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  2. Is "the process" getting better or worse?
  3. If you were President?
  4. No terrorism in the DR
  5. The best place to live in the DR is.........
  6. Public Holidays for 2016
  7. Garden Lights
  8. Salt Build Up On Glass
  9. Credit Card Frauds and Results.
  10. Good People & Professionals
  11. Any changes after getting Residency?
  12. Legal Driving in DR, still consequences.
  13. US Passports to be revoked by IRS
  14. Now what do we do...
  15. Sometimes you just have to shake your head
  16. Anyone else contemplating bugging out?
  17. Do you really need to buy a car?
  18. Citizenship
  19. Ear Syringing Doctor Required (North Coast)
  20. Please say hello upon arrival.
  21. Separate Single Vaccines for MMR
  22. Where Are You?
  23. Citizenship requirements + Spanish 101
  24. Airport Issue
  25. Colonoscopy
  26. Name that bird
  27. Battery Relacement for Electric Razor
  28. Dr Luis Gomez Infante, ortopedist
  29. Tarnished silver
  30. English DVDs, (Movies) Free........
  31. Another Easter miracle
  32. Now I'm going to pay....
  33. responsibility
  34. Mediocrity, a function of expectations?
  35. "To P" or "Not To P" - Why is this even a question?
  36. Crab snatcher
  37. In need of new brake "shoes"
  38. The weather of course...
  39. I thought I was done with allergies
  40. Gold Medal Flour recall
  41. Doctor directory
  42. Sunday, July 17 2016 03:00 - BANG!
  43. Metal Detectors
  44. Passport Locked?
  45. Small plane crash POP area?
  46. All this rain
  47. Yard waste removal hombres
  48. Looking for professional pool painter
  49. Canadian Gringo
  50. Washing machine repairman needed
  51. Need A Bit of Help
  52. Tsunami/Maremoto threat in the DR
  53. North Coast 911 service
  54. Cut off your nose to spite your face - again here in the DR.
  55. What is this fruit tree?
  56. Help, my hair feels like scrub brush...
  57. Propane tank repair Sosua/Cabarete
  58. Charcoal BBQ Briquettes
  59. Lawnmower Rust problem
  60. Any reputable goldsmiths on the north coast?
  61. Summer doldrums
  62. Everything I would like to know about a Deslinde
  63. What to use to fill cracks in concrete walls
  64. Anyone seen Splenda Mini tablets?
  65. Of crime and free time
  66. Citizenship Interview
  67. Brake Lights - Is it me?
  68. Need an inverter system
  69. Anyone from Sosua going shopping in Puerto Plata?
  70. Need to rent a used pickup truck
  71. Residents forum now available to all
  72. Buying Used Car
  73. Cats..... again
  74. Driver's License Information Request for East Coast Area
  75. Looking for a large plastic garbage can
  76. Documents needed to open bank account
  77. Drivers License
  78. Shipping back to US from Punta Cana
  79. Price Club vs. Price Smart
  80. Christopher Columbus
  81. VPN from the DR
  82. Firearm Renewal
  83. DR1 Slowed to a Crawl
  84. My documents for Citizenship were accepted
  85. Scan MRI prostate
  86. Expats getting shots for the following?
  87. Any DR1 members living in Juan Dolio?
  88. Residency Renewal while abroad
  89. Home Schooling ~ anyone have experience