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  1. Sea Turtle Seen On Sosua Beach
  2. Any Revista stickers left in POP?
  3. Overnight lodging near Playa Grande
  4. belgian man commits suicide in costambar
  5. O+ blood needed
  6. The DRopouts tonight at Kahunas in Cabarete
  7. Teddy Tejada Exhibit At Sosua's Casa de Arte
  8. Costambar Playa, Tropical Paradise...not
  9. The DRopouts tonight at the Aloha Surf Cafe in Cabarete.
  10. Family Movie Saturday Night On PC
  11. police in POP arrest a criminal who attacked and robbed american guy
  12. Re Water Situation In Sosua
  13. Lemoncillo ??
  14. A Negative Blood needed at CMC for William McDouglas
  15. Art Classes For Sosua Children Ages 6 And Up
  16. Travel to Monte Cristi
  17. Hiring local driver and guide questions
  18. Is Sosua Bay (Platinum's gym) still open?
  19. Alex Colman tonight at Kahunas
  20. Embroidery on the North Coast?
  21. Casinos in Puerto Plata and Sosua?
  22. Anyone interested in football coaching
  23. Sosua Needs Tourists But Not Sex Tourism
  24. Dental Crowns
  25. The DRopouts tonight with special guests tonight at Kahunas in Cabarete
  26. Orange store in Sabaneta ripped us off
  27. Jolly Roger
  28. Cabarete Taliban
  29. Water Crisis
  30. The DRopouts tonight on Pedro Clisante in Sosua
  31. My wife is performing tonight at The Finish Line
  32. infinity blue questions
  33. Cabrera
  34. Anyone know a painter with their own ladders ?
  35. Rental car company advice
  36. La Cumbre to Moca: 50 Curves
  37. Is it me.....Or the power here in Cabarete has been haywire for 2 days now ?
  38. Do you think this is a good deal?
  39. Hot Dogs
  40. School desks in Puerto Plata
  41. Big Van Rental
  42. Maybe A "Zona Franca" In Sosua
  43. Purchasing Investment Property in Sasoua (Casa Linda)
  44. owner of jose luis buys tropical?
  45. two kittens looking for homes
  46. Arrivals Down At POP During First 3 Months Of 2014
  47. Internet price in Cabrera
  48. ambush @montegordo
  49. Washing Machine repair
  50. Lets Help Out Lorenzo Sancassani with Tourism
  51. Where to get laundry done?
  52. Cable de Norte - Muppet Show on ESPN
  53. Sidewalk Between Charamicos & El Batey
  54. My name is dr6 and I'm an alcoholic...
  55. Huelga in Cabrera Area
  56. direct TV available on the north coast???
