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  1. Hello to all
  2. Hola
  3. Hi everybody,
  4. Seeking advice visiting my DR girlfriend for her birthday
  5. New to DR1
  6. Hi I am new Here.
  7. Crossing my fingers! (Job Opportunity in PC)
  8. Introduction
  9. Newbie
  10. Hello DR1!
  11. Hola Dr1!!
  12. Best places to live in DR?
  13. hello...
  14. Hello Everyone
  15. Hello DR1 Members!
  16. New guy here
  17. Hello to everyone from a new member!
  18. Looking for painters studios in Zona Colonial
  19. I,m New Too...so this is the D.R.
  20. New to board, not new to the DR
  21. New here
  22. Hi from jersey city
  23. Hello Everyone
  24. Inbound to the DR
  25. Hello Everyone!
  26. DR1 I really love you!
  27. Hello I'm new
  28. New member, long time reader.
  29. Hi!
  30. Hello everyone, I'm new
  31. Long time reader, post vary rarely
  32. Hi DR1 people
  33. Santo Domingo Aug 2013.
  34. Not really a newbie....BUT
  35. English speaking community in or near Las Terrenas
  36. Newbie to settle in Puerto Plata
  37. Dominican Husband
  38. New in in PP...Hello to all.
  39. Expat in Imbert__Hola!
  40. Hi to all!
  41. Greetings to all
  42. New Member
  43. Hi. Im trying to track this person down. Pls help
  44. Moving to Dominican Republic
  45. Exporting clothes!
  46. Retiring in Dominican Republic
  47. Oceanside or San Diego area!!!!!!
  48. Young Dominican American Starting Over! Wish me luck...
  49. Hi all
  50. Comming to Santo Domingo This Friday need some help looking for house / hotel
  51. Nice to meet you!
  52. Home base in the DR
  53. Starting a business
  54. Family History Help "Gabriel"
  55. Need help in looking for a house to rent / buy and a hotel also Taxi Help Thanks
  56. Hello To All!!
  57. Hello everyone. Great forum!
  58. New to Monte Cristi
  59. captainjack
  60. I am Looking to Buy in Las Praderas el Million and also Rent a place while Looking
  61. Looking to "Retire" in The DR
  62. Chef for Hire in December
  63. How's your day ?
  64. It says to introduce myself... so here it goes:
  65. New member...hello
  66. Hello to all. Where can we buy a Vitamix?
  67. Introduction
  68. Hello everyone at DR1, I'm a newbie, from Belgium, and planning to move to Bayahibe!
  69. I live in SD... as a lone American
  70. Coming Saturday
  71. I'm a Newbie...please allow me to introduce myself.
  72. Hi every one I'm new to the site.
  73. Qué lo qué everybody?
  74. New to the forum
  75. Moving to the DR in January
  76. Hola :) new member intro...
  77. Hello everyone
  78. Looking for car shipper from USA
  79. New member
  80. Japanese Koi Carp in the D. R
  81. Moving from Paradise to Paraiso!
  82. Hello Everyone! New Member intro
  83. New member in need of information on Centro Leon Musuem
  84. smartbusiness real estate
  85. Temporary visa expired for a while. Do i start over or continue from there?
  86. Hi- new memeber-Can you help with 2 week itinerary? Thanks
  87. Vacationing on North Coast
  88. Let Your Soul Shine
  89. Fresh water fishing
  90. where to buy new yamaha scooter
  91. Hiring a driver - Santo Domingo to Pedernales (and back)
  92. Taking the plunge
  93. Howdy!
  94. Long time stalker...
  95. Sell furniture or not sell all you own for making move
  96. Wheelchair Traveller
  97. Moving to DR in 2 weeks! New member introduction
  98. New Member Introduction
  99. Hello
  100. hi everyone!!
  101. Hi everyone, I'm new and have a question
  102. Poor quality Algaecide.
  103. newbie. one way ticket??, unsure how long i will stay
  104. Planning on a move to DR, now getting scared!
  105. Hi and nice to see you!
  106. New Member
  107. the concrete guy.
  108. New Member
  109. new member
  110. Hello all
  111. Hello
  112. family tree
  113. Greetings!!!
  114. New To the group from Norfolk, Va.
  115. New to the DR board, several questions
  116. Santo Domingo not all I thought
  117. New member
  118. STD test
  119. Newbie saying hola amigos:)
  120. Hello!
  121. Dominican man.
  122. Hi Everyone!
  123. Long time reader introducing myself!
  124. newbie on the north coast.
