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    Do you have any experience buying a new car in the DR?

    Were thinking about buying a new Suzuki Jimny. Has anybody in this forum has had the experience of buying an actual new car from a franchised new car dealer? Please give me some tips and recommendations on what to do and not to do ....
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    NEW! - U.S. Airlines Announce New Routes To The Dominican Republic

    Let's hope it's sustainable! We will definitely take the flight if it's still available later this year I remember years ago when Jet Blue announced their non-stop flights to El Catey from New York City and Miami. It seemed like all the real estate agents in Las Terrenas were giddy, looking at...
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    NEW! - U.S. Airlines Announce New Routes To The Dominican Republic

    U.S Airlines Announce New Routes to the Dominican Republic. Including Samana non-stop! Courtesy of Travel OFF Path, by Trevor Kucheron Read it all here:
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    Swiss tourist found dead in Sosua hotel room

    Imagine dying under any bed - anywhere in the DR. Yuck - Why would you commit suicide by strangling yourself under a bed? Why not on top of the bed?? What lousy police work
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    New entry procedures

    It's me replying to my post above.... when leaving the DR after extending our stay, I had new the QR codes on my phone since we did not have a printer. The Customs Official who stamped our passports did not have a scanner in his cubicle. He just looked at it and sent us through. - ha, ha, ha!
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    New entry procedures

    We arrived back to the DR 2 weeks ago and gave the Immigration officials the printed QR codes from entry and departure. It seemed we were the only ones on our flight that had them. Everyone was carried the multiple paper forms like before. Ugh - It's so new, the Customs Official had to walk...
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    Warning PCR test will be required to enter Canada with in 3 days of arrival

    We're in Las Terrenas .... does anybody know where we can get a Covid test done with fast written results? The USA and American Airlines will require it on January 26th and we leave next month for Cali
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    Senate passes extension of National State of Emergency

    gosh - This is not really fantastic for tourism. Rather drastic shutting things down on weekends at 12noon. You would think a curfew would allow exemptions for grocery stores, pharmacies, etc. (or the beach, lol)
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    Curfew Tightened Considerably

    re: Transit time between 7-9pm "by foot" (namely, walking) What about in a car?
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    Curfew Tightened Considerably

    Does ANYONE know if this curfew will be extended past the 10th of January? Weekend Saturday and Sunday 12noon shutdown is really drastic, IMO.
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    New entry procedures

    FIRST TIME using the website: The first time I used it I included my wife. However, when I printed the form, my name was only on the document with the QR code Went back and did it separately, I made several mistakes and tried to re-enter the application code...
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    Car/quad registration and insurance

    I spoke to a Brit who lives Las Terrenas last month. He said that one can buy a vehicle in the DR (CAR or quad) and get it insured locally WITHOUT having a cedula. Residency is not required?
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    Silk Global internet provider feedback?

    After waiting 6 months for Claro to install the cable from the street to the front of our complex in Las Terrenas (about 20'), we now found out that there is a waiting list of over 100 people. (probably over 1000 truth be told) We won't go with Orange - we had that and it was a joke. Has...
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    any NEW rules for traveling w/small dog?

    Our Vet in the US said that there might have been new rules implemented with the DR government and/or airlines with traveling with a small dog. He said several countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, have made changes. The Vet is from Puerto Rico and sounded like he knew what he was talking about...
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    Scotia Bank vs. Banco Santa Cruz

    We will be closing our accounts with Banco Popular in Las Terrenas due to the teller theft we experienced several months ago. (previously posted in this forum) We plan on opening a new account at Scotia Bank or Banco Santa Cruz, both located in LT. Does anyone have actual first-hand experience...