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    Saona Cruise and Jungle Safari

    I've been stuck inside the Holiday Inn Santo Domingo all day with a sick child, so I decided to get a start on my trip reports. Gotta do something, if I can't see the Colonial Zone, eat at Don Nesto, shop at Naco, etc. Welcome to my pity party! Anyway, I wrote the following tour review for...
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    Holiday Inn, Santo Domingo

    Thanks to the fantastic Mr. Dre Broeder from this DR1 forum , we made it safely to Dominicus/Bayahibe on Easter and back to Santo Domingo today. Thanks again, Dre! :) We checked into the Holiday Inn around 1pm today. The hotel is lovely, and our room is gorgeous. I did go through a great hassle...
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    2 Days in Santo Domingo - Help me do this!

    We're going to be in Santo Domingo for 2 days. We get there around lunch time and leave around lunch time, two days later. We're staying in the business district, on Avenue Abraham Lincoln. I really want to do the following, which I found mentioned on DR1: Eat at Barra Payan Eat at Don Nesto...
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    Barra Payan

    Barra Payan: Half a Century of Sandwiches | dr1guide I read about Barra Payan in the DR1 guide. It sounds like just my kind of place - relaxed, delicious, and an attraction in itself. What is your favorite thing on the menu? I love cuban sandwiches. Are they called "cubans" there?What does...
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    Seafood safe to eat?

    If the sewer systems on the coasts of the DR allow raw sewage to ooze into the sea, is it safe to eat locally harvested fish and shellfish? I know that shellfish beds off the coast of the US can be closed due to very heavy rains and problems that the rains cause with septic systems. I would...
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    Taxi from SDQ to Bayahibe

    We need to take a taxi from Las Americas to Bayahibe, and then we'll need to go from Bayahibe to Santo Domingo a couple of days later. Can anyone tell me how much this will cost each way?
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    First Trip to DR in April

    Hi! I found this forum through a tripadvisor link, and I've already found some great info here. We just decided to visit the DR, and we leave in about 3 weeks. So, any helpful info is very much appreciated!! I only know what i've read in the last couple of days. We fly into SDQ, and we're...