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  1. Santo Domingo to Punta Cana
  2. Can I bring mangos with me? To Canada...
  3. Traveling with my son
  4. Power?
  5. "girls" in punta cana? or clubs?
  6. Skyservice New Humanitarian Aid Policy
  7. Coming to DR - advices please!
  8. Majestic Elegance Adult Section
  9. Traveling from around the island (DR and Haiti)
  10. any flight from US to AZS El Catey?
  11. Price of Cigarettes in DR
  12. Post-op retreats
  13. baby item rentals
  14. Bus route SD to POP
  15. Sousa to santo domingo
  16. Trip to DR in January
  17. San Juan de la Maguana
  18. accomodation for a family of 5
  19. Seeking Sandfly Repellent in Samana
  20. Barrels to the D R from New York
  21. Sdq-sti
  22. Iberostar Costa Dorada room location
  23. Driving from Santo Domingo to Sosua
  24. Sending Electronics
  25. Was I A Victim Of Dominican Airport Security Theft?
  26. Questions... travelling to Punta Cana next weekend
  27. Bus Haiti Santo Domingo
  28. Marijuana
  29. Santiago to Cap-Haitien
  30. Some reservation questions and more..
  31. Any good deals for New Years time frame
  32. Time allowed to stay in country
  33. Sosua or Las Terranas
  34. Stupid question about when SUN sets
  35. shortest travel from airport.....
  36. Puerto Plata Airport (POP) to Santiago by Public Transport
  37. bus schedule from SDQ
  38. ITBIS and Tips
  39. My 'backpacking honeymoon': Santo Domingo + Samana or Jarabacoa
  40. ´perscription drugs
  41. Three Kings Day
  42. toll road
  43. Time to get thru security at sdq?
  44. Sirius radio
  45. Bus - Cabarete/Puerto Plata to Jarabacoa
  46. Bavaro Express to Zona Colonial
  47. Carnaval 2010
  48. SDQ to Punta Cana hotels
  49. Can anyone give me the info on San Juan de Maguana?
  50. Bed&Breakfast room with sea view needed - is it realistic?
  51. help me choose a beach town plz..
  52. Are there delays at SDQ?
  53. Dajabon market
  54. alta gracia day
  55. Transportation from Sans Souci cruise Terminal to Boca Chica Beach
  56. Carnaval in LA Vega and Sto Dgo
  57. Bus from Petionville Haiti to Santo Domingo
  58. Travel to Jamaica, Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Cuba
  59. SDQ to Hinche, Haiti
  60. Flying DR to Chile
  61. Is there a "normal" hotel in Cap Cana
  62. just wondering
  63. punta cana beach bars
  64. Best Hotel For SD Carnival
  65. One Way Tickets?
  66. Advice for a potential DR Newby
  67. Santo Domingo Carnival Itenerary
  68. Need Bachelor party advice!!
  69. Dominican Travel Agents
  70. How risky is it to travel to POP during hurricane season
  71. Alcohol Dilemma: What Should I Do?
  72. Advisability of a driving vacation
  73. Where to buy Prepaid SIM card / Puerto Plata
  74. DR Stay
  75. Getting to Santo Domingo's airport at night
  76. Residency
  77. Driving from Sosua to Boca Chica
  78. bus lines
  79. Bus from Las Terrenas to Boca Chica?
  80. Hotels punta cana
  81. Cheap but decent hotel in Puerto Plata
  82. Pets on Caribe Tours?
  83. SDQ to San Cristobal
  84. Baseball
  85. Pto Plta to Samana - What is the best way
  86. Cost of Gasoline
  87. Food Costs
  88. When a hotel is booked - what other places/sites have access to rooms?
  89. rental car companies
  90. Medication
  91. need to know how much of hold do they place on rental car
  92. Best City/Beach for a young man from Michigan
  93. Money questions
  94. San Francisco to Cabarete
  95. Getting around country by bus system
  96. Santo domingo to La romana
  97. Help Please with Road trip!!
  98. Cost of visiting D.R. for two weeks
  99. Hiring a driver?!
  100. Are you worried when flying over Dominican airspace?
  101. surf break lodge?
  102. Guide for Santo Domingo and Boca Chica?
  103. Cacao tour in Yamasa
  104. Metro Tours price
  105. Car Rental
  106. need help please
  107. need help please
  108. Zip Lining Tour
  109. SDQ Airport to Santiago by Public Transportation
  110. Is a visa needed?
  111. Ferries del Caribe Website
  112. How Far Is San Isidro From Las Americas
  113. Puerto Plata/Caberete or Las Terrenas
  114. travel solo
  115. Fri -Monday: What to do?
  116. Aman Resorts in Playa Grande
  117. Travel Ideas- Things to do- Itinerary Suggestion
  118. Kitesurfing in Cabarete
  119. Weather in Punta Cana
  120. Nice Hotel where I can relax?
  121. last bus SD
  122. Where to lose yourself in Santo Domingo
  123. The Palace at Playa Grande
  124. Help!!!!!!!
  125. Need advice -BEST RESORT IN DR Getaway
  126. Needing reassurance--
  127. Hurricane Weather- Punta Cana
  128. Gift for hosting family?
  129. Playa Dorada Hotel?
  130. Jamaica-DR travel?
  131. surfing in Sosua
  132. where shall i go???
