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  1. Garbage collection in the night
  2. Don't Praise Trujillo in DR
  3. Danilo in Cuba
  4. Migration department will no longer ask for bribes
  5. ATSC 3.0 to become new broadcasting standard in the DR (4K UHDTV)
  6. I wonder who sells the cameras to the government
  7. Dominican voter registration card
  8. Observation from the Frontier
  9. BanReservas Loan Used for Campaign
  10. More police officers MIA
  11. Palma Sola - Truth or Fiction
  12. PRD Sold Drugs To Pay For Campaigns
  13. Child abuse in the DR.
  14. New transit articles come into effect!
  15. UN experts urge Dominican Republic to protect women's rights
  16. Immigration & Customs Entry Form
  17. DGM Office in Santiago
  18. Asset forfeiture law makes it easier to confiscate illicit properties
  19. Hatuey De Camps has died
  20. Stolen/lost residency card, Applying Online For Replacement
  21. Perfect example of the corruption caused by the war on drugs
  22. It's signed into law
  23. Shipping Container Help Needed
  24. Corruption in Embraer Tucano purchase in the open now
  25. DR Government still spineless when it comes to Electricity
  26. Will the USA election outcome have any consequenses for DR ?
  27. Customs to raise online purchase kilo fee by 300%
  28. Declarations by Government Officials
  29. No More Christmas Gifts
  30. New penal code longer prison times
  31. DR calls all foreigners to renew residency
  32. DR - US Extradition Agreement
  33. Odebrecht and Braskem Plead Guilty and Agree to Pay at Least $3.5 Billion in Global P
  34. Venezuelans Hawk Snacks on Dominican Streets as Revolution Dies
  35. Working web site to check Dominican Cedula on JCE site
  36. Police Pay Rises
  37. Order to block cell phones in prisons
  38. Extending/Renewing Tourist Card
  39. CDEEE now has five times more employees than needed
  40. Trump taps Florida billionaire as ambassador to DR
  41. Motoconchos threatening to encircle the Presidential Palace
  42. More controls promised for rising illegal immigration
  43. Hipolito Mejia would like to run for President again
  44. Marcha Verde: the day of wearing green
  45. Government's excuses on failing to move on electricity problems
  46. Danilo's Speech
  47. Online residency renewal problems !!!
  48. Government forgot the North coast
  49. DGM Migration deports undocumented aliens from 13 countries
  50. E'pa 'tras que vamo'
  51. New Crackdown Has Kept Police and Military Very Busy
  52. Sosua office for residency - cedula too?
  53. Venezuela, OAS vote and DR aid from US
  54. Civil Aviation lists rules to operate drones
  55. Online residency renewal 2 questions
  56. Another DR Gov Agency not doing their Job
  57. New company to take over DR driving laws... What do you think?
  58. Odebrecht scandal
  59. Police Told to Carry Documents/Wear Helmets or be Sanctioned
  60. dominican government among the most active on twitter
  61. Prime Minister Miguel Vargas?
  62. The Fires of Jubilee - Dominican style
  63. Dominican Consulate Southern NJ
  64. Jorge Ramos on DR
  65. Thought is it 1st of April?
  66. EU aid to DR
  67. Medina Considering Another Run
  68. Goverment Says: No more over the counter viagra, cialis, and other sexual stimulants.
  69. Eliminating "Botellas"
  70. Businesses Not Paying Taxes
  71. US Embassy Suspends Visa Interviews Temporarily
  72. Documents required to get married help
  73. Raul Mondesi going to jail for embezzlement of $6.3 million
  74. Who Controls the Dominican Republic
  75. Are DR Government doing anything to help PR?
  76. DR deports 9,332 foreigners in September 2017
  77. No Good News
  78. He should shut up... :D
  79. Gotta love the headline.
  80. Taiwan donates jeeps, helicopters, motorcycles to DR
  81. Who is Robin Bernstein, the appointed US ambassador to DRt
  82. New Canadian ambassador Shauna Hemingway is career diplomat
  83. New Italian ambassador Andrea Canepari did great job in his past post
  84. Getting a Dominican Passport in the USA
  85. Electricity Pact may lead to job losses - about time
  86. New Vehicle Inspections in 2018
  87. Citizens may use credit card for passport payment
  88. protesting bureaucratic indifference
  89. Residency renewal
  90. Stuck at the Airport
  91. New stuff going on for folks entering/ overstaying visas.
  92. Repatriation Insurance
  93. Border Drones
  94. DR Embassy in Gloucester Square, London.
  95. Cap Cana, Hazoury, Trump, fraud and deception
  96. Ramfis anyone?
  97. how can i get my marriage certificate quickly from outside the dr
  98. Question regarding citizenship in the DR and Haiti
  99. Immigration to DR
  101. cedula
  102. Gov official says too much drinking in the DR!?!?!?
  103. Taiwan says China dangled $3 billion to grab ally Dominican Republic
  104. Temporary residency for extra year?
  105. Dominican Immigration has extended the stay for tourist
  106. Finally! Residency Card and Cedula Good for Four Years!
  107. Legalize Medina Run for President!!! NOT.
  108. That time again. Temporal Residency Renewal
  109. Con que se come eso?
  110. China opens Embassy now that Taiwan is out of the DR
  111. Migration Intervenes Puerto Plata and stops hundreds of foreigners
  112. Need residency help
  113. Visa renewel
  114. Abreu Immigration Services: The four-month tourist extension is official
  115. My attempt to get Residencia Definitiva not going well
  116. 551 Foreigners Detained
  117. FĂ©lix Bautista
  118. Resident Visa Process
  119. OMG HE will run, all is lost... :D
  120. Benefactor de la Patria
  121. US has called back to D.C. the U.S. ambassador to Dominican Republic
  122. Over 30 days your passport is blocked.
  123. one way to handle 30-day limit
  124. Apadridia, La Sentencia, Los Afectados y más
  125. Local Elections in Distrito Nacional
  126. Haiti's new plan to take over Quisqueya
  127. Legal Analysis of TC 168/13 by Dominican Constitutional Expert Nassef Perdomo
  128. Dominican Republic Going nuclear... Ja ja
  129. Is it still legal to buy viagra over the counter in DR pharmacies ?
  130. Temp to Permanent Residency - a tale of 220 days
  131. US planes in DR?
  132. Cedula-lookup Website
  133. Bureaucracy in the Dominican Republic
  134. Primary Elections