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    getting driver license in DR

    Am I missing something ? I thought you had to go to Banco Reservas to pay a Fee before you can start the License application process ?
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    Residency Question

    Yes that is what I thought !!! In fact I paid 5years Temporary which entitled me to the Permanent ... which as I said , believed was then good for 4 years.... NOT SO only got I year ! That's why I'm trying to determine what is the cost to renew the Permanent this time around . Is it...
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    Residency Question

    Thank you , those of you have replied my question / comment. Windeguy ... yes that was my first years Permanent Residency. ( I was told by my Solicitor that after 5 years paying for the Temporary status , the Permanent was for 4years. )( perhaps I should get a new Solicitor !! ) I have had...
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    Residency Question

    This may be slightly off topic, but to do with Residencia. I don't know if this has been posted before ... I had my Residencia Permanent July 2019 at which time I paid 24000 pesos being told it was good for 4 years. When I received the tarjeta is was good for only ONE year ! July this year...
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    seeking a Septic Tank Cleaning Company on the North Coast

    Thank you drstock. I should have been more specific ! I'm in Sosua / Cabarete area .. so the info you gave is most welcome. thank you ! How does he charge ? a set fee or by the quantity he removes ?
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    seeking a Septic Tank Cleaning Company on the North Coast

    Can anyone help or advise of a Septic Tank cleaning Company on the North Coast ?
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    New Traffic Regs.

    Yes, they are Anti-Blocking Squares ( Rectangulo antibloqueo) painted at Intersections. you cannot enter the square/rectangle unless the way ahead is clear even if a traffic signal is "green"
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    New Traffic Regs.

    I understand the Sosua Mayor is introducing new Traffic regulations along with additional Traffic lights. You are not allowed to enter the proposed yellow boxes with crossed lines unless the way ahead is clear, even although the traffic light shows green ! That's going to be very difficult...
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    Malecon in POP closed to parking at 3PM weekdays and all weekend

    So, if the Malecon is closed , I guess the side streets will be busy !!!
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    The owner of Ahnvee writes a detailed post about the unsuccessful raid.

    What happened to the HIGH CARIBBEAN , that was in the "Red Zone" ? It didn't stay open for long ?
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    Swimming pool repair

    My swimming pool has been empty for a while. Small cracks have appeared. What is more noticeable is that the pool appears to have been cast in two parts. The sloping base and part vertical extensions to the side walls , first and then secondly the side walls themselves. There is a marked...
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    No need for Covid tests for arriving tourists

    Wasn't the NO testing that started this problem in the first place ?
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    Wooden front door needs to be refinished

    German guy up the La Mulata road in Sosua, just before the Colmado on the right. He repaired and varnished my door after an anccident. He's a furniture, wood worker has a workshop and a few employees. Don't know if he would travel to PP ?
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    Flights to Europe

    Flights to UK, - Took my friend to Puerto Plata Airport ; Saturday 8th.August. PP to Newark to Heathrow with United. Apparently no problem.
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    Barber no more in Sosua

    Kentron.. strait across the street from the cigar shop plaza