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    10 traits of a great boyfriend

    i ripped this article from they should mail this out to every man on earth! 10. You listen When words come out of her mouth, do you actually pay attention to what she is saying or do you mumble agreement while tuning her out? A good boyfriend is an active listener, meaning he asks...
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    less $$$ in Bayahibe

    can anyone recommend to me an inexpensive hotel in Bayahibe or La Romana for the month of May?
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    Bayahibe recommendations

    hi all, i found a good price on ticket so it looks like i am on the road again... :nervous: i will be in Bayahibe the week of 4/13 - 4/20. this time i am hoping to get more of a feel for the actual town and people. i don't know where i am staying yet but i hope to have a reservation soon(no...
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    love is in the air

    hey everyone, :cheeky: just came back from my second trip to DR and it was wonderful. i had a great time and things are looking good for me and my novio nuevo. i got some of the answers i was looking for regarding HB's golden rules and as for the rest... time will tell. thank you to...
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    first comes love...

    then comes marriage....:cheeky: it seems a lot of people on this site are married to Dominicans either from other countries or the Dominican Republic. are there any good honest love stories out there? also...after the novelty wears off how do people from different cultural backgrounds get...
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    tengo mi boleto

    does anyone know how i can arrange transportation from santo domingo airport al coral canoe en bayahibe, la romana?
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    coral canoa in la romana

    i am planning my second trip to la romana. does anyone know how to get a good rate at the hotels. i am hoping to stay at the coral canoa in la romana. :)
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    de chicago

    what is a good airfare out of chicago? the cheapest ticket i have been able to find is $400 with taxes and everything.
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    hay mucha gente de los estados unidos

    i just recently returned from my first trip to the dominican republic and have fallen in love with the place and the people. are there many americans living and working there? is it difficult? i would really like to know because i felt so at home i have to go back. :)