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  1. Best place in Santo Domingo to buy replica designer men's sunglasses
  2. Where are the best places to do these at?
  3. Does anyone have any whale watching suggestions pls?
  4. Best shore diving locations
  5. Where's the best but also least expensive all-inclusive resort?
  6. 31december1969 oops
  7. Looking for an Apartment.
  8. Movie: Cristo Rey
  9. Images from the Best Carnevals in the D.R.
  10. Mamajuana Recipe
  11. Darts in the Dominican
  12. Best Documentary
  13. Acropolis Center...doing..?
  14. What is going on the 14th to the 18th in Cabrete
  15. Best Ob/gyn and clinic in Sosua/Puerto Plata area?
  16. Best luxury car rental near POP airport?
  17. Dominican Cigars vs Honduras and Nicaragua
  18. Hard Rock
  19. Betting at Sportsbooks
  20. Best affodable artists in the DR
  21. Best Way to Find a Car in the DR
  22. Where to buy the best coffee from the DR?
  23. Sweet 16 for Twin Boy and Girl in DR
  24. Anyone remember nightclubs from mid 1980's
  25. Wow - have a look....
  26. Dominican coffee in Toronto??
  27. meeting ladies....
  28. yes, please tell us
  29. Anything going on from 10/22-10/31/14?
  30. Quark
  31. Music in Las Terrenas
  32. Las Terrenas (advice/recommendations for equipment rental, etc. for 24 people)
  33. View Flying in to Santiago in 2009
  34. Christmas in Las Terrenas
  35. romantic restaurant santiago or mao
  36. Recommendation for bowling in DR
  37. 5 Best Places To Eat In DR
  38. Carnivale season here in d.r.
  39. Looking For Nice Hotel In Punta Cana
  40. Best tour operator
  41. Book stores
  42. best part of dr for vacationing (on a budget)?
  43. No such thread for years.......best DR beaches
  44. The 25 Most Powerful And Influential Women in RD
  45. Getting Around
  46. Best seafood in Santo Domingo
  47. Taxi to Entrance of Samana Hwy or Bus Station in SDQ?
  48. Bathtubs
  49. driving laws in the d.r.
  50. Cryogenic Thermos / Dewar Anyone..Anyone
  51. Best Beaches in the DR
  52. List of Ob/Gyn doctors
  53. banking
  54. Kiskeya.Life is Spectacular!!
  55. Best Snorkeling in the Dominican Republic
  56. Best place to print a document from my email, internet cafe? library?(Santo Domingo)
  57. Beauty Schools
  58. 36 Hrs in Sto Dgo, DR. Article in The NYT
  59. Who will be having the best Super Bowl Party?
  60. 10 Best Bars of Puerto Plata
  61. Friend Needs Dialysis
  62. Best cake shop near Zona Colonial?
  63. best diving spots in DR
  64. best gun store?
  65. Roll up bamboo blinds.
  66. Miches Attraction in NYTimes
  67. Need to purchase a STOVE in Sabana Grande de Boyá
  68. Best Places to Live in DR
  69. Best Places to Drive in DR..and the Worst.
  70. Need a Water Well Drilled
  71. Best Sliced Bread in DR?
  72. Surgery in the Domincan Republic
  73. The best of beaches, waterfalls, views and roadtrips
  74. Don Juan to Cevicos- Highway 11
  75. selling gold and silver?
  76. Best beaches for children
  77. Comedy movie: Tubérculo Presidente
  78. Expo Cibao
  79. World Finance Magazine Digital Banking Award
  80. Suggestions for night life in La Romana
  81. How much is that doggy in the window ?