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  1. Help The Schools Via Fundacion Patria
  2. This Is Your Chance To Help Needy Kids In The DR, Please Donate
  3. Beyond the Beach Children's Foundation - Dominican Fiesta 2007
  4. Please help transport donations
  5. Golf Tournament!
  6. When it rains, it pours.
  7. Beyond the Beach Children's Foundation donations
  8. Update on Mr. Escott/Children's Health Fund
  9. Help Santiago - Food Boxes to 100 Families
  10. Donations
  11. We got lots of goodies.......
  12. I want to spend my summer volunteering in the DR.
  13. More on donation?
  14. Volunteers needed
  15. Looking for a school to donate supplies to
  16. Outreach Project for Dogs & Cats
  17. orphanages Dominican Republic?
  18. donating used clothing
  19. Baseball Equipment - Need to donate
  20. Help needed for the dogs and cats of El Tablon...
  21. Charities in the DR
  22. PUNTA CANA - would like to donate...
  23. Donation - Scott - Update
  24. Have A Heart (long appeal post)
  25. 1st Annual North Coast Charity Golf Classic
  26. Aid to Haiti?
  27. PHOTOS - 1st Annual North Coast Charity Golf Classic
  28. orphanages, etc.
  29. Donate School Supplies in SD on Weekend
  30. Small gifts for local dr children
  31. Los niños re Ranchito Piche, Diego d Ocampo
  32. Integracion Juvenil Telethon
  33. Items for children
  34. Attitude toward missionaries
  35. Need a promotional company near Cabarete for charity event
  36. Kiteboarding Charity Event in Cabarete!
  37. Friends of the Animals need your help!
  38. Where to donate clothing?
  39. 2nd Annual N. Coast Charity Golf Tournament
  40. Best Non-Profit or Agency working in the DR?
  41. To Shave or Not to Shave? You have to see this!!!!
  42. Sosua Woman Willing to Shave Head For Charity!
  43. Charity - Wheelchairs - Electric Chairs
  44. A family's plea for help
  45. A Missionary in Paradise
  46. medical charity event in POP
  47. golf day / charity fundraser
  48. Group Photos - Charity Golf Tournament
  49. Announcement from AAAS to all animal lovers and supporters.…
  50. Donations to Puerto Plata Orphanage
  51. school supplies
  52. Beyond The Beach eBay Charity Auction
  53. Give a pillow!
  54. Laiver needs a special wheelchair and bed...
  55. Seeking Assistance in Haina
  56. Bed sheets for the girls!
  57. Friends of Cabrera, Inc
  58. dyslexic in santo domingo
  59. Volunteer - Camp Esperanza
  60. Roll up!! Roll up!!! A message to all bargain hunters!!
  61. Project Isobel needs a final boost
  62. Charity w/out religion...
  63. Aid for Haiti - Earthquake
  64. Mexican Train Dominoes - Hideaway Bar Sosua
  65. Urgent need of food donations!
  66. Bingo in bavaro
  67. Hope For Children International
  68. Art for Orphanage project
  69. Free Circus school for children!?!?!?
  70. Any organizations to help stray dogs on the North Coast?
  71. Fallen Angel
  72. URGENT help of the community needed
  73. Looking for Orphanages in DR
  74. AAAS: Best Ever!
  75. Organisation to help Vulnerable Children in DR?
  76. BTBCF online auction
  77. Donating School Suppplies- INFO needed
  78. Reminder for clothing or other item donations
  79. Karaoke Rotario Punta Cana 2010
  80. Where can I donate to schools, orphanages, to people in general in Santiago?