  133. Santo Domingo to POP... Options??
  134. sd to mao
  135. Is anyone here a Dominican Auto Club member?
  136. Help!!
  137. Immunizations/Malaria???
  138. MotoCaribe Winter 2010-11 Schedule
  139. China to become emerging market for DR
  140. Migración experience - leaving the DR after 6 mos
  141. Cabfare from STI to Metro Bus Station?
  142. Cheapest car rental in Puerto Plata or Sosua??
  143. Where to go for a family with kids - not all-incl.
  144. car rental at la isabela airport
  145. tourist visa
  146. Travel from Haiti to Punta Cana
  147. Direct Flights from lil ole Saskatchewan
  148. Chartering A Boat from DR to South America
  149. Planning a SPM mission trip
  150. Hato Mayor
  151. Any fees
  152. Banking In DR for 8 months
  153. UK to POP dec till feb, direct or via europe
  154. Long Term Parking in STI
  155. Transportation
  156. purchasing phone at airport
  157. Sosua or Boca Chica?
  158. Travel Insurance from U.S.
  159. Where to go?
  160. high season/low season
  161. Travelling with large dog
  162. Help with trip planning (itinerary provided)
  163. Best car rental from SDQ?
  164. Bus From Santo Domingo to Puerto Plata?
  165. To the counties that i can fly direct from dom. Republic
  166. How do you deal w/ booking ahead of time and unpredictable weather?
  167. Taxes in Dec
  168. Anybody willing to take a dog on a flight to Brussels
  169. advice on travels in the DR!
  170. Question about consuming food in DR
  171. How to avoid paying fees when exchanging foreign currency
  172. 80% Of All AIs Losing Money
  173. Punta Cana All Inclusives and $15,000
  174. Traveling by motorcycle - safe?
  175. How to stay safe in DR
  176. Flights from dominican to UK
  177. Special 7-Day MotoCaribe Motorcycle Tour of the Southwest
  178. "Sixt" rental cars: Has anyone used them?
  179. Rental Car with NO Credit Card
  180. Sunquest, flight is 12hrs after check out on last day ??
  181. Flight shows 2 checked bags "total" weight 20kg?
  182. First time in DR; advice required please
  183. where to find informations about UK visa?
  184. Seeking Dog Travel Companion POP to Ottawa
  185. newbie from philippines!
  186. First time in DR
  187. Out of SDQ by Public Transportation....to?
  188. Visit to SDO
  189. OK Motors Sosua/Cabarete
  190. Your assistance needed please........
  191. Hotel Recommendations Monte Christi area?
  192. quickest method thru customs
  193. Where in DR to snorkel?
  194. How much of DR can I see in 5 days
  195. February 13 Carnivals?
  196. Punta Cana to Samana roadtrip by car in a week?
  197. Jarabacoa Villa recommendations?
  198. Carnaval in La Vega
  199. gf from costa rica, lives in DR. I live in uk. How to get married?
  200. Family vacation in DR?
  201. travelling from canada and meeting my boyfriend in the Dominican ??
  202. Full ATM's at SDQ airport?
  203. Drive to Samana
  204. Location in Puerto Plata
  205. Long Weekend Help
  206. Help with itinerary -- Late May
  207. Tourist Visa
  208. What countries can a person with a Haiti Passport
  209. From Santo Domingo Airport to Las Terrenas
  210. What Online Travel Agent For Trips From DR to US
  211. WOAH!! No Nonstop from MIA to POP,STI,or SDQ?
  212. El hoyo de puta?
  213. Travel to US alone - Child age 10
  214. Driving story - Punta Cana to SDQ
  215. ayudame!
  216. Best Beach at a Beach Resort in DR. PLEASE HELP
  217. Santo Domingo. Which Apartment Hotel?
  218. Paying for gasoline ?
  219. Extended visit
  220. ottawa to la Romana
  221. Day trips from SD
  222. Cholera or Stomach Bug?
  223. Please tell me you have Mt. Dew!!!!
  224. Cruise Possibilities
  225. Van Tour of Samana and the North Coast with MotoCaribe
  226. Mobile Broadband Question
  227. general advice/places to visit
  228. best way to get to Bavaro
  229. strange airfare phenomena - ewr or jfk -> sdq
  230. Drive time from Montecristi to las terrenas
  231. Medical School
  232. My First Trip to SD
  233. Worth renting a car in Punta Cana?
  234. Duty Free Shops in STI
  235. Golf course prices
  236. Seeking Dog Travel Companion POP to YYZ
  237. Jet Blue or AA to STI?
  238. Taino sites
  239. Anyone goes to NYC in mid june? need to send kitten there
  240. Tightened Controls At Airport
  241. Airport Transfer Las Americas - Punta Cana
  242. First-time DR Visitor - Do I really need onward travel ticket ?
  243. Pre-paid visa card / Visa TravelMoney
  244. travel agents directory
  245. Cholera Travel Advise
  246. Travel from USA to DR with a Pet Bird?
  247. Santo Domingo to PR
  248. US Citizen Travel to Cuba from the DR
  249. Leaving DR in June to go to Canada WITH dogs ???? PLEASE help !
  250. Renting Bicycles in Santo Domingo