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  1. Bavalote Real Estate In Bavaro
  2. What Has Happened To The Palmera Project?
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  9. RE Statistics
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  12. property manager in Bavaro
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  19. Commission Rates
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  22. Home building situation/Financing
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  24. Buying in a hotel ?
  25. Agency Signature
  26. open forum sun village
  27. Cabarete Beach Front Apartments
  28. cofresi beach development
  29. Real Estate Specials - September 04, 2008
  30. Any "part-time" Dominicans?
  31. Need 2BR Long Term in Bavaro
  32. Rico Pester
  33. Metro Groups US$1 billion project.
  34. Boca Chica
  35. Response - Maxim / Sun Village
  36. Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem and RE Development in DR
  37. Real Estate Trends
  38. punta perla
  39. Want to buy an apartment in Piantini
  40. Appraisal of Property
  41. puntal perla
  42. house - villa short term rental
  43. Commercial Landlord-Tenant Regulation
  44. Please help me. Looking to purchase an inexpensive house or apartment w/ owner finan
  45. STOP!!! 2 Bedroom Condo With Rooftop Terrace!
  46. Building Costs: Concrete Buildings
  47. Looking for 1 (or 2) Bedroom Condo/Apartment in Cabarete
  48. Need a phone # for El Neptuno in Sosua
  49. Elliott Group - Update
  50. Inside scoop....
  51. Cap Cana problems
  52. Do I pay tax on selling inherited property?
  53. Real Estate Appraisal
  54. Busco Alojamiento en Cabarete para 2009
  55. Cocotal Properties
  56. Condo projects delayed in Cabarete?
  57. Dishonest Realtors in North Coast?
  58. Apartment neeeded in Santiago immediately!
  59. Appartment is needed Sosua
  60. What is this?
  61. http://www.dr1.com/rentals/logs/paylog.txt
  62. Someone has to do it! (video)
  63. Group of investors is looking for lots in Villas Del Mar (Juan Dolio)
  64. La Colonia Construction Upate (Video)
  65. looking for an apartment
  66. STEAL!!! 2 Bedroom Penthouse (Photos + Video)
  67. Puerto Chiquito
  68. Canadian dollars exchange issues-Looking for suggestions
  69. Apartment Feedback
  70. Surveyors licensed in Haiti
  71. Advise on Studio Apartment Purchase
  72. Appartment needed in Santo Domingo
  73. where is cheapest land in DR
  74. Selling property for a close friend
  75. looking to buy condo in costambar
  76. Need a 3-bdrm FURNISHED in Santiago
  77. I see a beautiful home in Casa en Venta, Autopista San Isidro for RD$ 2,300,000.
  78. Residencial Hispaniola Gated Villa Community
  79. Real estate santo domingo!
  80. Gated Communities in Santiago
  81. Need a 3 bedroom furnished in Santo Domingo
  82. Looking for an agent!
  83. Mortgage Processing time
  84. Mortgage Financing
  85. Interested in starting a thrift store
  86. Cabarete appart
  87. La estancia golfresort (bayahibe), any news?
  88. Auction Property - Closed & Under Contract
  89. Bank embargo by real estate debt Guavaberry Club
  90. getting back a deposit..
  91. Is there any interest in a real Dominican business?
  92. Interested In Home In Santo Domingo..
  93. Best Place 4 Weekly Villa Rental in Cabrete
  94. Apartment needed in Puerto Plata
  95. Property management companies- honest?
  96. Colourful clapboard houses.
  97. Can any one point me to the Elliot Webinar?
  98. rocco ki deposit?
