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  1. Santo Domingo to Las Terrenas????
  2. Information on SpearFishing
  3. Helicopter trip from Santo Domingo to Samana
  4. Visiting Haiti with Haitian passport
  5. From Middle East to DR
  6. Where to charge SIM card late at night in Sto Domingo
  7. Community-Based Tourism in the DR
  8. cruise from Rep. Dom
  9. Cheapest online place to book activitity/expedition packages in punta cana?
  10. Need information for DR vacation
  11. What are the requirement for a citizen from the Dominican Republic to travel to Spain
  12. Travel to Dominican Republic with only a green card?
  13. Will the us allow me to travel to dominican republic while i have a charge pending?
  14. How long does it take to travel from the Dominican Republic border to the Citadelle
  15. Is it safe to travel to Dominican Republic?
  16. how can i go from DR to Miami on a boat ????
  17. Confresi to Santa Dominigo
  18. Traveling Solo Want to Party and Dance with Locals- Best Place to stay
  19. Getting married in Puerto Plata, can i fly back to the UK with my wife?
  20. Nightlife in Sosua vs Puerto Plata
  21. Confused about traveling with dual citizenship
  22. Volunteering and low cost travel
  23. Airline Tickets for the Holiday Season: Continental
  24. riu mambo hotel
  25. AA E-Ticket
  26. Reserving and Paying Rental fees By Wire Transfr?
  27. DR cell phone to US
  28. Cell Phone - Caller ID
  29. Do Dominicans need a visa to transit through Panama?
  30. Bringing laptop - customs question
  31. Interesting spots to visit in the South
  32. Salto del Limon Cascade by foot
  33. Best Area to Visit in DR?
  34. Best Places for a Single Male (gay) to travel in DR (besides Santo Domingo)
  35. Flights from the UK to DR with her Visa
  36. Jarabacoa which falls?
  37. Rock Climbing in the Northeast!
  38. American Spirit Rolling Tobacco......Bring me some please!
  39. Where to stay
  40. Travel info on visting Monte Cristi
  41. Puerto Plata to Las Terrenas
  42. hotel question
  43. NFL Football Games
  44. travel time
  45. SDQ to Montreal Ticket prices in August
  46. The first time in DR - travel advice?
  47. Weekend getaway AI all inclusif recommendation needed near Santo Domingo.
  48. Passport Question
  49. cost of going back to europe
  50. Highest mountain in the Dr
  51. Additional insurance on a rental car.
  52. Hotels in the Capital.
  53. Short-Term Medical Insurance for Travelers
  54. Caribe Tours 7 days a week?
  55. Passport must be in ''PRISTINE CONDITION'' to travel from MSP--MIA POP on AA!
  56. Advice on best option to travel to Santo Domingo with Dog
  57. HELP! asap
  58. Finally Coming To DR
  59. Cheapest Place for Excursion
  60. Booking hotels on the spot
  61. Flights to Costa Rica
  62. DR1's Travel Doc list...
  63. Carrbbean or mexico trips
  64. Customs in SJU
  65. Flights to Jamaica?
  66. Driving between Santiago, Samana, and Santo Domingo
  67. ~Escape the Punta Cana Bubble...lol...Best route to Pico Duarte!!!
  68. Hassle Free Car Rental : Possible?
  69. will my phone from last year work now?
  70. will airlines waive baggage charges for suitcase of gifts?
