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  1. Santo Domingo to Port Au Prince
  2. Driving from Santiago to Cabarete
  3. Travel directions from PC to Cabarete..
  4. Rental car Punta Cana(PUJ) airport
  5. Punta Cana Airport to San Pedro de Macorix
  6. Bus: Santiago -> Las Terrenas
  7. Fair Price for shuttle /Taxi
  8. Santiago Airport (STI) to Samana
  9. Santo Dominigo to Santiago
  10. Driving time and Miles
  11. Santo Domingo Airport to Casa del Mar???
  12. From Santo Domingo to Sosua
  13. Bus: Rio San Juan --> Samana
  14. Current taxi fair from Las Americas Airport to Gascue
  15. Transportation from Sosua to La Romana
  16. Cheapest way from La romana airport to Santo domingo...
  17. STI to POP
  18. help,,Transport to La Romana
  19. cab fare from POP to caberete
  20. SD to Punta with Family
  21. SDQ to Cabarete
  22. Santo Domingo city centre to PUJ airport
  23. Travelling within Santo Domingo
  24. What kind of car to rent....
  25. help where can I buy this in the dominican republic ?
  26. santo domingo to constanza, constanza to jarabacoa
  27. SDQ to BOCA Chica
  28. POP to Las Terrenas with Caribe Tours
  29. Which route to SD - POP or PUJ?
  30. sosua to boca chica
  31. Traveling from Santiago to Punta Cana?
  32. Taxi from POP Metro station to Airport
  33. How to get to higuey from Santiago ?
  34. taxi from riu bachata - rio san juna
  35. Does CaribeTours charter?
  36. any tips to get around the 7 day reservation?
