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  1. Orgullo de la Tierra
  2. a call for huelga in POP
  3. Air Canada from the USA
  4. Where to go for a date on the north coast
  5. children poisoned
  6. Track and Field in China on TV?
  7. pulling cotton out of the ear
  8. Road trip to Punta Cana Friday Morning from Cabarete
  9. Erika
  10. looking for poster LUPERON
  11. Charity work in Sosua
  12. south african arrested in cabarete
  13. Phone/Internet Jamao
  14. Bike Shop in Cabarete
  15. emergency numbers for POP
  16. Air Canada to Puerto Plata Cancelled
  17. Real Lemons at Playero Thur, 3/9/15
  18. Shade trees on Pedro Clisante in jeopardy
  19. Good and reliable kitchen remodelers
  20. man arrested for trying to rape a canadian woman
  21. River fishing
  22. CLARO Internet (Puerto Plata) vs. DELANCER Internet (Sosua)
  23. condo hunting for cabarete sasoua area...
  24. el batey of sosua taken over by prostitution
  25. jewish history of sosua
  26. sobeida opens hair salon in POP
  27. Good ¨normal¨ clubs in Puerta Plata
  28. Mike and Dave to play today at Bohemio Motorcycle Club House Grand Opening
  29. shipping company from Belgium to Puerto Plata
  30. Shipping Boston to POP
  31. The garbage dump that is the Sosua river
  32. polish yacht sinks on route from luperon to samana
  33. MikeL has passed away.
  34. Estates like costambar near Cabrera
  35. Rain
  36. Do waiters and waitresses actually receive service charge?
  37. Who is the best real estate to market and sell my luperon properties
  38. NFL Network Channel 71 on Delancer...GONE?!?
  39. Why i live in the DR for portions of the year /obtained residency
  40. POP beach cleanup
  41. How Sweet it Is.....
  42. p.p. investment towne meeting....
  43. looking for 6 month rental in Cabarete
  44. New non-stop flight CLT-POP on AA
  45. Zinc picolinate
  46. Passport renewal
  47. A legend has died ....
  48. martini,s restaurant
  49. 2x1 offer for teleferico
  50. puerto plata popularity continues to grow
  51. Gynecologist- Urgently needed
  52. Will be in Pto Pta on Friday
  53. patching up POP
  54. job fair for grupo aman, 4th of october
  55. Mike and Dave to play tomorrow Friday night at the Aloha Surf Cafe in Cabarete
  56. POP gets search and rescue boat
  57. Playa Dorada English Soccer
  58. New Plazas in Sosua
  59. Chicken Wing Sauce (Buffalo style)
  60. spaniard arrested for a street fight
  61. Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal 2015
  62. DDCDR - Free Spay/Neuter Clinic for Dominican , Haitian owned, and street dogs and ca
  63. Cayo Arena from Punta Rusia
  64. Dominican Jazz Fest 2015
  65. bulgarian arrested for tampering with the ATM in cofresi
  66. POP to have marine outfall and sewage treatment plant
  67. Need help on Pool Pump Wireing
  68. Looking for a taxi from POP to airport
  69. teleferico to close from 12th to 20th of november
  70. Any luck with Claro Business Account Reps in POP office?
  71. Car Rental - Day Trip from Puerto Plata
  72. Cattle Farm, Jamao Rio Yasica
  73. Quiz in Sosua?
  74. One Billion Pesos for Puerto Plata area/Sosua Beach Changes
  75. new bakery in costambar
  76. Interesting ATV/Motocross route
  77. house of a dutch lady in sosua robbed
  78. Small change needed in Sosua, coins and bills
  79. Hair in Sosua
  80. AAAS Thrift Store Needs Volunteers
  81. Roof ventilaror
  82. Helicopters Over Sosua
  83. Ranco Tipico Sosua
  84. Mariposa Season
  85. Musa Cable
  86. Club X
  87. AMET doing something else than checking the soup bowls
  88. Anybody want some books (English and German)
  89. Need 3 Drivers in Cabrera, Dominican Republic with suburbans
  90. Buying a celular chip in or near Playa Dorada !
  91. Fcuk Wok opened today in Cabarete
  92. President in Cabarete today?
  93. Aloha Surf Cafe in Cabarete closed
  94. Hola Amigos! BSC Banking help required!
  95. muralizando puerto plata
  96. Kite Beach death yesterday?
  97. Two spotted Eagle Rays in Sosua bay
  98. Guagua from Nagua to Puerto Plata
  99. irs form preparation
  100. looking for a restaurant that has Christmas dinner or buffet in Puerto Plata