  81. Beyond the Beach Vacation Draw - Dec. 31, 2010
  82. Donating School Supplies in Puerto Plata
  83. Photo request
  84. Charity or Non Profit for Hearing Impaired
  85. Transformation House Children's Hospital
  86. The DREAM Project donation BTBCF
  87. BTBCF and Club Rotario Punta Cana
  88. Shipping food to DR
  89. BBQ to Support Transformation House
  90. A Search
  91. One Laptop Per Child
  92. Music school on the border
  93. Help with a case
  94. BINGO Palma Real Shopping Village
  95. Volunteer translators needed in Bávaro on Monday
  97. shipping donations
  98. Donating School Supplies nea Juan Dolio
  99. Hogar Emiliano Tardiff HET
  100. Spanish Scrabble junior?
  101. How NOT to give!
  102. Santiago Orphanage Garden
  103. Donation ready for orphanage or schools in need near Andrés or Santo Domingo!!
  104. Spanish Childrens Videos?
  105. Santiago orphans different
  106. The Best = Juanita/Sylviel & AZB
  107. Saturday Double Birthday
  108. Happy Ending
  109. Not Just Tourists - Transporting medical supplies from Canada to the DR
  110. Dream Vacation Giveaway 2011
  111. Ear Implants for Children: Any foundation/orgs supporting this?
  112. Volunteer Please
  113. Santiago Orphanage Trip?
  114. Amigos de 4 Patas - They Need Your Help!
  115. Project Isobel: Center for street children and abandoned/mistreated animals
  116. Cadmis - a school for very poor local children in sosua abajo
  117. School Supplies for Elias Pina - perhaps the poorest province in the DR
  118. Dunk Tank
  120. AAAS Thrift Store Looking for Mannequins & Clothes Racks
  121. BTBCF Fiesta is over
  122. BTBCF support
  123. Swimming Pool Done! & Birthday Saturday
  124. Beyond The Beach Children's Foundation Scholarship
  125. New to Santiago? Dogs for Dentists!!!!
  126. Can we help this poor old man???
  127. Looking For Filing Cabinets
  128. Bringing Leaflets from Canada
  129. Children's Homes/Orphanages
  130. Donation from Florida to BTBCF
  131. Midwives for the dominican republic
  132. Friends of Messef - Please help us take Christmas to Haiti
  133. Community-Wide Photo Show in Puerta Plata!
  134. Soccer of Life
  135. LA HIJA NATURAL official entry from DR to Oscars-showing in Los Angeles Calif.
  136. Sosua Kids Christmas Party - December 17th
  137. Rockys new years eve toy drive
  138. BTBCF support in Samana
  139. Eeyore needs a new home.
  140. Great and Easy Way to Help the Dogs & Cats of Sosua & Surrounding Areas
  141. Dream vacation
  142. Larry Cooper
  143. How to get ex-pats interested in NGO work?
  144. North Coast AAAS alert. Dog poisonings.
  145. LIVE Hip-Hop Thurs. 5pm at Project Esperanza!
  146. Santiago Tardiff orphanage 2012
  147. A+ blood needed @ CMC for Feb. 4th.
  148. BTBCF Meet and Greet in Costambar Feb. 2, 2012
  149. BTBCF donates to Bavaro Rotary
  150. When expats add to the DR
  151. Documentary!
  152. BTBCF donates again from our UK Director
  153. Please support Project Isobel's fund raising event Sunday 1st April 2.00 pm
  154. Medical equipment needed
  155. Bavaro Rotary and BTBCF
  156. Expat Living in Gaspar Hernández?
  157. Make a Difference to a Child
  158. BTBCF Dream Vacation Giveaway
  159. Enjoy an Afternoon of Haitian Music and Theater!
  160. volunteering!