  57. Scheduled Power outages North Coast
  58. Fish bait for river fishing
  59. Medical insurance. Should I buy some
  60. NC Hotel Owners Want 4 Lanes
  61. Polish Bar in Sosua
  62. Address please
  63. best internet cafe in puerto plata
  64. Horses / donkeys available for fostering / adoption
  65. Jazz Festival November 6-9
  66. Private B&Bs in the DR
  67. Suggestions From DR1ers
  68. Earthquake?
  69. Reward
  70. Impressed by Sosua yesterday
  71. CMC Has Another Floor
  72. Physical Therapist
  73. Strong Rumour –Dog Poisoning Tomorrow Morning 12th Aug Sosua Beach
  74. Baseball lessons, equipment, little league
  75. Household items for sale in POP
  76. Where to buy wood Sosua/POP area
  77. Conductor of Philharmonic Orchestra Visits Casa de Arte In Sosua
  78. Sosua Kids Helps 630 Children
  79. Feel good story of the day
  80. cayo arena (paradise island) temporarily closed
  81. Gym in Cabarete with AC?
  82. Spas in Puerto Plata, Sosua or Cabarete
  83. Finding an odd cigarette brand in POP area
  84. Sosua Gourmet Festival Sept 26-28
  85. High school tutorial center needs a space in sosua/cabarette
  86. Walk in MRI here?
  87. Sosua Mayor Sounds Off
  88. A Saturday Night On Pedro Clisante
  89. new road to santiago update
  90. Is Passions reopening?
  91. The DRopouts tonight, Saturday August 23, at Parada Tipico El Choco Restaurant
  92. american man commits suicide in luperon
  93. Bar D' Latin opens within three weeks?
  94. Sosua River Cleanup
  95. New Scooter Sales - Where to look
  96. Environmental Film Festival In Sosua & POP Sept 11-23
  97. tourist safety in POP
  98. Canoa found not guilty
  99. Sosua's Gregorio Luperon School Expanding
  100. Looking for fun.
  101. New Foot Bridge In Maranatha
  102. Juan Perdomo On Crime & Prostitution On North Coast
  103. Western Union Or Moneygram Locations - Cabarete or Sosua
  104. Still No Plan For Sosua Beach
  105. POP/Sosua Hotel Bargains
  106. Any Videographers in the north coast?
  107. Festival De Merengue Puerto Plata
  108. Any word on the renovations to the VH Gran Ventana Resort
  109. Need help with Delancer
  110. Dry cleaner in Cab or Sosua?
  111. german man dies in sosua
  112. Some Glimmer Of Hope Sosua
  113. Politicians Already Campaigning for Sosua Mayor
  114. Lunch recommendations on Sosua beach!
  115. Wendy Juma Giving Discounts During September
  116. Auditions For Sosua Choir
  117. GP or internista
  118. Guy drugged in Cabarete and robbed
  119. The Second Death of Mr. Zipfel
  120. another german dies on the north coast?
