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  1. Sosua Choir Started
  2. anyone in POP willing to lend me kitchen scales?
  3. Looking for PIANO TEACHER for my daughter
  4. Sosua Fisherman Sound Alarm About Pollution
  5. Dutch national arrested accused of murder?
  6. The White Hotel
  7. Caribbean Curry in Cabarete
  8. Sosua Patronales Activities. One More Day
  9. Val Mare Condos
  10. Ocean Point II Condos on Kite Beach
  11. englishman dead and german in a hospital: news from POP
  12. Sosua Mayor Constructing More Sidewalks
  13. Copper Thieves Strike Again
  14. Medical Center/Doctor in Cabarete?
  15. What is the name of this hotel in cabarete?
  16. High end Car/SUV rental
  17. Sosua Students Will Soon Take The National Exams
  18. What Happened to the crazy Germans?
  19. Shipping large items to the Cabarete area? How?
  20. Sport Center "El Choco" Under Construction
  21. 76 v ac
  22. La Union Sports Field Being Renovated
  23. Barcelo POP- Day Passes?
  24. Sosua Beach Renovation Planned
  25. Public Pools?
  26. current situation in Sosua
  27. Young Sosua Ballplayers will Play In US Tournament
  28. Sosua Beach Vendors Worried
  29. $$ limit
  30. DeLancer Internet
  31. Screens
  32. The "New" Victor's at Velero
  33. Sosua Street Lights Being Repaired
  34. My inversor just died
  35. NFL Network on Delancer
  36. PP AI suggestion w/on site parking
  37. Canada Day In Sosua June 30
  38. Do you care about Developers breaking the laws in Cabarete?
  39. Playa Los Gringos (Beware)
  40. 22 men arrested in a major police sweep of Atlantic Canada, 2 children rescued.
  41. Best Italian Food in Nagua?
  42. No cruises for Maimon until 2015 if at all4
  43. Re Sosua Choral Society
  44. Coaches Corner - DRopouts last performance there tonight
  45. The Amazing Race in Cabarete
  46. where to buy a pepper spray in puerto plata?
  47. Update On Maimon Cruise Ship Port
  48. Banks ???
  49. Taxi Los Americas/Nagua
  50. Where to buy used golf cart in Sosua
  51. Incresing Vendor Opposition To Beach Changes
  52. Haitian arrests
  53. Haiti then . . .
  54. Delancer B&W TV on CABLE ???
  55. God sends message to mayor of Puerto Plata
  56. D-Day in POP! (If the translator turns up!)
  57. The National Police Inspector goes to La Mulata to investigat last years shooting
  58. Cabarete Classic Winsurf 2013
  59. Anybody see the fire in Cabarete last night? Here's the scoop . . . .
  60. Nearest Airport to Nagua?
  61. Another shooting La Mulata/Sosua
  62. Remmeber the sect shootout case? Now, 60 million missing
  63. Proposal for Increased Tourism on the North Coast by Mario Garcia
  64. The Meeting Place (Pto Pta) closed?
  65. Regarding POP Airport Renovation
  66. Restaurant Imbert
  67. Sex, lies, and god - Sosua
  68. Chinese restaurant in Casa Linda
  69. Cabarete Reef Bikini Contest
  70. Anyone know this drummer?
  71. Any suggested Day Jeep Trips From Sosua/Cabarete Area?
  72. Help need foster home for beautiful dog Puerto Plata or Sosua Cabarete
  73. spanish guy arrested in POP for having sex with minors
  74. About Sosua Rotary
  75. 1,000 prostitutes spook Sosua’s tourism
  76. monthly rental
  77. There's a storm a brewin...
  78. "Holiday from Hell"
  79. Is Brittania Bar in Sosua still open
  80. City Lights Reopening In Sosua
  81. Translator German-English needed in Puerto Plata Area
  82. Taxi from Sosua to Playa Dorada
  83. Report On July 5 Jazz Concert in Sosua
  84. Chantel Inundated Sosua
  85. fresh food report as of july 1st
  86. Vehicle Air Con Technician
  87. Massage Parlors In Sosua Closed!!!
  88. Sosua Promoting Tourism From Israel
  89. whats going on at pp beach?