  37. Penny from uk
  38. SDQ to Juan Dolio
  39. Transportation from La Romana to Punta Cana
  40. Santo Domingo to Samana...how long
  41. Bus from Sosua to Santo Domingo
  42. Santo Domingo or Jarabacoa/La Vega to Santo Cerro
  43. Transport South Coast SDQ to Bayahibe
  44. Photo Gallery Tourguide Online
  45. Taxi in PP & Sosua
  46. Bus service on weekends
  47. Flying From Sd To Samana
  48. Las Americas Int'l vs Santo Domingo Int'l
  49. Boca Chica -- Zapata
  50. Travel Distances and Best Means
  51. Santo Domingo to La Romana (Oasis Canoa)
  52. Santo Domingo to Viva Wyndham La Romana
  53. Night Driving: SDQ to Bayahibe
  54. Santo Domingo to Punta Cana Airport?
  55. Ughh, cheapest way to get to Punta Cana from Santa Domingo?
  56. Boca Chica to Bavaro
  57. STI to Riu Bachata
  58. Getting from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo
  59. Zona Colonial to Juan Dolio
  60. puerto plata to punta cana DIRECT
  61. anyone flown from punta cana to puerto plata
  62. Best route from JD to Sosua
  63. Bavaro Beach to La Romana
  64. Sugar cane road detour
  65. Punta Cana-Miches road
  66. Santiago-Sosua directions
  67. Bus from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo?
  68. From Cabarete to Monte-Cristi
  69. Arrival to SDQ at 5:00am and traveling to Sosua
  70. Boca Chica to Jarabacoa
  71. Santiago to Cabarete?
  72. Urgent info - PC to SD
  73. Car Rental POP
  74. Boca Chica to Boca de Yuma
  75. Santo Domingo to Punta Cana
  76. Sosua to Punta Cana or Higuey
  77. Santiago to Juan Dolio
  78. Rental Car vs. Buses
  79. From Sdq Airport To Villa Faro (carretera Mella)
  80. STI-Sosua Directions
  81. santiago to punta cana
  82. How to get to Aguas Blancas
  83. Cruises leaving from the DR
  84. taxi help: Punta cana hotel to bavaro resort
  85. San Cristobol- POP
  86. Samana peninsula to Bavaro
  87. Playa dorada to costambar
  88. Taxi Punta Cana airport to Boca Chica
  89. Boca Chica TO POP
  90. Distance from Catalonia Bavaro to Occidental Grand
  91. SDO to Boca Chica
  92. santiago to terrenas
  93. Getting from Barahona to Jarabocoa
  94. Rte. 201 from Pierda Blanca to Rte. 2 West of Bani
  95. driving from punta cana airport to santo domingo airport
  96. Driving Directions from Las Americas Airport to the Wyndham Dominicus Beach
  97. Alcohol and food
  98. from Sunscape Punta Cana to Altos De Chavon
  99. STI to Cabarete or Sosua.
  100. Best way from SDQ to Samana??
  101. Higuey to Pluerta Plata
  102. Getting from Jarabacoa to La Cascada without a car
  103. GBP Cayo Levantado - Playa Rincon
  104. La Romana-Cueva de maravillas-Santo Domingo
  105. Santiago to La Vega with no car
  106. driving directions to Hotel Colonial
  107. Santo Domingo HELP!
  108. Punta Cana to Santo Domingo
  109. How to get from Boca Chica to Santiago
  110. How often do public buses go Higüey/Punta Cana?
  111. How get from Cabrete to SDQ?
  112. Does anyone know of a shipping line---
  113. Information
  114. Santo Domingo to Samana
  115. SD to Costa Dorada (Oasis Marien)
  116. sdq to puerto plata to semana to sdq
  117. Driving directions Punta Cana to Samana?
  118. LaRomana to Punta Cana?
  119. Sirenis Puj Casino & Spa Punta Cana
  120. Auto ferry from Samana to Sabana de lar Mar?
  121. Does anyone have a good map of SPDM
  122. Zona Colonial to Isabela airport?
  123. How to get to Punta Rucia from Puerto Plata?
  124. Driving Directions From Santiago-Cibao Airport to Villa Bisono (Navarrete)?
  125. Driving Directions Santo Domingo to Puerto Plata!
  126. how long....
  127. Transportation from STI to Puerto Plata
  128. Cabarete to Jarabacoa
  129. Boca Chica
  130. Driving directions STI to Playa Confresi
  131. Las Terrenas to Jarabacoa
  132. Looking for lacation of the department store in Higuey
  133. Colombia to DR
  134. Getting from Santo Domingo Airport to Punta Cana
  135. Getting from Jarabacoa to Las Galeras?
  136. Casa Marina Bay to Puerto Plata.....and....
  137. Sosua - Rio San Juan
  138. Driving Directions POP to Santiago
  139. Juan Dolio to Punta Cana
  140. Flight from Samana to Punta Cana
  141. Caribe Tours from SD to Gran Bahia Principe Cayacoa
  142. directions or phone number
  143. SDQ driving to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk directions
  144. Punta Rucia - need info asap!
  145. Bayahibe to Samana
  146. Need to rent a car in Santiago, what company has best service & price
  147. El Catey to BP El portillo
  148. Playa Fronton ???
  149. How Early Taxis in STI?
  150. samana - jarabacoa: how to do it?
  151. Does the D.R. have detailed street maps online?
  152. Santiago to Puerto Plata
  153. PUJ airport to Occidental Grand via Taxi
  154. Flight, private car, or taxi from SDQ to PUJ
  155. Punta Cana to SF de Macoris??
  156. bus or guagua from STI to PP?
  157. one-way car rental SDQ to Santiago?