  71. Driving Directions: Dajabon to Pedernales
  72. Driving Directions: Dajabon to Pedernales
  73. Airline *RANT*
  74. Las Americas (SDQ) -> Samana [CaribeTours]
  75. Is Dominican Airport Transfers a reliable company?
  76. ferry from Santo Domingo to Puerto Rico
  77. Driving between Santo Domingo and Higuey, and Higuey and Punta Cana/Cap Cana
  78. Has anyone used the Spirit Arilines service under European Visa Waiver program?
  79. HELP!!!......Santo Domingo to Punta Cana
  80. Cruise Ships
  81. Traveling with dog to DR from the U.S.
  82. Money Management While Travelling for 2 weeks?
  83. airport fee for overstaying
  84. Travel to Barahona/Westcoast
  85. Holiday Spanish School in Sosua
  86. Taxi sharing from Santo Domingo airport to Cariber Tours, Dec 11th
  87. Money Exchange
  88. any cheap hotels in santo domingo or boca chica
  89. Cueva Fun Fun & Tropical Plantation near Hato Mayor?
  90. Australia to RD
  91. Metro Bus service
  92. Santiago Airport to Cabarete
  93. Bus from SDQ to Cabrera
  94. Santiago or Santo Domingo??
  95. Canadians passports to be required starting April 30th, 2012
  96. Noob Here- PUJ in Nov land at 9pm- hotel nearby before driving to Bayahibe?
  97. “ For ALL Canadians travelling to or living here ”
  98. Where to go in DR ?
  99. Spirit Airlines - interesting PR positioning
  100. Taking my dog to DR
  101. I would like to Visit The Amber Mines of Jarabacoa...Travel Tips Please
  102. Bus from SDQ to Puerto Plata
  103. DR telephone number for foreigners
  104. Tourist visa to dr
  105. Using unlocked BlackBerry (Verizon) on Orange???
  106. Current Pricing for tourist attractions
  107. Ice
  108. International Flight baggage fee
  109. In Transit Visa Question
  110. The need to have a return ticket when entering the DR
  111. travel from punta cana to puerto plata
  112. Leaving a Passport for a Rental Car
  113. Language
  114. Excursionist Tours
  115. help for travel for photographer. outside of POP
  116. Top 10 Beach Destinations in Caribbean
  117. Car Rental or car/driver puerta plata area
  118. How safe is the Dominican Republic compared to other destinations, for Canadians
  119. Question about banking in the DR
  120. Hotels in Punta Cana/Bavaro area
  121. Why get health insurance prior to taking that trip to your dream in the DR!
  122. crazy low prices on hotels
  123. Lost my license recently can i still rent a car?
  124. Post trip depression?
  125. Any recommended Tour Guide for Punta Cana?
  126. What kind of gifts to bring?
  127. Animals?
  128. Need Transportation from Santiago Airport to Lifestyles Resort in Puerto Plata
  129. Conflicting Information
  130. Traveling with service dog
  131. 2am Flight into Santiago
  132. Cheap Honeymoon in DR, for non spanish speakers, Where and Why?
  133. Anybody travelling from the DR to Euro 2012 Football (Soccer) Tournament in Ukraine?
  134. Motorcycle trip through Haiti and the Dominican Republic
  135. Taking my friends to DR
  136. Taxi Cost at 2 AM/Exit Cost
  137. Getting to other islands?
  138. Coral Costa Caribe vs Talenquera in Juan Dolio?
  139. Enrty or departure tax or both
  140. Spirit Airlines Raises Carry-on Bag Fee to $100 - Trying for more customers?
  141. Flying into Santo Domingo from JFK apparently is not an international flight...
  142. Activating a Blackberry & Need a Car rental
  143. Need help with transportation from Santiago to Punta cana.
  144. caribbean transfer card
  145. hotel costs
  146. JetBlue Close to Securing Direct Flights to Samana
  147. Not airlines but cruise lines; which ones visit the DR at least weekly?
  148. Is a visa needed to enter canada for a US perm resident with DR passport?
  149. Mountain road from Puerto Plata to Santiago
  150. Need suggestion
  151. Activities in Punta Cana
  152. car rental insurance
  153. Need transportation from Puerto Plata Airport to Resort! :)
  154. Visa for Aruba
  155. Skin In DR
  156. Caribe Tours Bus
  157. Best/Most Scenic areas to visit in the DR
  158. Exchanging money in the DR...
  159. Renting a car
  160. Barahona or Rio San Juan?
  161. Ok, decision time
  162. Help me
  163. Satellite / Mobil Internet
  164. Dominican Citizens traveling to BRAZIL
  165. Importing Pets to the DR
  166. Places not to miss while on vacation
  167. Want visa but no dr embassy
  168. Car Rental Question
  169. Inaguration on Restauration Day...
  170. US Transit Visa (C-1) question
  171. In Cabin Pet
  172. Directions from POP to Santiago airport
  173. Canadian must have return ticket
  174. question about how to get from santiago to puerto plata (and more)
  175. where else do people here travel to?