  125. Internet connections
  126. pro long a turist stay
  127. Dominican hair products wholesale seeking vendor info
  128. Newbie need advice where to stay and where to go
  129. Family from London relocating to punta cana :-))
  130. not new to RD but new to DR
  131. New to Dr1, not to DR, but need advice on children
  132. Family moving to Cabrera
  133. Posting issues...spam?
  134. Newbie
  135. first visit for gay traveller
  136. Musicians
  137. urgent , looking for a cheap second hand car to get me from a to b !! punta cana
  138. Looking to export DR coconut oil
  139. Hello! newbie visiting Dominican Republic for first time in February. Please advise
  140. Hello... New from USA
  141. Retired canadian introduction
  142. Wisconsin USA family looking to relocate ASAP! Any help/info appreciated!
  143. New to the Board but Not new at All
  144. Cyndal family. planning on moving to DR any advice would be great
  145. How to tour DR safely to check things out
  146. Hello DR1 from NY
  147. Hello DR from Pittsburg PA
  148. Newbie to Dr1 pero voy aqui dieth anos
  149. New member from Toronto
  150. Hello from Professor_Cien
  151. newbie
  152. Newbie here
  153. Newbie de Carolina del Norte
  154. Flying Into Puerto Plata - Info on deplaning and going through Customs,etc.
  155. Hello from the US
  156. Hello from the US
  157. Newbie Says Hola!
  158. Wanted to say hi
  159. HOLA DR1..talk to me
  160. Hello :)
  161. Hello From Texas; Anyone Living Completely off of CD Interest Income?
  162. Newbie looking for information On Doctor
  163. CURE international
  164. Visit in July
  165. Hi there!
  166. Senor Hot Wheels
  167. Holaa
  168. Saludos desde Fairfax, VA
  169. HOla. Algun Dominicano/a in Bournemouth/Poole/Dorset
  170. Hello... Um I have a question about school.
  171. Hi Everyone !
  172. International student planning on attending PUCMM in Santiago
  173. First timer with problem back in State.
  174. Just wanted to say Hello.
  175. Just wanted to say Hi.
  176. New member Doogle drops lurking to join in the fun
  177. new member
  178. New Member From Houston, Tx.
  179. New Member from Long Island NY - Cabarete
  180. Hello
  181. Hola! Newbie here.. Heading to Cabarete
  182. Hi!
  183. Hello sicrick from Long Island
  184. Hello from Florida
  185. Good day to everyone
  186. New Dominican livin in the DMV
  187. Future plans of moving to DR.
  188. New Member Introduction
  189. New From Canada - Looking for good car/truck/suv
  190. new girl about to move to a new world
  191. Soy un gringo de Maryland
  192. Warranty Letter Needed ASAP!
  193. Warranty Letter Needed ASAP!
  194. Hello from Colorado
  195. North Coast Beaches
  196. Canadian Aupair/ESL Teacher/Teaching Assistant
  197. Hello
  198. ¡Hola! New Neighbours
  199. Newbie to DR and dr1
  200. New Member (sort of)
  201. New to DR1
  202. Fries, chocolate and mussels
  203. About to start a new life
  204. New Guy From NYC
  205. can a gas scooter be shipped to the dominican republic by a shipping company .
  206. Hello everyone, I am new here
  207. New member living in AL, USA.
  208. Hi, I'm the new guy
  209. Visiting for a possible relocation this fall...
  210. Hiya
  211. Hola!
  212. Hola, soy un nuevo miembro de Louisiana.
  213. Hola!
  214. Dominican Relocating to Phoenix, AZ
  215. Query on ground transportation in Dominican Republic
  216. Willing to help English speakers with Spanish language
  217. New here) UKR, 31/F
  218. Hi there, this is Claudia. Looking to establish ties with expat community.
  219. New Here :) Best Place to Look for Rentals
  220. Car Rental North Coast
  221. Hello dr1
  222. Hello DR1 Newbee from Ontario Canada
  223. What is it with that guy ???
  224. Not so new member...introduction
  225. Hello from Jersey
  226. Lurker for years
  227. FIFA coverage
  228. Two months away from everything!
  229. New to the forum
  230. Hola a todos!
  231. Looking for friends in Bavaro
  232. Want a change of pace
  233. New Member Says Hi!
  234. Hola!
  235. DR1 is great for any debate.
  236. new in DR
  237. new too
  238. Hello from new member
  239. Travel to samana by car from punta cana
  240. New member been lurking a long time
  241. New in dr1 and want to move to DR - Gay
  242. New member need info on exchanging scottish pounds
  243. Hola! Moving to Sosua in Oct.
  244. rock climbing!
  245. Is there any american jobs in DR?
  246. Been lurking for a while and decided to be a member
  247. New member of dr1 forum
  248. Hello Everyone!
  249. Hi. I'm Dan. I'm from Oregon (Portland area), USA.
  250. Hey. New member from Canada