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  1. Laundromat?
  2. Cable de Norte SUCKS...
  3. Landing at STI airport early
  4. Cheapest And Quietest Hotel - Walking Distance From Sosua Beach
  5. Helicopter tour from POP
  6. Report On Recent Heavy Rains In Sosua
  7. ground ginger?
  8. Cable de Norte ...please NFL NBA - there is a difference
  9. Latest Developments In Sosua
  10. flying in sti 11-20-12 around 840pm from miami
  11. Parking in the center of Cabarete....
  12. Can I buy swim goggles in Cabarete or Sosua?
  13. Baseball Equipment Journey to Cabarete
  14. Question about main roads / care rental / etc
  15. Watching Baseball information
  16. decent pillows...where?
  17. Hey Negrita
  18. No lemons for the Holidays
  19. Delancer Cable Guide
  20. House Hunters International_Cabarete_Nov 23
  21. Anthony Bourdain_No Reservations_Dominican Republic
  22. Looking to relocate to cabrera any info please help
  23. No power in Cabarete today - any info?
  24. Reward For Stolen Kitten In Cabarette
  25. Mahjongg
  26. What bird is this...
  27. BEWARE of new scamsters operating on the highway Sosua Puerto Plata
  28. the rainy season
  29. belt for dryer
  30. Noise Pollution On Pedro Clisante
  31. Bringing dog to DR?
  32. Toll cost driving from Sosua to Santo Domingo Airport via Santiago
  33. Your opinion on buying a car
  34. new place to eat in POP
  35. Casa Veintiuno, Sosua
  36. xmas dinner
  37. long blackout costambar
  38. Bar Las Flores for sale-7000 for everything
  39. Flow??
  40. Recommendations for Solar Panel installers
  41. Playa Dorada info
  42. New School: Primary, Secondary & Vocational For Children Without Birth Certificates
  43. Great "Local's" restaurant outside Cabarete
  44. inverter
  45. solar pool blankets
  46. The Cat In The Cab And A Whole Lot More !
  47. Renting a Car in POP area
  48. Where to buy a paddle board on the North coast?
  49. bought in sosua and loving it thanks
  50. Taxi share from Santiago to Sosua/Cabarete?
  51. Armrest - anybody seen something like this? On the North coast or in Santiago...
  52. More Tourist Police For Sosua
  53. Magician's Head Set on Fire in the DR
  54. Road conditions for travel Sosua to Santo Domingo Airport
  55. Best Places To Watch Sunset In The Sosua/Cabarete Area
  56. Opthalomologist....north coast
  57. Most Beautiful Beach in DR: Playa Fronton
  58. New Crime Deterrent: Butcher The Guilty
  59. Boxing In Sosua December 15
  60. Hidelisa Home Center - what is their phone#
  61. Charmanico
  62. Beware - Corrupt COPs on way to Santo Domingo airport from Sosua
  63. Trouble with a Sosua Landlord
  64. Coming to Sosua in March
  65. Mistake, delete
  66. Amet To Enforce Helmet Laws Starting Monday December 10 ...in Sosua
  67. Sexy Kit Now Available In Sosua !
  68. I'll deny I posted this, but where is Pichardo when I need him? would love to see pic
  69. anything to give away in POP?