  99. condo in costambar
  100. Any Info on Sans Souci Apartments??
  101. Land in Playa Chiquita
  102. Las Dunas Plumbing
  103. looking to rent a house in las terrenas
  104. Is there a poor Expat community in the D-R ?
  105. Finding a House/Apartment to Rent in the Dominican Republic
  106. Casa de Campo, searching for a house to rent
  107. Property Taxes In DR...
  108. The *BEST* Dominican Republic Luxury Vacation Villa For Sale!
  109. Is everything backwards in the DR? Rent-to-own: Real Estate agent is useless
  110. scheme operability
  111. Seeking small Hotel for Lease
  112. Rent needed Sosua
  113. Crown Villas VIP in POP any info?
  114. Scotia Bank Loans
  115. Palenque Beach Development
  116. Need alittle help
  117. Looking for a house or apt in La vega
  118. Need appartment or good website, for Las Teranas
  119. Need a site with pto plata rentals
  120. Apology to Aaron, Sureo, & Pedersini
  121. When do I pay to transfer the title...
  122. Santiago Office Space
  123. Vista Mare complex in Samana
  124. "Accord Tropical" real estate in Las Terrenas
  125. looking for a villa to rent for vacation
  126. DR reality
  127. My compliments to......
  128. Juan Dolio real estate: what is happening now and what are the propsects?
  129. Looking for an Apartment in San Francisco de Macoris
  130. Lomas Mironas?
  131. Looking for spacious studio or 1bd apt in Santo Domingo
  132. house share
  133. Can I get a HELOC on DR property?
  134. Refinancing a DR loan with another bank
  135. GOOD Real Estate agent in Santo Domingo?
  136. Free Villa
  137. Windsurf Resort, Cabarete expansion
  138. HELP!!! Pto Plata rental agent
  139. I'm looking for a room / apartment in Santo Domingo!
  140. **looking for an appartment in bavaro**
  141. adequate rent price
  142. Can low-end condo rentals make money?
  143. Rentals & Real Estate - Posting Rules
  144. hard to negoiate
  145. Perco Construction
  146. Sea Horse Ranch: residents / experiences
  147. Lawyer fees to transfer property title
  148. DR$7,500 a month too cheap?
  149. 18 months to receive a title???
  150. Good Real Estate Agents in Samana
  151. DR1 Real Estate "Cash Back Program" - Save $$$
  152. Need buying advice
  153. Apartment in Cabarete - Kite Beach
  154. US$18,000 is this possible?
  155. Buying in Costambar
  156. New Resort/Hotel Complex East of Monte Christi?
  157. Club Residencial, Sosua ?
  158. Compare luxury developments Cap or Punta Cana, Casa de Campo and Sea Horse Ranch.
  159. collective property tax
  160. moving to DR
  161. Looking for some feedback on an Agent.
  162. Tobacco Land
  163. You want to see something crazy?
  164. Buying land and constructing a medium sized sports bar in puerto plata
  165. Are these prices real?
  166. Looking for a Low Budget...
  167. The Courtyard Juan Dolio
  168. Considering vacation villa
  169. Looking to share an apartment / Rent a room (Santo Domingo)
  170. real estate agents fees
  171. Palmera de Cabarete article
  172. Looking For Feedback On Rico Pester
  173. Are you going to miss out?
  174. Putting the house in my own name
  175. Las Dunas Uvero Alto
  176. Looking for a small warehouse
  177. Request of info about the prices of the objects in DR
  178. cap cana pricing
  179. looking for a roomate June 09
  180. Haras Nacionales? anyone familiar?
  181. cayo negro
  182. The garden condo's sosua
  183. Furnished Apt in SD for 1 month??
  184. Best Northern Beaches, Beachfront Rentals?
  185. how to protect your property?
  186. Real estate market bouncing back
  187. House/Villa on North Coast for under $100,000
  188. Suggestions
  189. Pasion Tropical
  190. Thinking about buying a vacation apartment
  191. where best to advertise?
  192. Seeking hotel or restaurant for lease
  193. things you should beware of before investing in DR
  194. Dominican Republic
  195. warehouse needed
  196. Torre Visconi
  197. 2 bedroom apartment wanted in SD
  198. Metro Country Club ? Are they BROKE ???
  199. Anyone Recognize This Place
  200. looking for 3 bedroom villa to rent immediately
  201. Jarabacoa
  202. Cost of land in Santiago
  203. Villa gazcue apartments Can they be trusted?
  204. Anyone know of any bars for sale?
  205. Message for Robert on construction projects
  206. Jardin de deportivo
  207. LF Cabarete Long Term Rentals
  208. Looking to rent Villa in Casa de Campo for august
  209. Boca Chica
  210. Anyone With Status of Terrezas De Cozon
  211. Larimar golf
  212. Buying a house. Need good advice.
  213. Looking to buy a house in Santiago.
  214. Need meter prices
  215. Title Transfer after Divorce
  216. North Coast Real Estate-SOLD
  217. Nikki Beach Caberete
  218. Looking for apartment to rent in San Pedro de Macoris
  219. Canadians living in the DR
  220. Gran Cabanna Cabarete
  221. Commercial Property In Las Galeras
  222. Looking for room\apartment 3 weeks in Barahona
  223. Altos de Rafey
  224. For advertising rates
  225. Living in Haciendas El Choco
  226. Need a Realtor in Santiago
  227. This seller is crazy!
  228. Perla Marina, good investment now?
  229. Location, location, location
  230. Volunteer Opportunity
  231. Advise needed for mountain property
  232. Investing in Bavaro/Punta Cana
  233. Listing a Property on DR1
  234. looking for a 2 bedroom apartemnt in Perla Marina
  235. Looking for a Real Estate agent I met
  236. Looking for house in Monte Cristi or Manzanillo Bay
  237. Looking for Information
  238. condo complex in santiago
  239. Attorney fee for real estate transaction
  240. South Florida versus DR
  241. Terramar
  242. Seeking Property Management Companies
  243. Rentals have been split into a sub forum.
  244. Realtor fees
  245. Lion's Gate Mansion
  246. Real Estate Agent in Santo Domingo
  247. Agent Wanted (Bavaro)
  248. Mar Azul / Las Dunas
  249. cost of real estate in Samana?
  250. Looking for realtor selling to Dominicans