  121. Roundtrip Taxi from STI to Sosua
  122. Possible Change In When PC Closed To Traffic?
  123. Power outage anyone?
  124. Sosua ALS Ice Bucket Challenge
  125. Cable de Norte - Horrible picture
  126. Taxi from Puerto Plata to Nagua
  127. The mother of all storms......
  128. Art Classes Popular At Casa de Arte
  129. Electronic Component Repair in Santiago
  130. You know you live in a banana republic when....
  131. Looking for landscape designer with digging team
  132. MacBook Pro Charger Needed in Sosua ASAP
  133. They released a nurse shark in Playa Sosua.... not in the street in the water !!!?
  134. Enrico and 'His' Police
  135. Privatization Of Water Company?
  136. Will she go to jail this time?
  137. Will Sosua Have 2 New Hospitals?
  138. Artist Cascati Arrested
  139. Do You Live in Imbert?
  140. Taylor for minor alterations
  141. The DRopouts tonight on Pedro Clisante in Sosua
  142. Water in Cabarete
  143. News From The Street
  144. SECN on Cable del Norte
  145. Gringos deported.. YOU COULD BE NEXT.
  146. Condos by the pet store,barber shop,jewelers in Sosua?
  147. Italian dead in Gaspar Hernandez
  148. DCDR needs Travel companions for dogs to Toronto or Boston
  149. problems with Scotiabank ATM's
  150. haitians squaters
  151. Sosua Ocean Village robbery
  152. Sosua News On Proposed Santiago-North Coast Highwasy
  153. A couple of questions
  154. Catch of the day in Sosua
  155. Figuring out Fact vs Fiction with Armando/Bobby
  156. Leo Diaz Exhibition In Sosua Casa de Arte
  157. HELP!!! Please Salt and Vinegar Chips
  158. Any one heading to the US this week
  159. Huge BBQ Today in Sosua
  160. Looking for a nice rental in Sosua
  161. Buying Beer by the Case
  162. Sosua or Cabarete?! Help!!
  163. Globe and Mail reports on Derek Elliot + Maxim case
  164. Globe and Mail reports on Derek Elliot + Maxim case
  165. The DRopouts this Saturday night in Sosua
  166. Cabarete best beach bars and hangouts for beachdays?
  167. Spanish tutor in sosua
  168. Re Visit By Israeli Officials To Sosua & Puerto Plata
  169. Brugal Merengue Festival Sept 27-28
  170. american man drowns in playa encuentro
  171. New Exhibit At Case de Arte In Sosua
  172. Pizza in Cabrera?
  173. Music Festival Cabarete Sept 27/28
  174. Not a curtain in the place...
  175. Sosua's Multicultural Festival This Weekend
  176. Sosua Beach - Dogs Allowed?
  177. tradewinds in sosua
  178. Retirement home?
  179. Sosua Fire Department Also Provides Ambulance Service
  180. Huge strike/ huelga in Gaspar Hernandez today Tursday
  181. Las Galeras to Playa Fronton to Boca de Diablo
  182. need tile person to do backsplash
  183. Cable de Norte - anyone else having problems with some channels
  184. 8-Kilometer Marathon October 12
  185. salud publica organizes free rabia vaccines for animals in POP
  186. Crime hits Seahorse Ranch
  187. Podiatrist
  188. From Today's Sosua News
  189. customer service in jose luis supermarket
  190. Sosua Restaurant
  191. Classic Car Road Rally
  192. Help Giving Back in Sosua
  193. Special needs school
  194. Magical Mystery Tour of North Coast
  195. Sosua News On Day 1 Of Festival
  196. Update On Pedro Clisante Closing At Night
  197. We are very lucky to have CMC!!
  198. 50 brothels
  199. What's Going on North Coast
  200. Rejoice! Real lemons at Playero!
  201. Puerto Plata Beach Club Closed???
  202. New Book about the North Coast: Need help with a Title
  203. Solar Power Questions
  204. jan and feb in sosua
  205. Going through the archives and found the 7 hot single woman post..
  206. italian man drowns on the NC
  207. A Bunch of Random Questions
  208. Eyeglass repair in Sosua
  209. jolly roger construction
  210. german woman in la mulata dies of a heart attack
  211. Town Hall Mtg For US Citizens Oct 15 In POP
  212. Deputy Minister Of Tourism Meets With Sosua/Cabarete Leaders
  213. Claro cabarete
  214. good news, for a change
  215. Saturday Concert at Parque Mirador Sosua (Playa Alicia, by Waterfronts)
  216. Property taxes POP
  217. antonio,s pizza
  218. Good Season For The Sosua Sharks
  219. De Lancer problems With NBC Sunday Night Football
  220. Happy Thanksgiving to all of the Canadians in DR!!! =) =)
  221. Chinese Restaurant In Puerto Plata Closed?
  222. Happy Columbus Day
  223. Attention all Local Pet Owners and Rescue Groups
  224. The DRopouts are holding auditions for guitar and bass players
  225. environmental activist exposed in cabarete...
  226. Ocean World Casino temporarily closed
  227. Casa de Cambio cheque cashing CDN $
  228. spanish man shot and injured by security in POP
  229. Report on the Town Hall Meeting for US Citizens in Cofresi
  230. Shame on you Playero!!!
  231. Casa Linda free shuttle
  232. GONZALO October 15,2014 ( Playa Encuentro Dominican Republic)
  233. Friday evening events at Don Andres
  234. Shooting in Costa Azul
  235. Celuisma playa dorado
  236. Trigger Alert!!!
  237. Daddy Yankee Concert
  238. Rumba Fluff Piece
  239. North Coast DR Crime Stoppers.
  240. bus from sosua to Las Terrenas
  241. Costambar Cable Help
  242. Robbery at CambiumBene
  243. My Sosua Project Tropico Mar!
  244. Can you see your house from here?
  245. Another woman attacked in a fake Guagua
  246. Rope
  247. Gun Cleaner
  248. Help needed ASAP please!
  249. huelga de camioneros in POP
  250. Agua Purificada