan To Fix DR Electric Problem
  209. DR Considers Outlawing Guns
  210. 18 Immigration inspectors nabbed in drug and people trafficking
  211. DGM, oh DGM !!
  212. Former president still hesitant to join Medina’s reelection campaign
  213. Danilo Medina in the comedy section of the paper
  214. DGM report on repatriations 2015
  215. Barrick expects to take up to $3 billion in impairment charges.
  216. Receiving a pallet at the airport.
  217. DR scores high (103/167) again.
  218. Should the political parties and candiates adopt a 5 day work week plaform.
  219. Presidential opinion polls
  220. Volunteer
  221. So... Four more years of PLD???
  222. Danilo for Mayor
  223. Automated entry gates at SDQ this month. Later elsewhere
  224. A courtesy visit??
  225. Birth certificate legalization no longer necessary
  226. Dominican Air Force Founded 68 Years Ago
  227. Only In The Dominican Republic
  228. Is the DR yearning for the "golden age" too?
  229. Just do what you promise to get votes
  230. JCE vs Uncle Sam
  231. Some facts about the drug trade and crime for the DR with US involvement
  232. Trying to understand Dominican politics
  233. Employee's criminal background check online, real time for Employers
  234. Finals steps to starting the Dominican stock exchange 100%
  235. DR calls grow for the removal of US Ambassador
  236. Another fine example of what kind of crap does politics in this country
  237. FBI,PN agree to fight organized crime jointly with new UNIT
  238. Investigation into Super Tucano planes underway - Bribes what a surprise
  239. Upcoming Election- Who is this Karim Abu Naba'a guy?
  240. If I was a voter.........
  241. DR had 6 presidents in 50 years
  242. Viva Danilo
  243. fascinating history of dominican elections
  244. entertainment
  245. just got a call from danilo...
  246. Cedula replacement free until Friday
  247. Odebecht and Punta Catalina
  248. President Vote Updates
  249. tha failure of transportistas in sunday's elections
  250. The corruption continues