  70. Delancer Cable In Sosua = No Football
  71. Latest News On Sosua Bar Revovation
  72. Can anyone recommend Anna's hair salon in Cabarete?
  73. Delancer Electronics Repair in Sosua Telephone number
  74. Need Refridgerator Repair Man ASAP in Sosua
  75. Topacio Azul updates
  76. Need used sofa set for cheapy
  77. Ocean World
  78. cruise the world
  79. Fun and cheap things to do in Cabarete
  80. Heart Warming Story In Today's Sosua News
  81. Mariposa Foundation Christmas Fair Dec15
  82. plug-in mosquito repellant
  83. Sosua Cycling Club Seeking New Members
  84. What's Going In The "Hole" On PC?
  85. How Post Photos
  86. Sosua Traffic Police To Be More Strict
  87. Coaches Corner in Sosua End of the World Party Friday Night December 21
  88. Baseball Excursion to Santiago
  89. Sosua Street Repair
  90. Country roads and trails between Puerto Plata, Maimon, Imbert, Cupey, San Marcos
  91. Fair price for puerco asado and where to buy in Sosua/Cabarete ?
  92. Culture Shock rock band live at Ojo's this Friday night! December 21st!
  93. Playa Grande Beach Improvements Now Open!!
  94. Puerto Plata on Sale for 24 hours
  95. Christmas Dinner
  96. El Flow Reopens
  97. Swedish Glogg & Spanish Turron
  98. Who Killed Santa Claus In Cabarette ! ...?
  99. Playero Open Christmas Day
  100. christmas eve dinner
  101. damage to mountain from rain
  102. Dance Classes in Cabarete
  103. New Measures By Politur In Sosua
  104. anyone been here ?
  105. Now We Know What's Going In The "Hole"
  106. Las Galerias Condo VS Las Balcones Sosua
  107. Coraaplata Charamicos....opening time saturday?
  108. Guagua and publico prices between Puerto Plata and Maimon
  109. How can the public access Infiniti Blu beach?
  110. Scotiabank ATM in Sosua
  111. Passport for car rental deposit??
  112. Sosua Bay Casino Closed For Renovation
  113. Info Re Politur
  114. Dog found-near La Mulata New Life School
  115. is Playero open today? (new years day)
