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    BWI to PUJ

    Can anyone telll me if USA 3000 still travels from BWI to PUJ. I went on USA 3000's website and did not see anymore flights for the upcoming months
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    Bavaro restaurants

    I am planning a trip to PC really soon. I can't stand the AIs for more than three days and the chica that I stayed with last time has moved out of the area. SO...... I think I will stay in one of the local non-AI hotels in the area. I have heard positive remarks about the Flamboyan. I think I...
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    Regular mail to the DR works?

    The first week of November I sent two cellphones by the US Postal Service from Maryland to Higuey. After three weeks with no confirmation of thier arrival I posted a thread asking if I was SOL. Many people said that the chances of them getting there were slim to none and would probably be a...
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    I just received my cellphone bill......

    my calls to the DR are killing me! Somebody give the name of the best calling cards for the US to the DR. Thanx.
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    Higuey CAll centers

    Are there any call centers in Higuey?
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    Am I SOL?

    I sent two cellphones via US mail(don't ask me why) to Higuey one month ago. I have no way of tracking the shipment once it leaves the country. Is there any hope of the package arriving or am I SOL courtesy of the DR "postal" system?
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    Cubana residing in the DR

    I have a friend that I would like to get a visitor's Visa. She lives in ther DR but still has her Cuban Passport. She came to the DR legally(her childs father was working in Cuba).Would she encounter the same bureacratic bull****?
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    Electric power power

    When I was in Higuey two months ago my electric razor was on working but it didnt seem to have enough power to actually cut the hair on my face. I ended up using a disposable. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
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    How much are Ipods selling for these days? I know there are differnt models and all I just need a ballpark figure What are really good things to bring that are small and are in high demand?What do they sell for?
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    Bringing electronics thru PUJ

    I willl be traveling to punta cana and wanted to earn a few dollars by bringing some small electronic items. Does anyone have in insight as to any do's and don'ts. I will be coming thru PUJ airport
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    Recent Colllege Graduate

    I recently graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Marketing What opportunites are their for a young professional with proficencies in Exel, Powerpoint and the like? Does a American collegiate degree carry more or the same weight as a Dominican one? Given my educational background are there any...