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  1. 2020

    Starlink Arrived

    shipping address? do we even have one? there is no mail delivery in Las Terrenas
  2. 2020

    Getting a mortgage in DR

    Last year in Las Terrenas, I spoke with numerous real estate "brokers*" (* there is no real estate licensing in the DR, so I use the term loosely). All of them said they never had a client get a real estate mortgage. Some of them have been in business for over 20 years.
  3. 2020

    Another expat murder

    oh, please. anyone can be a victim of a crime, anywhere and anytime.
  4. 2020

    Another expat murder

    OMG "was found without eyes" What type of monster would remove the eyes of anyone?
  5. 2020

    What's going on with the Motorcycle registration

    are quads under the same law?? In LT that's what we drive
  6. 2020

    What's going on with the Motorcycle registration

    totally agree - In Las Terrenas they might have a couple of registration roadblocks set up, then after a while, everything will be back to "normal." No registration, no helmets, no exhausts, 6 people on a motorbike, filled propane tanks on a motorbike, etc
  7. 2020

    E-Ticket...can not enter my city page one.

    hahah, - no one checks, no one cares
  8. 2020

    Driving in DR

    Toss whatever rules you are used to in the US. It's almost the Wild West driving in the DR - especially in large cities. Try driving in Santo Domingo during rush hour. There is no right of way.
  9. 2020

    AirBnB Prohibits Parties Permanently

    nope - doesn't apply to Las Terrenas. especially during Samana Santa
  10. 2020

    Website to research recently sold homes

    stop by the window of the nearest "real estate" office. All of the homes displayed have been sold. 5 years ago.
  11. 2020

    Satellite internet?

    HAHA There's no way the weather in Las Terrenas gets anywhere near 122 degrees Fahrenheit. That's the type of heat we get in the desert in California near Death Valley! per Weather Channel: "Highest temperature in Las Terrenas is recorded as 91.4℉ in July and August"
  12. 2020

    Boca Chica Drug Killing or ......?

    - maybe he stole some drugs from his boss or was a snitch for the DEA? Or, he was responsible for losing a drug shipment?
  13. 2020

    Akasha Spa - Worth a visit or not

    I think Bob Saunders lives there. He may have a different opinion. Why is it boring? If you're active in sports, it looks like it might be the place to be in that region
  14. 2020

    Central Bank increases interest rate base

    hopefully raising the interest rate will pause the inflation a bit with people spending less money. 2 months ago, we wanted to get a massage at Las Ballenas beach. About 6 months prior, I had paid $25.00 for a 1-hour massage. To my surprise, she said $60.00! HA HA - I told her in Spanish that...
  15. 2020

    Ray Liotta Died in DR

    wonder if the restaurant will place on the menu: "Ray Liotta's Last Steak Special"