  161. Rotary Int'l Club Raffle - 46" HD LED TV - tickets San Juan Mall Bavaro
  162. Want to contribute to the community, don't think you have the skills?
  163. Can you help with clothes for an 8 year old boy?
  164. Peace Corps Volunteer Trying to Build Community Center on the Border
  165. Please help abandoned Santiago children
  166. Please donate Clothes, toys, toiletries etc for Haitian Kids!
  167. Donate Childrens Books
  168. Visited orphanage in santiago that has challanges and needs your generosity
  169. BTBCF 2012/2013 Donations
  170. BTBCF donates again
  171. Please save any old newspapers and non glossy magazines
  172. Only $500 left to raise for technology community center, please donate!
  173. High Res. Photographer needed ASAP.
  174. Santiago Tardiff Orphanage 2013
  175. Voluntariado de Leucemia y Linfoma Republica Dominicana
  176. BTBCF Meet & Greet Feb. 1 at 1pm El Carey
  177. Looking to have a fun evening?
  178. Kiters4communities
  179. Poderosa Mujer
  180. School Supplies for Elias Pina
  181. Beyond the Beach fundraiser
  182. Fire training container
  183. Non-profit organizations in Santiago/volunteer opportunities
  184. Pounds of Pesos !
  185. North Coast Strength for the Journey
  186. Leg prosthetist needed.
  187. Ipads Under Trees
  188. Food banks
  189. Free Dental Cleaning Throughout the DR
  190. Filterpure Filters
  191. BTBCF donates again...
  192. help us feed kids
  193. Used Sheets Needed
  194. Hogares luby santiago
  195. Strength for the Journey Community Center
  196. Coin exchange location ?
  197. Hand prosthesis operative Punta Cana tourist zone
  198. AAASosua Thift Store
  199. Looking for Volunteers: Strength for the Journey Community Center Sosua
  200. Anecdotes from Strength for the Journey
  201. Jazz And Baseball Combine Under The Stars
  202. AAASosua -Dog and Cat Adoptions
  203. East Coast BINGO NIGHT San Juan Shopping Center - Bavaro
  204. Strength for the Journey Children's Movie Night
  205. Furnishing Donation Appeal - Santiago
  206. AAAS 2014 Big Thank You – Part 1 International Sponsors and Donors
  207. Volunteers Needed
  208. Free 17" Dell LCD Monitors
  209. Beyond The Beach Children's Foundation 2014 Fiesta Financial
  210. Desk and/or filing cabinet needed for charity school......
  211. Developing a Primary School for Kids
  212. Looking for assistance on finding charities for a young woman with cancer
  213. BINGO/DOMINOS Punta Cana Village - Bavaro Nov 25th - Win a 2014 KIA raffle
  214. BINGO/DOMINOS Punta Cana Village - PC, Dec 16th, Win a 2014 KIA raffle
  215. Meet & Greet Jan. 30 at 2pm El Carey in Costambar - BTBCF
  216. 2015 Beyond the Beach Vacation Giveaway
  217. 2015 AAAS Thrift Store Openning Times
  218. AAASosua Adoptions Album January 2015
  219. Attention long time residents of Sosua and AAASosua supporters Worldwide.
  220. BINGO/DOMINOS Galerias Punta Cana Village - PC Tonight Feb 4
  221. AAASosua Independence Day Street Fair Sosua
  223. 3 yr old with Cancer needs your help!!
  224. Need Volunteer Teachers
  225. A Mother's Wish for Dominican Mother's Day!
  226. Clogs for kids drive...
  227. Help The Boys Of Cabarete To A Brighter Future! - Help our campaign
  228. losing a member
  229. Generous Local Businesses Making a Difference
  230. Bronzeallspice
  231. Fundraiser for John's Recovery House Sept 3rd @ Tropicoco Restaurant
  232. Haiti Situation and DR Pets
  233. Bricks Fundraising
  234. Donations to AAASosua
  235. Cabrera holiday gift drive
  236. POP: xmas flee market to gather money for food packages
  237. Sosua is Strength for the Journey
  238. PUNTA CANA food &$ donation
  239. 2016 Beyond The Beach Children's Foundation Dominican Fiesta.....
  240. Beyond The Beach 2016 Dream Vacation Giveaway
  241. Helping hand project.
  242. Strength for the Journey Seeking Volunteers
  243. SAVE Stephane Desportes!
  244. Beyond the Beach 2017 Dominican Fiesta
  245. (Dutch) volunteers wanted!
  246. Teacher wanted for Strength for the Journey
  247. puerto plata xmas flee market, 2017 edition
  248. Can you help??
  249. Strength for the Journey DR, Inc./Amazon Smiles
  250. Community Center in Cienfuegos