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    Greetings, my name is Evelyn and I’m here to help you (POP)

    Re Covid precautions: on Dec 5th at POP immigration I asked the officer to clean the fingerprint reader before I used it. She handed me a small, tattered piece of tissue. Shouldn't a high contact item like this be disinfected between each use?
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    Tourist cards

    Thanks for the info. I'll book mark the page. Does the extension add 120 days to the 30 already on the tourist card or is it 120 days in total (adds 90 days)
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    Tourist cards

    We'll be visiting for 4 months, know we need tourist cards which are good for 30 days. In previous years we've just paid the overstay fee on departure. Is it worth the trouble/expence of extending the tourist card? Our nearest airport is POP. The article in the link below doesn't specify if it...