  101. Playa Grande Golf Closed to Public for Good
  102. Sat. Night Boxing Sosua
  103. New to Puerto Plata
  104. Carnival scuba divers get shipwrecked in Sosua,..
  105. Purchase of a surf board
  106. U.S. Major Television Networks
  107. Looking for a rental in Sosua
  108. Sosua FlyOver
  109. Rain? How much?
  110. Life is so fragile!
  111. Punta Alma Luperon
  112. Sosua Xmas dinners?
  113. Latest on Ciguatera - hoping to clarify a few things
  114. Movie screen
  115. Heightened airport security....NOT!
  116. Store that sells enamel model paint.
  117. Luperon las Mirras or las miras - hotel or B and B needed
  118. Taxi fare price from POP to luperon
  119. Best Place to Buy Smart Phone w/o Plan?
  120. Best Place(s) For Some Bachata & Salsa Dancing In Puerto Plata
  121. Sosua dinner recommendations
  122. CORAAPLATA to install water meters on the north coast
  123. Trees on Sosua Beach
  124. attempted robbery in hogar de ancianos in POP
  125. Local TV news recommendations
  126. For all the Jews: you know who you are
  127. honest guagua driver looking for a gringo who left a suitcase in his vehicle
  128. Whats going down in Sosua
  129. two foreigners robbed in sosua and cabarete
  130. Need musical equipment repair
  131. Where to find Roundup.
  132. Unlimited Internet with Orange round thing
  133. Rye bread - where do you buy it?
  134. russian and ukrainian arrested in sosua
  135. Where to get TV fixed in Sosua/Cabarete area
  136. Sunbeds/Chaise Lounges
  137. I do so purely love
  138. livinglife
  139. Autopista del Atlántico is a key to further development of the Puerto Plata region
  140. Work on Environmental rehabilitation of the channel La Cienaga (Cabarete) and Laguna
  141. Can you buy Piñatas on the NC anywhere?
  142. Good mechanic is Puerto Plata?
  143. Where did he go????
  144. working out - Sosua
  145. New Tire Shop
  146. 13 naughtiest hotels in the world, and # 1 is .....
  147. Need a veterinarian in Puerto Plata
  148. Christmas Lights to enjoy
  149. american man drowns in a pool in cabarete
  150. POP: american arrested for "kidnapping" a 17 year old
  151. sosua: 2 thieves arrested robbing a house of foreigners
  152. Puerto Plata Candidate's Posts Go Viral
  153. Comer en Cabrera
  154. "What the Heck?!" in Gaspar
  155. Great accountant on the North Coast?
  156. Puerto Plata- Dominican music 'place'
  157. RIP Howard Ozman
  158. costambar: dominicana arrested for robbing an american
  159. interpol arrests canadian involved in drug trafficking
  160. Power Outage in POP NOW!
  161. Best Weather Website for North Coast???
  162. Restaurants on NC that accept credit cards
  163. Sewing in Rio san Juan Area
  164. Secret Sosua agents
  165. Any update information on Dengue or Chicachunga (?)
  166. Beisbol
  167. Son of candidate for mayor of Sosúa, dies in an accident
  168. Need Driver Recommendations from Cofresi
  169. german man found shot close to imbert
  170. Sosua - Bar shutdown for prostitution (??)
  171. HIV Prevalence in DR
  172. Main road between Sosua and Cabarete
  173. Any one know the restaurant hours today in POP?
  174. New restaurant "EAT" in Cabarete
  175. Bus from La Romana to Cabarete
  176. Pink Elephant restaurant Sosua ?
  177. Are Any Banks Open in Sosua Today?
  178. Caribbean Cigar Night
  179. Gift Google Play Credit - from USA
  180. foreign couple killed in cabrera
  181. Carretera turistica
  182. Whole Beans Decaf, anywhere available?
  183. german arrested in sosua for beating his partner
  184. Orange in Cabarete, anyone else getting bad call quality?
  185. Best Data Plan for Cell phone
  186. Cruise ship
  187. Cheap Flights from New York
  188. Looking for Cast Iron Hibachi Grill
  189. samana to sosua
  190. I Take Thee (visa)
  191. italian man killed in POP
  192. Fellow gringo in need
  193. MagicJack
  194. Status of Montellano
  195. spiked/weird drinks
  196. cabarete: american man dies following moto accident
  197. Access to Playa Libre in Sosua
  198. medical info
  199. gathering service
  200. Huelgas on the North Coast
  201. Carnival 2016
  202. More Bad News In Cabrera: canadian woman missing
  203. Film documentary of sex tourism Sosua
  204. Household items in Puerto Plata (shipping possible)
  205. back to normal
  206. Where to buy normal Cottage Cheese-not reduced fat.
  207. Roast lamb on the menu?
  208. Jumbo POP
  209. Whatever happened to Bea Garcia in Sosua
  210. Sousa vs Cabarete
  211. Music question
  212. Coraplata limits service to Perla Marina
  213. Lumber Yard
  214. Credit when credit is due
  215. Gaspar Hernandez
  216. Import tax on TV from the US
  217. Replacement: new AMET director in Puerto Plata, and new police commander in Sosua
  218. german guy dies after taking sexual stimulants
  219. DR departure tax 2016
  220. Dogs Only Getaway & Spa - Sosua
  221. Playa Dorada helicopter
  222. Snail Killer
  223. cacatas and dogs
  224. sobeida felix is dating a gringo
  225. Where oh Where
  226. ocean in front of Casa Marina Beach
  227. Whale Watch
  228. Robbery main road Sosua Abajo
  229. Condo in Sosua or Cabarete for 2017
  230. Looking for a pool repair person in POP
  231. Samsung phone guru needed in Sosua
  232. cabarete: missing tourist
  233. Send Flowers to Sosua Bajo
  234. Paradise island / punta rucia
  235. Who takes cold showers?
  236. norwegian guy attacks a dominican on a flight to POP
  237. Delancer Pre-pay cable and internet
  238. Just retired to Cabarete; looking for next apartment
  239. Need ref for a Taxi from Pop to Pop airport.
  240. Libraries? Are there public libraries as we know them?
  241. Playa Dorada getting a a facelift.
  242. discover puerto plata
  243. Los Gringos, now Playa de los piratas
  244. Pool Filter Replacement Parts?
  245. Arepa King restaurant
  246. german tourist murdered on the malecon in POP
  247. another attack on tourists in POP
  248. Bicycling from Cabarete to Santo Domingo: 19.5 hours.
  249. dominican vs gringo price
  250. Shooting Puerto Plata next street from us