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    Need an ophthalmologist in Santiago

    Dr. Rafael Grullón Manso (Speaks English) Instituto Oftalmológico Av Salvador Estrella Sadhalá 89 Santiago 809-583-1902
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    Recommendations for demolishing and building new pool

    As a retired pool builder, I've cleaned up and fixed more pools than any of the above mentioned "builders" have constructed. WHOEVER you get to rebuild your pool, get references AND CHECK THEM!!! I know one pool built by one of the above mentioned "builders" that leaked 6" a day from the first...
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    Knocking down a 27 metre wall x 2 metres in height + rebuild same wall same length and height

    The tile mentioned above, MAKE SURE it's pool tile. If you use the 20 x 20 kitchen or bathroom tiles, the pool chemicals will destroy the tile over time.
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    Pool Painting

    Steps for cleaning and painting a pool Remove all of the loose and flaking paint. Remove main drain cover and injectors. Remove lights from niches and place them on the pool deck. Repair and patch any rough surfaces. A smooth surface yields the best paint job. DO NOT polish the surface with...
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    Condition of Carretera Turistica road

    I drove the Carretera Turistica Thursday 17/12/20 and the Puerto Plata end is still dirt, but in good shape except where crews are working on new drainage and retaining walls. Overall it's much better than a month ago.
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    Can someone share the web site to file for the "CERTIFICADO DE NO ANTECEDENTES" for immigration. Thank You
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    Favorite Dominican Supermarkets for Expats

    PLAYERO should be on the list as they have a better assortment of imported products than most of the stores listed.
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    Pier construction near Sosúa by the Sea

    Both the initial photo and the first YouTube video are 6 to 8 months old, or older. The breaker wall, now, extends further into the sea and has a second wall parallel to the beach making a semi-closed area that has been filled with sand. The new hotel now has a “private” man made beach. See post...
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    Cataract Surgery

    Dr. Rafael Grullón Manso Instituto Oftalmológico Av Salvador Estrella Sadhalá 89, Santiago 809-583-1902
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    Pool owners: how much water do you need to add daily/weekly ?

    On average, you'll lose ¼ inch a day to evaporation. If you have a constant breeze, such as beach front on the North Coast, it can be as much as ½ inch a day.
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    Dr. Bob, RIP

    It is with a heavy heart that I tell you Dr. Bob has crossed the Rainbow Bridge to be with all our loved fur babies who have passed earlier. RIP Bob. You will truly be missed.
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    Sosua power problems

    Today, Wednesday, 29/11. Beware if you’re connected to the CDE “grid” that the voltage is spiking up and down, between 65 volts and 180 on lines that should be 120 volts. This will kill your electronics if you don’t UNPLUG THEM. CDE says they’re aware of the problem.
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    Sosúa loses an icon.

    Herman Strauus, a businessman and leader in the community passed Monday afternoon.
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    The sad story of Dr. Linares (Sosua)

    Make sure to read the second paragraph; Based on testimony of wife’s friend. Approximately one week ago, Dr. Linares (also known as the US doctor across from Supermarket Pola in Sosua) was paid a visit by an angry Dominican woman in his clinic. During an argument she proceeded to hit the...