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    Rain, weather and elections

    Here in Juan Dolio it has been raining almost all day (started during the night). with a look at the satellite Western Atlantic - Rainbow Loop (Flash) - Satellite Services Division/Office of Satellite Data Processing and Distribution I don't see it ending soon. I've heard from friends in...
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    Election laws/businesses open that day?

    Just wondering about the laws pertainining to businesses being open on election day. What businesses are allowed to be open? I vaguely remember something in the past about things being closed, so as not to prevent people from being able to vote. But then obviously the airports and...
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    Claro receipt instead of a card?

    Hope this is in the correct forum. Usually we buy phone cards for our Claro phone. This time when I went into the corner store to purchase one they just gave me a receipt and told me to punch number in on my phone. Yeah, that did nothing... Someone used to using the paper receipt style? I...
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    Embajador Chocolate Dulce con canela

    Ok, so I was given a box of this for Christmas. It looks interesting, but other than showing a cup of I assume hot chocolate on the box, I have no idea how to use it. No directions that I can find... any ideas, tips, recipes, etc greatly appreciated...or I might resort to just gnawing on a...
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    BabyDoc has returned

    Just rec'd a msg from a friend who is in Port au Prince. BabyDoc arrived sometime today back in Port Au Prince aboard an Air France flght. she sad the streets are filled with cheering people...
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    Zoo in Santo Domingo

    I tried doing a search to find this answer, but according to the search on DR1, the word *zoo* is too small to use. So, what I'm trying to find is whether the aviary is open at the zoo in Santo Domingo? Last time we went (over a year ago) it was closed for remodeling. Thanks~ ~anna~
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    Burnings in distance

    We 've live here a few years and have never seen anything like this. Coming back from the airport towards San Pedro this afternoon we could see in the distance 4 distince areas burning. Not the usual small burnings of rubbish/brush. These were in the distance to the north from The Boulevard and...
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    spider question

    The other day when I got out of my vehicle here in Juan Dolio I noticed a large spider near the gas pedal. It's overall size was that of a large tarantula, but the body is not the same and the legs are thinner. At first I thought it was some twigs, since it is mottled beige and brown. My husband...
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    Yucca ~ How to cook?

    We were given 2 yucca (yuca?) but don't have a clue how to fix. Bake? boil? fry? Also, we were offered something that looks sort of like a pumpkin, but is green. When we asked it's name, we were told ujama...I'm sure that's not the correct spelling, but that is what is sounded like.."You-jama"...
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    Plaza Central Hours (Santo Domingo)

    I'm trying to find out what time Plaza Central is open in the morning. I brought up 2 webpages with info, but they don't post the hours. Also, the phone number has been changed. So, if anyone knows, I'd appreciate it.
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    Bahia Estela by Viva

    Last year My hubby and I went to Viva Wyndham in Las Terrenas, but they are closed for renovations. Don't know why, as the place was gorgeous! But their site is recommending Bahia Estela by Viva. Went to their site, which looks nice. But just wondering if anyone has stayed there, knows...
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    Constitutional Reform Again

    :surprised Constitutional reform again With the 16 May election behind us, the PLD-majority Chamber of Deputies has announced that one of its priorities is to reform the Dominican Constitution. PRSC deputy Luis Gonzalez Sanchez said they would not wait for President Leonel Fernandez to present a...
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    National Holidy starting Thursday @ noon

    Jus read on the DR1 daily update that starting at noon tomorrow til 6AM Saturday is a National Holiday. In terms of stores, businesses and services what does this actually mean? We were here 4 years ago at election time, and we were told that everything HAD to be closed to allow the...
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    EDTA where?

    Have been reading older posts that refer to using EDTA in invertor batteries. Hubby is interested, but where to purchase. We keep seeing a listing for Distribudora de Quimico Prof. A Gomez 111 Great! Now where exactly in Sto Domingo is this? Even though we don't live in SD, hubby knows his way...
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    Iodized salt test?

    A few weeks ago DR1 had an article about salt in the Dominican Republic not being iodized, even if it was listed on the container otherwise. I'm pretty sure there was a simple test to do to determine which salt was iodized. I was in the States at the time, but now I'm back and would like to...