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  1. (brand New Video) Wet Dreams Part 2 Starring Dj Blaze Nyc And Mikey Aka The Wop
  2. (brand New Video) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic !!!!!!!!!!! Check It Out !!!!!
  3. (brand New Video) Piergeorgio Palace Hotel In Sosua, Dr And The Atlantic Ocean
  4. (brand new video) dr festival in washington heights !! 10 minute mini movie !!!
  5. DR1 Office Video - Episode II
  6. DR1 Office Video - Episode III - Attracting Woman!
  7. AFS Students Introduce Themselves (Video)
  8. (brand new video) dj blaze nyc performing live in santiago, dominican republic !!!!!!
  9. (brand new video) game at yankee stadium
  10. Riding the Gua Gua (bus) - Mr. Lu Productions
  11. Aguilas vs. Licey at estadio cibao in santiago, dr ***high quality version***
  12. (brand new video) sosua beach, dominican republic
  13. Sunrise above Santo Domingo (video)
  14. (brand new video) el malecon in santo domingo, dominican republic !!!!! High quality
  15. Turkey Day WARNING from Mr. Lu (video)
  16. Wet dreams part 4 in santiago, dr (brand new video)
  17. El famoso freestyle rap dominicano in santiago, dr (brand new video)
  18. Universidad tecnologica de santiago in the dominican republic (BRAND NEW VIDEO)
  19. Kaskada park in santiago, dominican republic (new video !!!)
  20. Dominican new years party (brand new video)
  21. Metro - The Video!
  22. Jarabacoa, dominican republic (brand new video) la confluencia !!!!!!
  23. Carnival 2009 - Santo Domingo (Video) !!!!
  24. Samana Cheap, Great Stuff! (Video)
  25. Kerubanda performing live in santiago, dr (brand new video)
  26. Flea Market in Santo Domingo (La Pulga) - Video
  27. Video from dominican republic all different parts on youtube
  28. La vega, dominican republic and la carnaval 2009 (brand new video)
  29. Best cabarete motoconcho driver:: video
  30. Columbus Water Park Video
  31. How To Climb A Coconut Palm
  32. Puerto plata, dominican republic (brand new video in high quality a must see)
  33. Cha Night Club Santo Domingo (Video)
  34. Sosua june 18th - 24th i'll be there ! Lets do a video !
  35. Fashion Week Dominican Republic 2009
  36. Wet dreams part 5 in dr (brand new video)
  37. Video Colab with Mr Lu and DOMINICAN-KIDD
  38. Mr. Lu Rides a Motorcycle...
  39. Extreme Air Freestyle Show - Santo Domingo
  40. Mr. Lu goes Urban at the Urbania Skate 2009 (Video)
  41. Stung Cover Band - Santo Domingo
  42. Piruetas Air Show Santo Domingo
  43. Jarabacoa, dr (old video that was re-edited please watch)
  44. Jarabacoa, dr video re-edited please check it out
  45. Women's Secret 2009 Launch - Santo Domingo
  46. Concierto Musica Por Los Haitises - Santo Domingo
  47. Cosmopolitan Bikini Bash - Record Attempt In Santo Domingo
  48. Kiteboard in Cabarete
  49. Return of the wop aka mikey from dr to new york ....check this out must see !!!!
  50. My videos as stickys
  51. DJ Anny at San Souci 2Night
  52. Toque Profundo en Vivo - Cinema Cafe Santo Domingo
  53. Gloria Gaynor Rocks Hard Rock Cafe Santo Domingo
  54. Summer Explosion 2009 Boca Chica
  55. Caribbean Shootout 2009 - Las Americas
  56. Columbus Bay in Montecriti
  57. Omega y Su Mambo Violento en Vivo Hard Rock Cafe Santo Domingo
  58. Alexis & Fido @ Over Lounge in Santiago
  59. Mr. Lu Goes Painting....
  60. Blackhawk Down 2?
  61. Never stop exploring dr, costa rica and colombia vol 1 (new video)
  62. Police catch thefts in action
  63. (new video) nse volume 2 in sosua
  64. (new video) never stop exploring vol. 3 in sosua dr