  116. Where can I buy a "crock Pot"?
  117. Cabarete and Las Terrenas
  118. New Year's Eve On Pedro Clisante
  119. Where do I pay AMET ticket?
  120. One week rental?
  121. Spanish Classes/Tutor in Puerto Plata?
  122. Beer Heist In Sosua........Almost
  123. Sosua
  124. Viva sim card /phone
  125. Shhhh, you're secrets safe with me....
  126. 27 Waterfalls
  127. Language Exchange Club Puerto Plata
  128. Colonial Building Nest To City Lights?
  129. Low voltage
  130. good old germany restaurant in sosua
  131. first time trip to the north coast
  132. Any one else having problems with Hotmail
  133. German resident shot, killed in La Mulata this past weekend
  134. Playero raffle
  135. Cost of Taxi from Puerto Plata to Las Terrenas??
  136. Free Medical Care For Sosua Poor This Week
  137. Best option from Cabarete to santo Domingo
  138. Weight Watchers meetings??
  139. the Trujillo Story: this Saturday
  140. birthday cake
  141. Academia de Arte 'Imaya' in Sosua
  142. Best way to send package from Cabarete to Las Terrenas
  143. Busted with Lemons at POP!!
  144. Road Hazard Report
  145. We need to buy new or slightly used mattress--twn, regula or quenn size
  146. Souverir Sellers On Tourism Decline In Sosua
  147. Does any company rent short term, furniture on the North Coast?
  148. Anybody know where I can buy bocce balls?
  149. New Jack in Sosua
  150. Farmers' Market In Sosua?
  151. Is it possible to camp and walk down the coast without staying at hotels?
  152. Shave and a haircut - 6 bits
  153. Vacation spot?
  154. Adventures in Cabarete_Travel Channel
  155. Travel Channel_Best of the Dominican Republic
  156. where would I sharpen a machete in sosua
  157. Hotel for traveling baseball team
  158. Has anyone used the storage facility in Sosua?
  159. The hole in Sosua
  160. whale watching tour
  161. AMET Activity (Occasional) In Sosua
  162. Public Taxi
  163. La Mercedes
  164. Luis Hess School - Pedro Clisante
  165. A bar for expats in Sosua
  166. Super Bowl Sunday
  167. In Sosua jan 25-feb1 would love to have a drink and hear stories of local businessmen
  168. Anyone up for motorcycle adventure? In Sosua at casa marina beach jan 25-feb 1
  169. New Hours Coral & Reef/Sosua Bay Casino
  170. current water problems
  171. North Coast to Santiago practicality question
  172. czech citizen arrested in sosua
  173. DR Baseball Recruits: the real story
  174. Super Bowl Sunday @ Chris & Maddy's
  175. Phone number to Computer shop behind Baileys in Sosua?
  176. Cabarete Advice
  177. High Speed Tire Blow Out And The Results On Motorcycle
  178. Beach noodles...
  179. Preserving data from damaged laptops
  180. Should I bring extra electronics?
  181. Do they have sea tow or tow boat u.s. In the north coast?
  182. Spanish Exchange Club
  183. Driver from Punta Cana to Sosua round trip
  184. Canadian contributions
  185. road repairs at last!
  186. Bank Fraud - be aware of using your bank card
  187. Maimon cruise port
  188. Grand paradise playa dorada
  189. King Neptune Back In Place
  190. Dominicans Are Bad Drivers????????
  191. Anybody goes to SD tomorrow in a car? Id like to join and chip in gas
  192. Reliable Taxi needed from STI to Playa Cabarete
  193. English Audio on HBO is completely wrong! - Delancer Cable
  194. Las Cuevas (caves) in Cabarete
  195. Cats. In bulk
  196. BMW Mechanic on North Coast?
  197. Ex-pats? snowbirds? count us in
  198. Gym In Sosua Bay Casino
  199. Getting a passport and visa to visit the us for dr citizen
  200. Best Vet
  201. Cuban Salsa Lessons In Sosua
  202. Master Of The Ocean Competition Feb 26-March 3 In Cabarete
  203. Bungalows on Playa Magante??
  204. $1 Store in Puerto Plata
  205. Daycare in sosua?
  206. $1600 RD To Costambar
  207. Pasta warning
  208. Semana Santa 2013 in Sosua?
  209. 1st timer--- Sosua or Punta Cana
  210. Dog trainer needed -- Sosua/Cabarete
  211. Who owns all of the taxi's in the heart of Sosua?
  212. This Sounds Like An Interesting Activity
  213. I Didn't Know About This, Did You?
  214. Carnival Started In Puerto Plata
  215. Looking for a watch repair person well actually a watch band repair person
  216. What happened after Trujillo?
  217. Street Children Again In The News In Sosua
  218. *REMINDER* DREAM Project Brunch today at Embocca in Cabarete
  219. StreetTo High Caribbbean Being Repaired (Sosua)
  220. used scooter stores in puerto plata?
  221. From Today's Sosua News
  222. Hotels
  223. Villa Karibik current status ?
  224. Accupuncture
  225. Sosua Tennis Prodigy
  226. Dengue in Cabrera
  227. Canadian film Feb 16th: Rare treat
  228. Fund Raising Jazz Festival March 2 at Sea Horse
  229. poker tournaments
  230. Does anyone know about the La Mulata III area????
  231. Sosua Street Party February 27
  232. Is there an alternative to CableVision???
  233. Chez Arsenio Restaurant
  234. Carnival Masks & Costumes Exibition In POP
  235. Is there a Doctor or Homeopath on kidney stones on the North Coast?
  236. Need a place to stay in Costambar
  237. Picture of Sosua
  238. Does Puerto Plata Airport exchange Canadian Currency?
  239. Scotia Bank ATM - Metro Station
  240. Guilty? or Guilty?
  241. Puerto Plata Airport to Samana
  242. Moca to La Cumbre: 50 curves
  243. Public Health & Safety
  244. Bus Accident Sunday
  245. Sosua-Cabarete : look for Hous or Apartment for longtime -rent!
  246. News Re Mundo King
  247. Corned Beef
  248. Pressure For Increasing Minimum Wage
  249. National Day Of Pet Vaccination
  250. Driving up Mount Isabel