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  1. North Coast.
  2. Car Rental
  3. Trend of Real Estate prices in Cabarete...
  4. URGENT ! Lokking for room/studio 8 nights in Bavaro
  5. Sorry, no free advertising...
  6. 6 month rental
  7. Why We Need Real Estate Training?
  8. Puerto Bahia development, Samana
  9. Caribe Campo - A good place to live or not?
  10. Fixer uppers
  11. Condo in "Palm Suites"
  12. What will happen to real estate prices?
  13. Punta Cana/Bavaro Area Information
  14. Great Concept For Affordable Housing in the Dominican
  15. Title Deeds
  16. Property management
  17. Looking for APT in Santiago
  18. Lost Title
  19. Looking for a small hotel to lease!
  20. Cabarete Punta Goleta - no beach...
  21. I need a real estate agent in Santiago
  22. How to choose the ideal condo in Sosua-Cabarete area?
  23. Where can I find a house or apartment for sale in Santiago
  24. Looking for a Real Estate developer
  25. building a house without deslinde
  26. Is There A Housing Bubble In Santo Domingo?
  27. Buying Real Estate in DR!
  28. How Does The 2% Title Insurance Cost...
  29. outrageous lot prices in santo domingo
  30. Does A Foreigner Have To Obtain An RNC..
  31. Is It Worth Buying Title Insurance....
  32. Where to rent? What to expect?
  33. urb. real, santo domingo
  34. Montrealers, as House Sitter in Punta Cana
  35. Home Insurance providers ?
  36. What Is The Outlook For The $RD?..
  37. Real Estate Agent - Their Fee?
  38. What Is The Case For Costs To....
  39. Anybody Have Experience W/ Survey?....
  40. Home Insurance - Will they actually pay?
  41. Long Term Rental/Lease/etc
  42. Punta Cana Uvero Alto condo villa prices
  43. Who can comment on how fast condos sold at Ocean Dream?
  44. Property Ownership and wills in DR
  45. Real Estate Compasions Between Santo Domingo and Santiago
  46. DR Investment Property
  47. Quick Due Diligence - Nunez Clark and Palm Hills Real Estate
  48. Apartment for Rent :)
  49. Why people are listing their Real Estate on DR1
  50. Apartment in Gazcue
  51. Title...POA...& Inheritance Question....
  52. Question About Transfer Tax
  53. Real estate Dominican Republic , Sosua
  54. Love DR and have a wonderful time every time I go, but I get anxious every time I pla
  55. Coldwell Banker Sosua Not a Coldwell Banker Franchise
  56. Renting to buy,
  57. russian real estate site-north coast
  58. Average price for Rural/Farm Land
  59. I need to find an RE broker IN RUSSIA / UKRAINE who specialies in Int'l RE
  60. Commerical builder/estimator needed
  61. DR Jurisdiccion Inmobiliaria Website Question....
  62. looking for an apartment, condo or house
  63. Las Terrenas/Real Estate
  64. Santo Domingo/Commercial Leases
  65. Too many villas for sale in Casa de Campo
  66. Punta Cana Resort
  67. Banco Reservas/mortgage loans reduction
  68. Property Registration Database?
  69. My compliments to..........
  70. Expat communities ?
  71. how to find owner of a property
  72. Are There any Real Estate Taxes in DR ?
  73. are concrete "bloques" earthquake/hurricane resistent?
  74. Cabarete/Sosua
  75. Short Term Rentals
  76. Apartment wanted in POP for 1 week - $400 max
  77. How to sell my property
  78. Building advice
  79. Rent or Buy
  80. process of buying
  81. ANYONE know about these projects in the works?
  82. Looking for rental in Jarabacoa
  83. Student looking to rent...
  84. Bad Experience- be cautious!
  85. 1 Million Peso property with a house on it anywhere in DR?
  86. From montreal, offering house keeper or house selling project exchange
  87. Commercial Rental Property
  88. Punta Cana/Larimar Golf Resort
  89. Buying a house in Sosua-?
  90. Techniques for eviction in SD?
  91. Public storage- santiago
  92. Power of Attorney
  93. Santo Domingo Temp Office Rental
  94. Ocean Paradise Condos/ Uvero Alto, Punta Cana
  95. Surveyor
  96. reality about real estate
  97. Looking for penthouses in Santiago
  98. Home/Property San Juan de la Maguana
  99. How low to offer?
  100. Peyton Place
  101. Any Leads on Real Estate In Boca Chica
  102. Rental information at La Sirena
  103. liens against property
  104. Cabarete Rental
  105. best real estate in santo domingo
  106. Cabarete Rental february
  107. Looking to build or buy in La Romana..
  108. Houses for rent in Puerto Plata
  109. Need a furnished apartment in santiago
  110. title insurance
  111. I want to rent in Cabarete or Puerto Plata area
  112. Santo Domingo Housing
  113. Hi.... New here
  114. Looking for vacation rental in SD
  115. Looking for good contractor
  116. Bommarito John still in prison! The reason...
  117. real estate in Punta Cana/ Bavaro hot
  118. Hacienda & House with Pool. Rent to buy option!
  119. Swaying palms punta cana
  120. New Member looking to buy in the DR-Advice
  121. Looking to rent 3 or 4 bedroom home in Puerto Plata/Cofresi
  122. Transferring Title Outside of US
  123. Looking for 3-6 acres
  124. Real Estate Taxes
  125. Coldwer Banker agent in DR...
  126. Considering moving in
  127. Great Credit looking to buy a house in Santo Domingo
  128. Las terrazas - sosua
  129. Las Velas, Juan Dolio ..Please help!!
  130. uk immigration
  131. playa rincon
  132. Juan Dolio prices - Apartments
  133. las velas building
  134. New to the site...Safety in Punta Cana Rentals
  135. Palm Suites Punta Cana
  136. Need the name of the Builder please!?
  137. property in boca chica...