  90. Monte Cristi
  91. Earthquake on NC
  92. Just felt a tremor in Cabarete...
  93. Move is now Official!
  94. Home Health Aid - Sosua
  95. I just saw this Ad in a local magazine - I kid you not
  96. Looking to lease a farm
  97. Passport photo machine in PP?
  98. Water Supply In Greater Sosua Area To Be Improved
  99. Puerto Plata is a glorified blaxploitation 70's TV Show
  100. Thanks, your help and advice were great!
  101. Hobie Getaway catamaran trailer needed
  102. Gingos Being Set-up For Extortion in Sosua by Chicas, Police, Lawyers
  103. New cafe - Abreu/Cabrera
  104. Sosua Real Estate
  105. La Boca -Gone!
  106. Refrigerator Repair
  107. phone number
  108. Japan Supporting Tourism In Provice Of Puerto Plata
  109. Casino Cabarete
  110. Fairly new to Forum!
  111. Homeless Children Back On Sosua Streets
  112. New Book: Sex, Drugs, the Caribbean, & Rock-n-Roll
  113. True? Lifestyle purchased Luperon Beach Resort?
  114. Taxi Costs Casa Marina Reef/Beach to ............
  115. 2013 Multi Cultural Gourmet Event In Sosua Late September
  116. My Wife needs a dance Partner!
  117. Art Exhibition In Puerto Plata
  118. Living in Sosua Cabarete Area
  119. Top 10 must do things - North Coast
  120. Words from the president of the ministerio de turismo about encuentro and la boca
  121. There's a Rat in my Kitchen
  122. Sosua Police Promise To Deal With Noise Pollution
  123. Strike in Maimon
  124. Cayo Arena (Paradise Island).
  125. Tailor in Puerto Plata
  126. New Book: The North Coast of Dominican Republic
  127. Passions closed?
  128. Tint
  129. Suspected thief who has been robbing in La Mulata arrested
  130. 14 PN Officers Dismissed In Sosua & Cabarete
  131. Weird food question
  132. Apart/Hotel recommendation
  133. Sosua News On Passions Closing
  134. Ladrones in Perla Marina.
  135. First Sosua Jewelry Class Receives Diplomas
  136. Best Place to go out for fun!
  137. Protests On The Tourist Route
  138. Day Spa (Legitimate Please)
  139. Body/Paint Shop
  140. Sosua News On Bars In Low Season
  141. Sosua businessman calls for improvements of the Sosua beach
  142. Hotel in Punta Rucia/La Isabela area - for private ATV exploring
  143. Sailing & sailboat rental
  144. Cabarete Love Journal
  145. A costly vuelta (or how I came to lose my boat)
  146. Cesar José De los Santos, Vice Minister of Tourism
  147. AMET Cracking Down On Car Noise
  148. Re Stray Animals On The Highway
  149. Mayor Orders Beautification Of El Batey
  150. Monkey Jungle
  151. Elvis at Victor's restaurant at Velero tonight
  152. Great time at Ocean World
  153. British tourist drowns at Sosua Beach
  154. Noise pollution
  155. Raising Money In Rhode Island For Sosua School Children
  156. Sosua's Casa De Arte Opening Soon
  157. DeLancer and video surveilance systems. Anyone succeeded?
  158. hows the crime near in puerto plata?