  65. Police Action in Capotillo - Video
  66. Police Search on the way to Puerto Plata
  67. Road Trip trough the northern regions of Quisqueya La Bella
  68. Dominican finalist in Latin American Idol
  69. Life on the Campo
  70. A look into the Bateys of the Southwest...
  71. Alex, Balada from Sabana Perdida, please watch...
  72. This can save our trees!
  73. Miss Universe DR ?
  74. DR Video
  75. The last Dominican patriot.
  76. Ick - Sosua Beach
  77. North Coast Christmas Displays
  78. Nse volume 4: Explore the ride or die (new video from sosua dr)
  79. Technology on a Christmas morning
  80. New York
  81. Freedom
  82. Sobeida documentary - hilarious!
  83. Luperon, 2002
  84. Musica Tipica in Parque Colon
  85. (new video) nse volume 5 we found elvis presley in dr !
  86. video of a small village in DR
  87. beach food
  88. For bilinguals only
  89. New video! Never stop exploring vol 6: World renowned and internationally known
  90. Sugarcane at Sosua Beach
  91. New video! Avenida presidente antonio guzman in santiago, dominican republic!
  92. What Dominicans Drink On A Hot Day
  93. The Gentleman Beggar
  94. Dr festival 2009 in washington heights (new video we're back!!!!!!!)
  95. UFO / La vega DR
  96. Marionette Dancing Merengue at Sosua Beach
  97. Hip Swinging Merengue On Sosua Beach
  98. Peppe of Sosua Seeking Italiana
  99. Trailer for "Tropico de Sangre"
  100. Greatest eightis hits
  101. NEW: "Who's Home At National Zoo"
  102. Lapiz Conciente le echa vaina a Omega
  103. Up & Down Coconut Palms
  104. Thank you all! I am now platinum on youtube!
  105. Peeling Oranges The Dominican Way
  106. Dominican pilot
  107. Made in Dominican Republic
  108. Live Web Cam from the Dominican Republic
  109. Contrasting views - El Pais de Las Maravillas
  110. Hay que lio
  111. Again again and again
  112. Dominican Proficiency With Big Knife
  113. Dominican Bellydancing
  114. Dominican accent....
  115. Perico Ripiao
  116. DR & Puerto Rico, brothers for ever...
  117. Los 27 Charcos/27 waterfalls (video)
  118. Why you need/see SUVs in the DR?
  119. Us marines operations during 1965 in dr
  120. New Juan Luis Guerra Video
  121. Merengue dancing dogs
  122. This is sad story...
  123. Song profile...
  124. Nikki Beach Opening (video)
  125. Rita Indiana's New Video
  126. Great song for theses days
  127. The type of aid the DR poor towns need and whould get!
  128. Freddy Beras Goico And His Constant Worries
  129. Hotel El Colibri
  130. The DR will NOT achieve its MDGs
  131. Cosa Buena
  132. Police Agression at Education Rally
  133. Police Aggression at Education Rally
  134. Orquesta Sinfónica Nacional Juvenil Dominicana
  135. Coastal Cleanup in DR - CNN
  136. Lack of drinking water in DR - CNN
  137. It happens in the DR!!!
  138. El negrito del...
  139. Pa'lo Monte
  140. Video of the Police Robbing People at a Café
  141. no bathing suits in the lobby
  142. Dominican Jesse James
  143. Dominican presidential palace..
  144. Urban roots music!
  145. Aaah, Dominican Politics!!!
  146. Amelia Vega - SMOG
  147. Pan Con Queso!
  148. Mechanic ants...
  149. Santiago Carnaval con los lechones Joyeros
  150. En este dia! Dominican 100%
  151. How a tiny country became the richest in the world...
  152. Ocean World Video On You Tube
  153. New Dominican Film!
  154. Smarter Dominican dog
  155. 1959 Images of Construction of the Hermanos Patiño Bridge in Santiago
  156. Need Help - Bachata song
  157. Las Terrenas, mi barrio
  158. Magic river
  159. "Pay for Play" new documentary on prostitution in the Dominican Rep.
