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    I am wondering if we overstay the regular time to stay in the DR , DOES THE FINE fees also apply to your baby too???
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    Installation of satellite tv ??? Help please

    We have bought a satellite system , had the box set up by the company and have the the dish asssembled and pointed to the sky ! We are testing the signal which is shown on our tv and ir registers 40 percent when we position it in any direction ..... Any one have an idea what could be our...
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    Has any resident Canadian obtained a Canuk passport for their dominican born child ??

    Does anyone have experience , and know the procedure for obtaining a canadian passport for a child , fathered by a canadian And dominican woman? Is this the procedure torture? Lol or not so bad ? Thanks
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    Just wondering .is there any limit that the 400 p penalty monthly stops ? Or does it just keep accruing ???
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    Which delivery company good from USA or has you using it

    Encargopac is one of the companies delivering from usa . Anyone recommend this Comany or another for a delivery to DR ??
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    Recommendation for Cabarete monthly rental central Cab Oct 20-nov19

    LOOKING FOR A REASONABLE PLACE , Selling my KIA SPORTAGE,2002, so will be there a month ( or 10 years??) lol:nervous: looking for simple , yet convenient place for my wife and in...ALSO IF ANYONE also can recommend a place in Vancouver that I can stay thats a good stay dont be Ashamed to...
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    VANCOUVER AIRPORT AND ? On opening a bank acct in BC ( Vancouver )

    Hi is Vancouver airport people friendly if u have to stay a long time for a flight ? also ANYONE RECOMMEND AN ECONOMICAL DECENT RENTAL for 1 or two nights ? In Vancouver ..... Also I would like to open up a bank acct in Canada , and I am sure you need an address that us reside in ! ANYONE know...
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    Teenage Crime....
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    Taking a real positive mental frame to excess

    On Thursday, August 21, 2014, Positive Attitude/Optimistic man!! Late in the night he regained consciousness. He found himself in agonizing pain in the hospital's ICU, with tubes up his nose, wires monitoring every function and a gorgeous nurse hovering over him. He realized...
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    iPhone 4 ?? Locked any iPhone 4that cant be unlocked ?

    Hi I am offered a iPhone 4 for 125 us .. Seems a good price , but want to check if there is any iPhone 4 that cant be unlocked and also he says it has a sim ... Are there any that are Cdma? ( no sim ? ) .. I goofed once and ended up with a Samsung cdma so dont want to repeat history ... Most...
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    Motorbike 2012 Honda CBR 150 fuel injected ? good or not

    Hey any one knowledgeable to comment on this bike for small trips in the DR and if the bike is adecent bike ?? Thx ( I am not a bike enthusiast so not capable of judging it ) i can buy for abt 2000us. Also i am tall would this be uncomfortable to ride?
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    Cabarete small apt rental for 1 to 2 months .....frugal

    Will be in cabarete for a month or two if anyone has a rental in cabarete for a resident dr expat thanks PM ME PLEASE
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    Improve your Spanish with Spanish subtitles! MAGNIFICO

    here is a special talented child with Spanish sub titles and an incredible voice if u are interested in this style of music....
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    Revistas where and whats needed

    Got the marbete for car licence renewal . But where do you get revista( car inspection sticker?) Do you need any document to get it?
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    The price is right for this housing method

    If you can locate enough of these in the dr , then your going to have inexpensive home life. . Try not to incorporate a fireplace or heavy smokers ! These are made from storage skids. With a 500 to a thousand budget , your in ....