  159. American Express travelers checks
  160. Another robery in La Mulata
  161. Looking fo recommendation on best way to get from Samana to Sosua area
  162. More Motoconchos In Sosua
  163. President Danilo Medina does not arrive on time, he arrives early!
  164. Robbery of business on main street owner's house at 2 am tuesday near El Mamey
  165. saddened and disappointed once again
  166. Restauracion Festival August 9-18 in POP
  167. Will The Pope Visit Puerto Plata?
  168. alternatives to sosua
  169. SUV Turbo Diesel with only 24,000 miles FOR SALE IN CABARETE
  170. Kite surfing
  171. Car on fire last night between Encuentro and Perla Marina
  172. Looking for an ART ironsmith (artistic stair railings etc) in Santiago or POP
  173. I found a puppy on a street corner
  174. Sosua Landfill Issues
  175. Back specialist puerto plata/sosua area
  176. Gay US ambassador for dominican republic
  177. We've gone LOCK DOWN!
  178. how to improve street safety - the dominican way
  179. Sand Fleas and Manatees - Punta Rucia
  180. El Toro Closed By Police
  181. Saturday evening at Victor's at Velero - Booze, Cigars and Music
  182. Gringo Heulga Crime in Sosua
  183. Re Foundation "Sosua Kids"
  184. English Premier League
  185. Dealing with the chicas when you don't want to be bothered
  186. 17th North Coast Jazz Festival
  187. All inclusive Resort Recommendation
  188. Killing in Vista Del Caribe
  189. 3 bedroomed apartment needed
  190. Sosua Resident Murdered and Chopped Into Pieces
  191. french man dies and canadian arrested
  192. Advice needed for All-Inclusve Please
  193. Delancer question????
  194. Boxing August 31 At Sosua Casino
  195. Lorenzo Sancassani in New York
  196. DRopouts at Kahuna's tonight in Cabarete
  197. My first project - North Coast time lapse
  198. bisquick in jose luis supermarket
  199. Historical Park La Isabela
  200. Anyone know where to get your ears pierced in Sosua (safely)
  201. nutso cult in sosua
  202. Looking For Young Male Rotti
  203. Another Murder in La Mulata ??
  204. Some La Union Children Unable To Attend School
  205. Hotel in Cabarete
  206. Where are chicas in Puerto Plata?
  207. Claro store in or near Costambar
  208. SIM Card at Airport
  209. El Cary, Costambar Beach, Burned to Ground
  210. I don't like this country anymore, specially Sosua!
  211. Montellano School Students Helped By Students In Belgium
  212. Cabarete vs. Puerto Plata
  213. Leaving Country and the fees to pay
  214. Sosua News On "Abuse" Of Free WiFi
  215. Dog Travel Companion Needed POP to YYZ.
  216. Dominicans
  217. North Coast Road work? Is it happening?
  218. Fighting Dengue In Sosua
  219. House is sold!
  220. Tommy Morrison to Sosua Visitors for the Wrong Reasons
  221. Good doctor for cataract surgery and hernia surgery...
  222. Sosua Beach getting a facelift???
  223. Looking for an apartment/house to rent in the Cabarete area
  224. Sosua Bars Must Close Fronts
  225. Hotel Doña Ana in Imbert
  226. Loudspeaker re-cone parts, voice coils, spiders, cones on the north coast
  227. Need some cheap saucepans?
  228. Agreement With Sosua Beach Vendors
  229. Stray Cattle Must Be Registered In Sosua; Owners To Be Held Responsible
  230. Food Cost Single Male
  231. Sosua News On CMC
  232. Cruise port
  233. Sosua Gourmet Festival Sept 27-28
  234. It Seems Sosua DOES Have A Plan
  235. Dinner To Benefit Mustard Seed September 27
  236. Boxing In Sosua December 15
  237. Lindos
  238. Sosua Girl Miss Tourism 2013
  239. Rhumba Closing Front, Others Preparing To Do Same
  240. Kite board.
  241. Gliding in the DR
  242. Pet sitter in Puerto Plata?
  243. Computer Store in Sosua
  244. Me Bringing an American Woman to the DR ?!?!?!?
  245. Display Decorator for Massage Products/Electronics and more needed
  246. How to prepare for shopping in the DR
  247. Public School and Dominican Kids
  248. Lou's Shark Bar
  249. Kayaking in the Playa Alicia area
  250. Promotional Video for North Coast