  160. The ghost that keeps coming back! LOL
  161. The Global Economy & the DR (in Spanish)
  162. Odebrecht Dominicana
  163. "Dominican Cockfight" On YouTube
  164. young people
  165. L und i rent-a-car
  166. Bachatas de amargue
  167. Be an early morning bird to catch some great views in the DR!!!
  168. Dominican genes messing up the overwork/overachiever Japanese gene pool!!!!
  169. Car ride from Zona Colonial to Las Americas International Airport (SDQ)
  170. Mofongo Video!
  171. Happy father's day in DR
  172. Bachata con clase
  173. Dr festival 2010 in washington heights! Dominican kidd is back on youtube!
  174. Poor but happy.
  175. Wait for next Saturday night
  176. Going Xtreme on new highway to Las Terrenas Top Speed 80-85 kmh
  177. Happy weekend in DR
  178. 9/11/2001 sad day for Dominican families...
  179. What driving looks like in the Dominican Republic?
  180. All that Jazz...
  181. Marranzini got fed up!!!! (Hey! That light bulb is so convenient! LOL)
  182. Soon in the DR!!!!! Got a tip from the empresario himself!
  183. How fast are those A-29 Super Tucanos?
  184. Good ol variety entertainment!
  185. For the ladies, must watch this!
  186. My backyard in santiago (video)
  187. También La Lluvia/Even the Rain
  188. New modelity to strike...
  189. Now we know why Leonel gave him the boot...
  190. A video story that will surprise you...
  191. This would never happen to you with a DR cop!
  192. Moca to La Cumbre in 6:04. 50 curves.
  193. New video from dominican kidd! I hope you enjoy!
  194. Bronxboy meets AZB's chickens
  195. The price of rice and sugar, documentary.
  196. Never stop exploring volume 9: The world is getting smaller
  197. Feliz Navidad
  198. Great Bachata show...
  199. Happy New Year/Prospero Año Nuevo
  200. Big Favour is the DVD of La Hija Natural already in stores?
  201. Black and Latino
  202. Asesinato de reputación: Amadeo Barletta
  203. Dominican Lou never got it wrong! LOL!
  204. What happens when...?
  205. An Hymn to the Americas and to the people of the Republica Dominicana
  206. 2012 Dominican Republic US Campaign
  207. La fiesta del Chivo
  208. Carnaval de Santiago feb.26th, 2012
  209. My DR travel videos!
  210. Nuria Takes On "Dominican Watchdog"
  211. The DR: A Producer of Sports Cars
  212. What can you strap a video camera to?
  213. Manuel Díez Cabral Comments on the Electricity Problem
  214. Dominican Republic in Timelapse!
  215. Pichardo's play list
  216. North Coast Beaches
  217. it's finally friday - yo quiero rabo!
  218. Welcome to the DR!
  219. Mikhail Baryshnikov on Charlie Rose
  220. Drunk guy trying to ride a motorcycle! Hilarious!
  221. Sosua - 1991-1994 - Part 1
  222. Sosua - 1991-1994 - Part 2
  223. Sosua - 1991-1994 - Part 4
  224. Sosua - 1991-1994 - Part 5
  225. Sosua - 1991-1994 - Part 3
  226. Dominican Yorkers in Vacation...
  227. What Would Be Yours?
  228. Ever wonder how theives can steal and no one sees anything?
  229. Dominican way to peel avocado.
  230. Is this offensive?
  231. Pelling a pineaple
  232. Santo Domingo from the air
  233. Pelotero, documentary.
  234. Milka la mas dura.
  235. Love all those romantico songs from spanish singers help me to aquire!
  236. Some dude pimp slaps an AMET officer
  237. "El Country" from the air!
  238. Aerial views of San Andres Bay and parts of Boca Chica
  239. 3 hours in Dominican Republic
  240. Enjoy!
  241. Two Timelapses of Santo Domingo during Hurricane Sandy
  242. New book about golf courses in the Dominican Republic
  243. Plowing A Furrow In The Sea
  244. For my future daughter
  245. DR talk show host sets magician's head on fire
  246. El monumento in santiago, dominican republic
  247. Leaving santiago, dominican republic
  248. Catholic churchs in the DR.
  249. Ramón Orlando
  250. Fernando Villalona, Pueblo mio.