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    Physical Therapist

    Is there any physical Therapy in POP? If so do you know what is the cost?
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    In POP they have closed the end of the Malecon to build an amphitheater and business center. I heard that the building of the ampitheater stopped because they didn't have the necessary approvals and they were gong to create an ecological park. Does anyone know what is happening? Also how long...
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    Water Aerobics

    I am in the US for the holidays and have been taking water aerobics. I have bad knees and this has been great. Does anyone know of water aerobics in POP?
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    Car Storage

    I need a place to store my car 11/23 to 1/9. I prefer Costambar but, Puerto Plata is fine. I would like a garage to keep my car out of the sun.
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    I give my dogs Frontline, a flea and tick preventative. In the US they never get ticks, but in the DR we are removing ticks daily. Has anyone else have this problem? If so please explain why this is happening here and how to resolve. Thanks
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    Christmas Double

    I am correct in that is just paying an extra week? Do you need to pay liquidation each for your employees every year? Even if no one leaves For some employees do you pay extra for vacation? Someone has been managing my propertied am not sure if everything is correct
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    Corned Beef

    Does anyone know where I can buy a corned beef in POP? If not do you know where I can buy a brisket which I can corn? Thanks
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    Painting a pool...

    Again the pool requires painting. I was told about some liner you could install which would last for about 10 years. Does anyone have any info on this process? Also, does anyone have any info on a way to repaint a pool to make the paint last longer? I am trying to decide what is best? Thanks
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    Bus Accident Sunday

    I heard there was a very serious accident involving a bus from a church last Sunday. This happened on the road between POP and Santiago and there were fatalities. Does everyone have any information? Thanks
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    What if anything is open tomorrow?
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    Dominican Peso

    I went on a currency converter and saw the current exchange rate of US dollars as 40.40 peso for each dollar. Again it seems the peso is being devalued. I have CDs in pesos at Banco Leon and am contemplating cashing them all and and spending pesos before they go up to 50 to 1 US. Is anyone...
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    Dog Poisoning

    I know there have on this subject but I had to post. Last week I was leaving the beach in Costambar and was shocked to see a dog dying of poisoning by the side of the road. The next day I was told there were 3 dogs poisoned that day in the same area. A Dominican friend said that there were...
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    Gas Prices

    I just got to Boston and was surprised at the gas prices. Here it is about $3.59 US per gallon while in the DR it is about 240 RD per gallon. That is a huge difference. I thought that the DR got their gas from Venezuela so you would think it would be less expensive. What is the difference...
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    I am unable to stay outside due to the mosquitos and other bugs. I do have mosquito repellent which I can spray on myself. However I was wondering if anyone knows of a insect zapper that works?
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    Patriot Football

    Is there any place in Costambar to watch the NE Patriot football? Thanks