  138. 10 Year Tax Abatement On New Homes
  139. looking for furnished apartment in san francisco de macois
  140. Rent-to-Own -> Mortgage
  141. Puerto Chiquito
  142. Furnished Rental 1 Week or 1 Month Higuey Wanted
  143. A good investment in the DR?
  144. House Trading
  145. any advise of selling
  146. Looking for a Roomate...
  147. for the right person...
  148. Why so many properties for sale in DR
  149. increased R.E. sales in Punta Cana / Bavaro???
  150. How To File For Title Change After Purchase....
  151. *** information owner of this condo located in gazcue by casimiro de moya***
  152. Is las americas a good place yo buy an apartment
  153. Bank to deal with when buying a house
  154. how to value house
  155. Harlequin - Las Canas
  156. Canadian considering buying property in DR
  157. Need apartment for 2 weeks in Santo Domingo
  158. purchasing a condo complex in Punta Cana as an investment
  159. Questions about La Vega property ?? Need advice.
  160. Promesa de compara (inmueble)
  161. Tropicana del Sur
  162. Looking to buy home or condo in hills or on beach in Sosua or Cabarete area
  163. real estate courses
  164. Residencial Guadalupe Cabeza de Toro???
  165. Puerto Chiquito
  166. The provision for public and collective goods and housing development
  167. Building your home in the Dominican Republic!
  168. Building your home in the Domican Republic II
  169. Looking for styrofoam block supplier
  170. Rent House in Santiago
  171. Buying land
  172. bavaro
  173. I am looking for a 2br furnished apt. or house in Santiago
  174. We want to buy or build a two story home in Santo Domingo
  175. Scandinavian looking for leng term rental in Cabarete
  176. Renting an Apartment in Gazcue area of Santo Domingo!
  177. Realtors seek to regulate their profession
  178. New to DR1-Where to rent if you were "Me" advice please-Read me
  179. villa rental
  180. Looking for Real Estate Agent in Santo Domingo to help sell our condo
  181. Looking to buy Orange Shops
  182. hideaway beach community
  183. Renting in Gazcue, Santo Domingo
  184. Wanting to Buy a Condo in Punta Cana Area
  185. Your recommendations for the best RE agent on the North Coast
  186. Property Financing in DR
  187. Realestate fees?
  188. Trouble in Paradise...
  189. Cap Cana In Trouble
  190. Looking for a Rento in Puerto Plata for 3 weeks
  191. Vacation and rental properties at Lifestyle Real Estate, Cofresi, guaranteed income
  192. electricty sosua VS cabarete
  193. Note to people selling property
  194. Where are the Cabarete hotels?
  195. Procedure for moving out. With no expectation for return of deposit.
  196. title insurance companies
  197. Looking to rent
  198. Looking to buy
  199. Corfresi
  200. condo purchase cabarete
  201. Topsoil is more fertil in DR...
  202. Are you in an earthquake resistant building? Find out.
  203. best real estate lawyer
  204. Foreclosures in the DR
  205. Rentals "Dominican prices"
  206. minimum cost for lawyer
  207. not a bad place to invest?
  208. john bommarito remax
  209. Detail on Coconut Grove?
  210. Business opportunity in Real Estate in Santo Domingo
  211. story behind this house
  212. Question regarding selling a home in dr
  213. Habi - Cristamar in Cabarete did it start ??
  214. Negotiating to Buy a Home
  215. what do you know about this house
  216. Green Village, Cap Cana
  217. Looking for real estate professionals working in the barahona area.
  218. trying to buy property for a church
  219. I would like to buy sell in Santiago,RD
  220. I want to sell then buy in Santiago
  221. Looking for long term 1yr+ rental in cabarete area
  222. cheap real estate buying prices
  223. Need an apartment in Punta Cana
  224. When Your Dream Vacation Home Turns To A Nightmare
  225. What is the closing procedure to selling an apartment in the DR?
  226. Foreclosures? Is there a market in DR?
  227. How to transfer large sums of money...
  228. Trump Cap Cana Farallon What Happened??
  229. Can the government declare our future property 'utilidad publico'?
  230. The value of investing in real estate
  231. Punta Cana, what you didn't know...
  232. Cost of buying a condo
  233. Warehouse for rent?
  234. Buying/Selling a Condo
  235. Rental question
  236. buying a condo in Santiago
  237. Ghost of Trump @ Cap Cana
  238. Some new places to consider when looking to buy into RE in SD...
  239. The truth about the real estate in the DR
  240. Dominican Republic real estate ~ Welcome to the Wild West ~
  241. Looking for a 4+ bed/2+ bath in Jarabacoa
  242. negociating price buying a home
  243. Rental deposit with the Banco Agricola
  244. Construction cost for buildings
  245. Thinking of buying or building a 2 level house/Villa in the Santiago area
  246. House Hunting in ... the Dominican Republic Article
  247. looking for 2 bedroom house in hispaniola sosua
  248. wan to buy real state in the dominican republic
  249. Sell or rent out?
  250. Looking for 700 m^2 lot in Santiago