  158. Travelling to Samana from Bavaro
  159. from sousa to samana
  160. From Paraiso Cano hondo to SD
  161. travel directions to guesthouse jarabacoa
  162. Help
  163. Santiago to Boca Chica
  164. Santiago to Punta Cana Airport
  165. Sosua to Dajabón
  166. From Bayahibe to Bavaro by bus: any advice?
  167. Barcelo Talanquera Resort
  168. A bus from Santo Domingo airport to Sosua
  169. Google Maps
  170. Santo Domingo to Bonao
  171. Bus Service from Puerto Plata to Sosua
  172. driving from sosua to la romana
  173. Marriott Courtyard Santo Domingo?
  174. Tranport from Punta cana to Samana
  175. Looking for car rental from PUJ Nov 26
  176. Is it safe to travel by car?
  177. Sousa to Luperon
  178. Bus or taxi info....
  179. how to get from cabarete to las galeras, leaving midday?
  180. Santiago - Santo Domingo via Carribe Tours
  181. Dominican Republic on Google Maps
  182. Boca Chica to Cofresi Bay
  183. Distance/Directions between these two SDO locations?
  184. santiago to cabarete
  185. Boca Chica to Las Terrenas??
  186. Scedule for Caribe Tours or Metro from Santiago to Sosua
  187. Driving from Santo Domingo to La Romana
  188. Puerto Plata to Barahona
  189. Santo Domingo -> Kingston
  190. Getting to Punta Cana from Cabarete
  191. SDQ to Casa de Campo
  192. Offroad-Sosua/Cabarete to Jarabacoa
  193. Las Galeras-Cabarete by car: How long?
  194. Bus from SD to Bayhibe to Samana and back
  195. Metro bus schedule on Christmas Day
  196. La Romana to Boca Chica ?
  197. Altos de Chavon directions from Higuey
  198. Travel ideas next week
  199. Need informations about taxi ride
  200. Sosua to SDQ driving directions
  201. Car rental for few days
  202. travel from SDQ to Las Terrenas
  203. Samana Carbie Bus terminal to Gaugau station
  204. Las Terrenas to PP airport in one day?
  205. directions - Santo domingo RC port to hotel in Punta Cana
  206. Puerto Plata to Punta Cana
  207. POP to Las Terrenas - Samana
  208. Jarabaoca adventures
  209. Urgent - pls help!
  210. GPS in Dominican Republic???
  211. Where is Salcedo?
  212. leaving punta cana
  213. la romana airport to santo domingo port
  214. From StoDgo to Gurabo to Cabarete, and back
  215. SDQ to Sosua
  216. Haina to Playa Palenque And Return
  217. Caribe Tours bus stop Sosua
  218. First Post: Sto Domgo To Las Terrenas To Santiago and Back!
  219. Roundtrip in DR
  220. puerta plata airport to sosua
  221. Driving from Cabarete to Jarabacoa to Punta Cana area...?
  222. newbie help
  223. Gran Ventana to Lifestyle Villas
  224. Santo Domingo to Luperon HELP!
  225. Landing 320pm need to get to La Romana
  226. Taxi from Santiago to Caberete please help.
  227. Santo Domingo Airport (SDQ) To Punta Cana
  228. Directions to the new tollway please
  229. Driving from Samana to Bayahibe
  230. El Abanico (Autpista Duarte) to Constanza
  231. SDQ to Santo Domingo, in other than taxi!
  232. bus travel time
  233. Santiago to Samana
  234. bus service to and from santiago to samana???
  235. Las Americas to Punta Cana International
  236. Quickest route from Santiago to Samana
  237. Public transport: Sosua to Jarabacoa
  238. Sosua to Bavaro
  239. from Gran ventana to Sousa bay
  240. POP-PUJ April 15 9am Fly for $170
  241. SD to Salcedo by car, how?
  242. Las Terrenas to Sosua or Santiago
  243. Santo Domingo Malecon to Bani Highway
  244. travel from sousua to haiti by bus
  245. Santo Domingo to Puerto Plata
  246. driving directions puerto plata - la colina santiago
  247. Driving from Santa Domingo to Samana
  248. Driving Directions Punta Cana to Casa de Campo
  249. Salto de Socoa?
  250. Bus from SDQ to Puerto Plata