  176. Luxury Vacation Discounts!
  177. heat gun in luggage?
  178. Best young crowd resort?
  179. Be live hamaca
  180. Best party location
  181. laptop and PC with me on vacation
  182. Best Airfare to Europe ie Frankfurt or? Who knows a better way than CONDOR.?
  183. DR affordability?
  184. Cost of taxi from Las Americas to San Cristóbal
  185. Any resort deals for Puerto Plata?
  186. Cheap Car Rentals in Santo Domingo?
  187. Best way to Fly From DR (POP, STI,SDQ,PUJ) to SFO or Oakland
  188. Caribe Tours to Samana
  189. Travel Tips
  190. Samana Boatworks Open for Business - Service and Repairs and Boat Excursions
  191. Freighter travel from florida or bahamas to Santo Domingo Rd
  192. Long-term parking at SDQ?
  193. Good excursion to Pico Duarte
  194. All-inclusive package deals with only partial hotel nights
  195. American Debit Visa card... bank is DR will let me take out US $?
  196. Micro SIM Card
  197. Malaria
  198. Commision for using the ATM
  199. Large size bus rental
  200. Cibao to Port a Prince: Best Way?
  201. Puerto Plata vs Cabarete vs Punta Cana nightlife
  202. First time DR. 4 weeks holiday - need advice
  203. Get-movers.com - International Movers
  204. where to buy cacao wine & cacao marmalade?
  205. Looking to volunteer for ~5 days
  206. Life Style resort
  207. Fine when leaving the country
  208. What are legal limits for bringing in our luggage?
  209. Is Juan Dolio a good alternative?
  210. Budget travel
  211. How to Successfully Use an Old Iphone While in DR
  212. 9th through the 13th
  213. Rough Guide toDR
  214. unlocked cell will work in the DR?
  215. Hato Mayor to Sabana de la Mar
  216. Punta Cana to Santo Domingo in 6 days
  217. Going to puerto plata 5/13-5/20 2013 night life for 20 year olds
  218. Best route from Cabarete to San Francisco?
  219. Planning Airline Flights
  220. Global Entry - Nexus - Trusted Traveler
  221. single entry visa to canada help
  222. Chartering a Yacht or small Aeroplane for inter island (Caribbean) transportation...
  223. Passport Question
  224. What is needed to travel with small dog?
  225. Tourist Card for 60 day stay
  226. Rte 23 From Ceviscos to Sabana Grande de Boya
  227. Direct Flights To/From USA
  228. American Cruise Ferry Service - Puerto Rico to SD Roundtrip
  229. Question about traveling with small dog
  230. Tourist Card For US$30?
  231. has any body been to the theme park past boca chica
  232. Domestic flights
  233. length of stay
  234. Scooter rental
  235. Monte cristi
  236. why so expensive?
  237. Santo Domingo and Higuey
  238. Tipping at hotels - santo Domingo
  239. What are the best priced flights from Russia to Pop?
  240. Can I buy a one-way ticket to Santo Domingo and stay living there?
  241. Looking around - where to go next?
  242. central location for exploring
  243. Phone for use in DR
  244. Weather in October
  245. Renting an apt. in SD
  246. JetBlue in late Oct- early Nov
  247. Yahoo Travel
  248. 1st timers in DR - Christmas Vacation
  249. DR Golf Travel Info & Service
  250. 2-3 months in the DR